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9 oe. N 4 E A \y & 
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9 WN a 
G “” 

Q1 Edison. Rpers 



Thomas E. Jeffrey 
Microfilm Editor and Associate Director 

Paul B. Israel 
Assistant Editor 
Mary Ann Helirigel Douglas G. Tarr 
David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg 
Editorial Associates 
Leonard DeGraaf John Deasey 
Joseph P. Sullivan Barbara B. Tomblin 
Alan Stein Jacquelyn Miller 
Karen Kozak - Maria Antonakakis 
Student Assistants 
Keith A. Nier 
Assistant Editor 
Reese V. Jenkins 

Director and Editor 

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site 
New Jersey Historical Commission 
Smithsonian Institution 

University Publications of America 
Frederick, Maryland 

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company. 

Thomas A. Edison Papers 
Rutgers, The State University 
endorsed by 

National Historical Publications and Records Commission 
18 June 1981 

Copyright © 1987 by Rutgers, The State University 

All rights reserved. No part of this publication including any portion of the guide and index or ofthe microfilm may 
be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means—graphic, electronic, 
mechanical, or chemical, including photocopying, recording or taping, or information storage and retrieval 
systems—without written permission of Rutgers, The State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

The original documents in this edition are from the archive at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, 

New Jersey. 


Reese V. Jenkins 
Director and Editor 

Thomas E. Jeffrey 

Associate Director and Microfilm Editor 

Assistant Editors 

Paul B. Israel 
Robert A. Rosenberg 
Keith A, Nier 
Andrew Butrica 

Assistant to the Director 
Helen Endick 

Leonard DeGraaf 
Alan Stein 
Jacquelyn Miller 

Research Associates 
Douglas G. Tarr 
Mary Ann Hellcigel 
David W. Hutchings 

Grace Kurkowski 

Student Assistants 
Joseph P. Sullivan 
Karen Kozak 
Granville Miller 



Rutgers, The State University of National Park Service, Edison 
New Jersey National Historic Site 
Edward J. Bloustein Roy W. Weaver 
T. Alexander Pond Edward J. Pershey 
Tilden G. Edelstein Smithsonian Institution 
John Gillis Bernard Finn 
New Jersey Historical Commission Arthur P. Molella 

Bernard Bush 
Howard L. Green 


James Brittain, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Harvard University 
Neil Harris, University of Chicago 
Thomas Parke Hughes, University of Pennsylvania 
Arthur Link, Princeton University 
Nathan Reingold, Smithsonian Institution 
‘ Robert E. Schofield, lowa State University 


William C. Hittinger (chairman), RCA Corporation 
Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers, The State University of NJ. 
Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation 
Paul J. Christiansen, Charles Edison Fund 
Philip F, Dietz, Westinghouse Electric Corporation 
Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation 
Harold W. Sonn, Public Service Electric and Gas Company 
Morris Tanenbaum, AT&T 


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 
Charles Edison Fund 

The Hyde and Watson Foundation 
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation 

National Science Foundation 
National Endowment for the Humanities 


Alabama Power Company 

Amerada Hess Corporation 


Atlantic Electric 

Association of Edison Iluminating 

Battelle Memorial Institute Foundation 

The Boston Edison Foundation 

Cabot Corporation Foundation 

Carolina Power and Light Company 

Consolidated Edison Company of 
New York, Inc. 

Consumers Power Company 

Corning Glass Works Foundation 

Duke Power Company 

Exxon Corporation 

Florida Power & Light Company 

General Electric Foundation 

Gould Inc. Foundation 

Gulf States Utilities Company 

Idaho Power Company 

International Brotherhood of Electrical 

Iowa Power and Light Company 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Katz 
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 
McGraw-Edison Company 
Middle South Services, Inc. 
Minnesota Power 
New Jersey Bell Telephone Company 
New York State Electric & Gas 
North American Philips Corporation 
Philadelphia Electric Company 
Philips International B.V. 
Public Service Electric and Gas 
RCA Corporation 
Robert Bosch GmbH 
San Diego Gas & Electric 
Savannah Electric and Power Company 
Schering Plough Foundation 
Texas Utilities Company 
Transamerica Delaval Inc. 
Westinghouse Educational Foundation 
Wisconsin Public Service 

Pe eT ee eS eee oe 

A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies _ 
available. Every technical . 
effort possible has been 
_ made to ensure legibility. 



Reel duplication of the whole or of 
any part of this film is prohibited. 
in lieu of transcripts, however, 
enlarged photocopies of selected 
items contained on these reels 
may be made in order to facilitate 
research. | 



REEL 52 

D-79-037 through D-79-042 

("Telephone - General" through "Telephone - Foreign - United Kingdom - Accounts") 

1879. Telephone - General (D-79-037) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
domestic telephone business. Much of the material deals with carbon buttons that 
were damaged in transit. Other documents relate to patent ownership and to 
litigation involving Edison, Western Union, American Bell, and the Gold and Stock 
Telegraph Company. Much of the correspondence is by Sigmund Bergmann, who 

was manufacturing Edison's telephones. 

All the documents have been filmed except for duplicate copies of 

iis BSiescrh iisrtastsiy cuit Li nctabedeei Bic sth Sy Dg ide he dead: 


Western Union Telegraph Company, 

VL we Tt, Sb cfrewe, % A€e. “Ar, 
fee, Watt U7 for Whee once. 
Ade hy YH, tS, ara cteyes, : 

nat son Uf of So 
Y Df ge by : eG Goes 
Vshiu Celie SUM UMMM bon! 

US : . : C J, C 2 d 
AU Me LEP SGM Niel his v0 
ov ‘ 

JAN, 6, 1879 
DEAR S1Ri=~~ 



Lies nails 


ste rie A 




Jas, D. Rem, Secretary. 
Gronoe B, Scorr, Su; superintendent, SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE, 


P, 0, Box 5645, 

New Vork,... Qee..2/... 187 

Miby: Site Paciban § Sf. 
JA Sracecciei ee Lecce 
OP Yb J 

le sae 06 “eet ot Sow L, 


‘ Wi : 

estern Electric Manufacturing Company ; : i 

Ses eae Chicago Bees Eales : 



t a 





aan A 

? oa 






i ‘To A, EDISON ESQ,- : f oat A 

MENLO PARK, Neve  * od 
+ * . < i : 





Shin | 

O geecOpig/ Chetecdracd eure) 
fry Lliting nfilaing of Orabags df mrbon, 
oS fe. J os Ocetewed Lab cy Va me 
Ula. 2 

e ye Gael tye Vig ke Co ales 
ad ae cas 

: ‘ { 
(LUG, FT a (Ot Beal Crere ale 
OrofiJ a ee Cos pes habl, {~ | 

6 re HD a Aidt aftr Prive ; ; Of : 
rele To, ay | 

foxkey te 3 Was Pee) 

c v cerlee A Ce Cpe1 ay 

ih, ; ies PS, Se. (tore AC bowng Om [4a Cc. 

Bx oy st 


Ke | 
SS on (per Rat epoc Bf? 

Blank No. 2, 


pease Geez ‘KRANSMITS and ba 
ternesmesied wind toby nancere th DELIVERS messages only on conditions, limiting Its fability, which bare 

5 messes, 
against aly by repeating hb menegce beck to the station for compel 2d the Ces 
yetiset be id tesa tabi for errs pore ge yr delays ostaleeion or dell rol Uerepoated Mose nee. 
melt Bs mAs W ACHE and fa ceiverea by roqorrt OC tue pebder Under the coadl 
2 p hb at oS 

BO ge ee tem 

r Gold: a Glock: v Leleg leyiiifele oe bee ee i 

PO Lea 5005. 
Danie: Yip tutions Dutldingz 
Soonge! SW theu 
Use Pauilent Ne, UY, ch 
OO he, oe. EY ts LEY. 

veele whe, ae ) p> Lorry Lack 
, Piewloe— Tam ag | 6 Lean Pe Or* 
MV bat Lo —— ee UX = pnetew * 
Ce oe ¢ 5 qo fle Mel 
a hare a Pea gree aor DS oe 
Aariig Ce fer aa a Hr Rert. faf-— 
le. nr Mole gre fecha Ahi Ke Hoel, Ch 
NMithert keno. | 
ag, Me came re Ase a 
coast Ko Retake 2 fi i = 
Fea Oe, SA . 
| 7 ae pfrcew 3 Argh Taine forte 
acct GO Ete KE J Paved 
| fen nttincterne,. Apveikle Ir-F | aia A | 
| iy Mi Grbor’ , cs pF Caan) Cnet re 

aed Than 

ois pacnnen est big ere 

ON me hee mete Ny cm eS aN ate 

Od YG 

Ore i , 

A ies a eadLuc alk, ete cleo 
ve petewed & Le a B; A, iid 
nat an a hepa for Te 0 jon eG, 
WH. Qbear tu Kes Cael tine ¥ 
Sa Meets Pe ee ee 
C. Kis aduse © ht x CLL 
oy etek asia aor Ae Ome 

, #8 Jain ee 
PS Lee Suara 
aH rie ale GS Outliers ZVI, Hees 
GLa. Whe Mace Y i teuge when 

he oo 02 Hate. Dot 
Plhuger, whrek ca sade zo Crug, Wha 
when Ae head wo egeceefecnt Arun er bo 
We hes “Tbe Lave 08 flan wel 

phaute of ¢, 

Lu wnatring he atore oumth, Phe atin — 

pean Catiect. bts following \- 
1 He Henge ener bea feet jariat 

2 Me hinged your sushe flared , 

ov ebae Ale feasts caters He Conten co fatsee) 
tat, be facet a Bit by foreceine, aed 
He Lettins Ut ered leave WE reeertedl, 

I He chaut C, andre phinger D 
uel he filled smartly, Harotered, 
hurrushed, Lot” 

a He hole Hag Fitter nurrhe exactly 
69 (2) cu lineeter, C- tres he . 
Prod rut tun, ani hi ghity becrncahed; 
Wa tro ttt0le ff Wee Aetk car Ce toeteled 
CUla 4HG + 

eS ips S LAR RA il Sa hihi a Se tA be saan the l 


S Whee te pour whut bry thin, Hhiry. 

Quuet-Le a t, or clas can if Ke 
Se ee ee 

6 Sw wadentiak Hed te bullan holt 
emacs wu Pe auadl of i Hatin 
Of wuld, ar cen CABMEK . -. 

YY be bate bevng 9, airy techies felities 

He fpluuger acer Cede ahah Cc 
OF, Ge ee 

when Be Aen are Yeweh , aed cu order 
WH ence Met, Quiteau ner te Caton 
[caabtty) ot v6: ecrek pau, and Ae hate 
wel burriehed , 

9 he utter othen Gift Ha what 
eel tog? FO hortled ut Meflugecs, 

PU ee 
Lt fo guace Sere 
aa Ba Cty tte, a 
70 Yiucte be ustiecad Ar ronig Ci 
High pertcl gH corvbiiug parte; eee Mes, 
days Woy ecuoene pematin aw 
fled” 10 12 bultine cle Tene Cur 
 gatdk, bet after Fhe sumetin Hae erevten 
PA bultins wre have cf-eelhes- 
Mu he festiched OU numer teTnod 
hy Wi Hancts, 2 Ah betlrn elt 

Marke . 



\ a 
4 Lay im 
jie ane oe 
ne ee 
may bag” 
, ” \ 
Jeol amabnta A 
play oueeas — Meas fo ode. eats 
“" ’ has 
Srey CR 2 tealae ‘ " ae beee tutan” oe, eo 

Got ofe offer wodement in 
we Jefephone oud “ awontte d. “Bamwg. 
mp.” whick phewn that QRe_woom we 
aera ines has Atarntid ta moke..potttrn, 
pon Ke inen box and wodrwents. 

Wr he Ur met muro hug Hinge ae much 
On 9 would Pilee. D9 epe Keto. rin. today 
OB owt J wer eanet ian aran on Ke 
Jot, oe Rene axa ently ome now. 
Guk he aKeughs- he could mot work 
te. addantage » Out we Badd. Reese 
root now . and. +tAMene, La. No. Nears... 
wohy we wheald wet Rowr..c-commp 2 
Seleptrenes Oone ey Nastten pot 
nettle weele, will not be Sutocucdory 
ieatews we ek. pattenws rhemne and. 
I Reordly SARK we coell 2am Merny 
A- wy an anuck ae pear bbe. = 

Mit rd 
ie PRET 


Sole Manufacturers and Agents of the Zidison 7elephone 

pa eR he) 9 Aa tr F7 g 
NEW ENGLAND STATES, Pid State House. ) 
TQ. Gotrum % 
z : 

We : 
Estusn dele hures here foe Brmn. Leche 
yr for He arm Gaba, Dan ayifarern 
| u oS CY OD ae Te Aes A: ate 
anawut@ia fr timolol, pt Be 
Cth Me. Whe. Hee i 

oy anche ed 2¢ €— 

Ea eta cSt adic si as as tess 

er a er 

Witme -ee e e 


OEP ere ¢ (tO Chen 
Oned Foote tee ettas 
SO neue Fete Lt 74 Boot, 

fete orth THE 


Wa he art Sess Rit RAP taaale og eas pad hited Wich dad 


Sole Manufacturers and Agents of the Zdisou Telephone and of the ‘Telephones and inventions of Gray, Dolbear and Phelps. 

G ne 
(O41 State House.) 

Wes Q. Beton Lg 
IP oe 
AM. wf Che (9% be be Conttrice ot Cnt= ane 
role , JF ached ad Me bh beet way of 
yplng whl Clit, DU Th kes 
properly epfrined., sak cae eae: 
hawk, but four were purfect, Lt Chat matter 
Riek ~ Pate mat tame any tare acnte Che, 
Jame wey Fe pn ute pte the wpe 
F emt I unee gel the roti. from het puanter 

Zant. Ape 

Gi th heat id ty Ta abst rik ws AC euct SRaiclig YesciA e 


Winstas Ont ne Prete nt, 
aroma m Was co Sh ie 
P, 0. Box 5645, Ze hz 
New VYork,.. ZEB. cLS 187 a 

MAM. Calin ons Ces. 

| mace 

tm on oy es 
as ine in Aa eee 
Pe anes TRIES © 

Siti balicteinaibelal vay Aisne ice AL si Sai 

Western Union Telegraph Company, 
G Dey Street, - 

New York, “LEZ. daz ®.... 187F, 
Kut lt bittahr 
Poke pr Kae _ 5 
222K HE Ci ae "fae 
ee * Kg mented: soz 
Cupp lana. Lins on ante fo 

bo Fneks a20 pond Cad . HEE. 


Western Electric Manufacturing Company, of Chicago, 
Electro-Madical Departmont, Eastern Supply Depot, 

iG, 267 Broapway, New von ily le Ae 79 
Newly TEM Wf 

NS ubrhy Chintic Elise fo-Hice Lhlboune 
SLE with qooc Morne mtowtla age, P9aeki ley bt, 

Clie ae aS a att 
Che ego. aud Karat Kine i tet, wits lt ateuth 
| OP gba, went haa LE tee youre eur Kewcenrers 


Ay vig Yooche’ Tee Le caput! Compan, Cys 

POBew, WIE. 
Wey tebaw LE ED 
Grorge’ Meat de 
COV ger hel 
Che Paid New Yo Yorker. 


7 Ue Got 

aii. Sto Telegraph Company, | 

Cer“ Oy, : ; 
ae f 8 Lee 

ShLatt J tela “the bop. ak Ci heck G 
Jo . | | . 
Afton lh rhe lat Oran < a. 

= Cows 40 Were 

Sone Cre 
| Kodi rite Mr busy, 



Vester am "ile Ma GE mkarict 


2ukes wits tet bed Es Clan’ 

MARCH 6, 1879 | 





©.€. 9CRIBNER 

Mannfacturers, Importers and Dealers in 
Telograph Machinery ond Suppiier,  LvuLECTRIC MERCHANDISING Co.,, 
Medical Apparatus, 
Burglar Alarms, 76 MARKET STREET, 
Fouso and Hotel Annunciators, 
Bloctrle Light, Electric Gas Lighting,  y. w RARAMOTON Dowie cel trsnenee 

Electric Railway Signals, , 
Telophoues rented @ Supplier furnished, G. Tip a ULM 7 | 

Y ox een ? ey 

Oy jn. AI 

S Kei ee ee 

(a ee eae 

| Ut ALBA 



otel andl Bouse A wnunciators aul Pleeteigal A yyavatug off all hisuls, 


fem vorneea him Yosh Mo 8.1879 



Do > eas 
Selia igen Se ani 

SEA sae phic eta Nii iawn Aba Dab Litt la sees: in A Pa gS aA i SW A Ries Li Sa 

5 lpn '9 SOM Dark ti aa ih So sai we gs Be ag $2 

: Ahilulelphia Howal Telegraph ALompany, 

W.P. WHEATLAND, Gectya tres,  2inanolal, Commerofal and General News Department, 


S.E. cor, Third and Chestnut Sts, & 107 South Third Stroot. 


Thts Company will furnish as Correct Gotp and Sroox Quotations, GOVERNMENT Sxconitizs, Oorron, Navau 
Stonss, Bakapsturys, Perro.kum, Provisions, Proovuor Exouanay, and Gengnat, COMMERCIAL and FINANOIAL 
Nzws Revonts, from alt the princ{pal Citios in the United States, and algo from ono to three daily from Pants, Lonpon, 
Livenroor, Anrwenr, FRankvont (GxRMANY), oto., ote,, to ita Subsorivors ascan be obtatned Uy exporlonced Reporters, 
but will not be reaponsible for any transactions based thereon, A@-Wo also furnish OCommenorat, Surpring and Manne 
News Revonrs from all the principal Szaronts In Noni and Sourn Amxnioa, Evnorg, Inpra, Ommna, Japan, Avs. 
Tratia, OunA, ote,, otc, ns may ho desired ; as woll as rooolvo for transmission ABNOAD nY Canty, A 

at roduced rates, 


UB. Q. Goliton 

B. B. Bullwinkle, Supy’t. 

rOrE Se . : i 
ghoune fu fe Pack Meg pin the Sek fy herve", 
wed igpy fe Kicr fe eG UO 
eee: of tr cere wtfonocasest | bes ute 

YE En AO er RS 3 ee 
Quod “Fide buy fwncing Sat bree Tahal Rows | 
ens tee Unwin be PK ff eee” Cr oh | 
 fuarratV perros oP preiforrckionr, 

Youre Cary Reafuy 

23 2B. Parente 


Dy Seerelary. 
BH Scart, Supertatendent, 


P, 0, Box 4195, 


ayy yee Sy OEE : 

a Fox ee ehh en eee 
(etn 7 Cerbon butlorre, a Berek a cy 
"ag preort Lee uw._ Preld Bpewr ~lree 
Ay Oe tri, teks. 22 Bees ee 
Cy, Aolean th 2+ flr cive> — Ona KE 
Ee -ey Gare Se 
Bem cn atede oY Clottiy Ae Celimmo 

Cack betln — ta Libottzag flap cner the 
reeked ont, prt fawgn ecerrgk bo ai 

OD eg SE OE EEE Chae. a2F GE ae 

ee big 26 cnet! Cucto 

New Vorh,... ¢Mtth.A7,... 

Sti a RN SLO AR js 
Mei rica iP k i ab LO Mt aaa BR RTT 

eee ee ai ayes 

SE PO ee Leap Moke wee Ke (ian Ko 
fiw GDB arte igiomiaas Sicfeane Ce ee 

Ke neti of le Fol feae Mer greccle we pry a 
leege ee mes PCa he 4a, 

aa Leute FE eats a Df ee mee 
— ee 

eS. | 
— ne 

| eg ee oe | , 


Geonas Watney t NIce-Preahtents, 
Ciro, B, Prescorn, 

Jan. DD, Reto, Secretary, 
P, O, Box 4195. ; >) 
New Y OVI Yb he Eom 87 

Bae mena Te 
Gite lt, (Bn te | 
oe | 
ge Cueagrecig  Cewelore foetl eset 9 al Aint 
De OO ae A, ee 
A a Meade ee ———— Ba 

Vaan sa conta 




Gronay B, Score, Nupertalendent 

P, O, Box 4195, 

New Vorh,.6Gecen a nm LE... ASTF 

ae ee Mi 
Ka oH ee ee SP ae 
Be Hewk Ff ws ME heed Tang pee eae 
Gan He omty Pg elacr a are 
ME FGflecne fo Meereerig Pee aie 3 
Caeay er Zaz; SF 


* The Western Union Telegraph Co. 


ore ro iced a ae oe 

dam NTs SD shed Ohitay, MM. as Manet Henne 

roe i a ee eet a 
iSite at ns ia or “spas 

€ “Geo. S, Ladd, President, M. Greenwood, Tees 
Jas, Gamble, Vice President. * Jno. 2 Sa btn , Superi seveniden 
ee and Stock Telegraph Co. 

A\ Of California. 
ds \ Ww Orricz, No, 222 Sansome Srreet, 

=n Pence 


Leas foe He 184 nah My Me Ed te bad 
sae a Po a teliwie on. 

ae a : MG 9 | 
Qu WO Cp 

: Tang 


eS The r. 

The Gold and Stock Telegraph Co. 
19? Broadway. : 

, New Yori oo ng 

ae in . 
ac Pry 


Aether A. ee: ate neg he : 
mee. [eon ae 

; -f{ IGG AG ow. 
/ ps Pan 

é OG Lun 

ia ‘ = eo, Qe 
Sl a PGT oR 



Ce Crm, tens 

one thar b- 


UM In Nog S29 
| MV (Biba Bp 

hae ea Ms Cee. ike 
are one Eartha Ph hyo Thee, 

met ts 

S. WA IRe Waawyny a GOe9 
: No, ‘104 WOOSTER STREET, - oe tes 


rik : ‘fis : “ +, nae : stat deh ee . Ct F 
Botel and Iouse Ammnciatas ue igual Apparatus off all higls, 



Ma ake ae Gat Regul On: 

Ae CAA ont foe. wae ie: - fl 
We. alee f eae ~G 15. uw 

ee Wceet ae ere 

y boone 

-_ | 

Lik Peres tA me ch CG aoe 
b 2) Lowe k Ce ats pee a 

bo (2.c0, 
b OQ “hh Chad ph. 
C .e: es luv teh, 

ex 7 -_ a te tor ef or 

are ok j 7 oe 
_ 3 E al an 
MoS 2 ge - 
224 3 
5 =— a) 
- Pn sha ( 
Se = eo 
Spe es 
| 7 : Sey 
; fy 
e ne 
a a 

Ci B.D che Solegiiufpel’ (Ga cutis, 
ee? Cae Mester Unions Biwildings 

wboprin Grednl wtent, 
hier Walker: |e ut 
Go BE Mt, 



AP aawete’ rg : i 
< hr snes BiRetds Meatay. WW, Ci eae Je Bay. oe G.. a AS, VA ia 




Cet Lo ae 

ODL he 
Cpt aos ¢ 



he Chacn, 
| ce 

FG Berets, 


VN Mice | 

(= way “te heer ale Oernrk 

Six © og. Phely-, Chan 40, 
t~ “A. Compe let. be. 
Cae ot eye eee Exped — - 
Cary) tH than — , . 

"8 4 sere 
Sp DK _ 
Gystor ee a 
44 (ee 

Gy, L ae Lage «Jel La neple On 2p, ais 
PO Buw th "ay ; F 

iow a se apg 


. Room 22, 
JOHN A, BARTOW, Vice-President, (P. O. Box 278) 

. LEFFERTS, Troa Mew -Yarh, Litay Li ayy 
rT a! 

Be peo? Kaned Fir 

Abeta on Xk 

‘ 7 Today Lone F | 
ty poErk offeat aso ‘oats 
spite Me gat ke 9 ae p 
i arth Ge ay ee | if 
moe ry ae reales eles 

en el a 0 aed oo 

Bho ke 
Loris Piel, 

Apia t US WLR aR Gai ina ss Bellas KEN AEB UER MALE ona h 5Aid Messi delay 



‘potel aval Bouse A mueciators mul ¥leatvigal Ayyavatug off all kinyls, 


Sy FpRcincuLar Obéew: Pee eed) : 

a | 2, °7 Gen 

Cietine _ 
ordi fate 

Son oF antlers a ae 
i Siverri, KE een caese 
! ees Fret Fake, : ie 
Bo, 5 Peas ovis cnn br AO pits . 
Hel os 10 cobneh how caer 
. Ee 
Soe: 2 cites 

ty meats , 
26-Ow iat aa 


as te lee et 

bbs Zs Ka poe ih fore oti 

Eb Mm agae Goce” Arctlhed 

| [bhatt | 
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Cy & Lo te Telegea We Vi he Cie 

POP e0, UY, Eapet pa COUNT 
Poin G a Wo, Veslectar: Levine aledanege Le 
Seen : 

Goo: BR aseatt | Ome 

sie vibe “ ; 

MLL 2 i mega od Plan 
At, Ke ee G Lene, 
oe ee ee, 

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aes tk-Gpcdr-S te eft o 



gy nytt nea ea er oy 

Cy 2a, %y 

Pint re rrencienia fe ge 

= mn renee 
Dray 2 Po 
Ka $ %, breather 
(Peau Cbegrapt 7° 
4 peerhle Gnby doy ae . 
(ee of aes 
"E Tie E cencien Cree: i 
bout hate Able ree ee w/ 
Ceres notryget- ercitid iy G0 

erg fieittarn 
oe ey Gore ce, tran 

DL ectiorn 

Hi 7 as Videys 

Th Biblio 

apt ae 

BT Se RT Se OTR a ET ey eer ee 
Fe ete TT ee See falda at tie, bah 


Gl LP Loch’ elegiaphi Companys 

— POBue WE. oe see 
OG OO H . syst 
: "Wj lotoe! Union Ducted 

View Pasitent Nei Yorke; Bercacy..22 2G) SZ... 

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(ethnel wcll cic LL vias 
Vickie teesade: ve aGAcl. 



ol en Coc oper Cle oa a 
: fede +t eg a ao pets hee flor my ee eee ee Pe be 



Oks. # Biyese us 


ee OP AUD? wi BO 
ee SOE OMG LILI Void Ger 

OG.6S SLU Sane hibhy Larch Mayhen 4 Gily, 
; 7 “ : 2 ¢ iC 


2 eed ; won = . Pom ye ee 





GS Reve Geen Cotol Cheb gon pte 

(7a ase Metenrle (orn Me Lith 
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€37~To provont loss, ploaso make romittances by Daarr, Poot-Ovyrion Onpae ox RrgistTanep LETTER. /E 

L. G. Tillotson & Co, 

Manteo Importers and Doalers in 

{ ailuay and {elearp foctinery and Srppticg 

Car ra and peas of every description, 

L. G. TILLOTSON, Street, 
Hm Gna, *§ After Way 12% & 2 Dy, pet 

Dear Sir: 

E, clerze. a “He Ls 
ge ooenz pea Ort {—~. 
legit oa Y Sipe “Lec 
Lh ei Cre EC eae A 
Cd t+} SAULY Cox Sos, Pe 
rete Lae Zee: Pied Za i 
Br bt Hoy fel Lox, © 
ee ee ae 
KO force geo foo or, me 
ann oe Vi aeags 
fie BEG ared (JBLO ers 
pie pl es Serer eae A 
Matt Hof, obese 20. 
bref Cee % iG er ah Ce tey 
pee EAL OSE ne - ne 



t37-To Provent loss, ae mako romntttances by Duar, Post-Orriox Onven on Reaatenen Lerree. fee 

. LG. itlotson & Co., 

eiage! thet ; Manufsotarar, Importers and Dealors in 

| {toy and era Sfactinery yun Supp ies, 

Car aca and Pena of every description, 


¢ Street, 

pee iter st 1st, ae, a7 Dey Street. 
P. O. Box 1714, Aer Yash, Soe J 
Dear Sir: 

frog eS Crete” whe C4-~e_. 

Coe tt setae oo CAG os Pe 

oo WO let-te io ee eee ae 

OT re te ta me 


‘ me ee eer ener +a, 
oS BO SarTo provent lose, please make remittances by Dnarn, Post Orrice ODEN or ReotereueD Lerren.-“Go : 

L. G. Tillotsan & Co., 

Manufacturers, Importers and Dealers in 

fitony y und {eearph Sifetine al Sopp igs, 

Car Upholstery and Trimmings of every description, 
No. 8 Dey Street, (P.0. Box 1714.) 

dn reply to yours 

O fn enet 

. J Poe ae bay 7 a aca ALA E7 | 


i EE A eee tho 
/000 Crtlon %betOR AF CF teehee 
howe cet cooler LLELD 
Lil at - «for 

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Crk eT ae Th ae : 

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5 eae tee fro brodten, Cte: eles 

Ooo brated es Bes 

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‘ ate S a 
oe _peo ee A 
whet Peat ee Seas su Store 



pote! aul House Anunciators mul ¥lectviqal Avyaratug off all hinpls, 





220+ 232 KINZIE STREET. 

‘ JUNE 5y 18790 
THOS. Ase EDISON, : ‘ 

DEAR SIRi=a-= 



General Telephone Agent 



| | 

von THR w Bersd a ty wm seneansanoees 


“(Ol a Ste rte “Hous e) 


Lhvs, 0, Sotron bog’ 
ase il Wg. 
gt ee tae ON 
— Te Ne chaning fife,” 

: Ps eee 


BS nee 

DeParTMENT oF Docks, 
v7 9 DUANE era. 
Dols. SDosoul section, 
’ Te 
New York,.......... ws Z. ccs 1877 
Sa Stir LD, 
Tap Hoe order Rice | 
sil bs. @. bevel. hepgh 
mi ludortiay ome traael me ddencfihin / apples - 
“bin q Pelsohins i alaicaes Sistas: dl 
wif “jms omy | emer fm ade f of 
Po reat Cx Non. Wy. Linn mms a 
Gut ub Puta On ae Pe meri, Tarp 
uitt bes requark Soy A ! beeey 9 thes 
anf ba C ig Mal rp [ lupe st Nerdy 
Qiecieke orl oda 7] nd a (pub ch Toy 
silyab mal ata i ake Cuprestl a 
Othe lit i) ald} ems bousttenl:. 1 oe Eo 
: al rae abl, T add Cn mentee 
| op [rrcchine 4] ype Sawer « Truc yam aoe 
be sida acioutiy Bedell ec scale py oe os 

Mhilatelphia foual Telegraph Company, 

sie wileielain) Hoergetiog ' ‘Winanolal, Commercial and General Nows Department, 


S.E. oor, Third and Chestnut Sts. & 107 South Third Street. 


This Company wiil furnish as Correct Gonp and Stock Quotations, Government Sxouniriza, Corton, Naval 
Sronzs, Baeapstores, Pernorevm, Provistons, Propuca Exonanag, and GeneEnat, Commenctar and Finaxcia, 
News Rerours, from all tho principal Oities In the United States, and also from ono to threo daily from Panis, Lonpon, 
Livenroot, AnTWEnP, Franxvont (Gunwaxy), ete,, ete,, to lts Subscribera as can bo obtained ‘by oxpericnced Reporters; 
but will not be responsible for any transactions based thereon. A@Wo alto furnish Ooxumenctan, Smtrrina and Marine 
News Rerorts from all tho principal Szarorts tn Nonrm and Sourn Amenica, Evnorx, Inpta, Ontxa, Japan, Avs. 
TRALIA, OunA, oto,, otc., a8 may bo desired; as woll as recolvo for transmission ABROAD ny Canty, Reglaterod telograms 

| Dhiledefphir, Oe 

ciioto A guns tients waria Lets ia ps A ag al cp nd 

The Gold and Stock Telegraph Co. | 

19? Broadway. SS an 
New ee Se ws 



bl F ‘Yooh iT, Lit oe Companiy/ 

I congo? Whaddeu; 

Wise Pesitont, Woop Sons ig 
age | 

 POBe ig 
ee uae 

se RSs Jad te a oat Mere A A EEE A Ny a getil e s  lae A 

| Voges Fe pes 

Blank No. 1, 


De falt Lo blrhend oa); dttions, isalting Its ability, which bare 
Leogaansied tb Ungeruanr of tne low oT message 7 on con ting: ty, 

be yb: wy to tha nenatae alain te ‘Aiea 
merch oat ara crease ga meaepce beck to the eet ding ata yas mi a 

16 transmtselon of deli nary of 
MESSAGE and {0 delivered by reqoset 
wi Ad oe Pres't. 

i flare ei ticrriTey Heel, 
B76 eee M Caz p- 


READ THE sacha 

EE ter 4 lop (ete pugs d YLt ( 

Q-37tt f greede vag Alling , 

Sab, aoe —e 


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522 Fackhi Ore: 
Be watlyn. AY 

Mei 77: 

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~phex 19 C3 ty 

aes J, toon ae 

bey ao Say rs 7 erm em Cor 
ya ne bes 
on ¢ Og tere 
shat Conenae.., » Katag 

. tia le fy em Ma Sater 

Avy aus «ats eeet fp 

Nou- eZ hace AL, 

ap fe e t youn Sites hoe : or ec/- &- ke fore by 
Ped ilen EAE ude fers Pale. 
® Cen Yer Be J abe react aoe a rep awlo Pa B atch , 

Pe hee : Coen Lee? I Lec, 

| OE OS / Te JP pees: 

Kero Arpirre |, i len ley Sac, 1B o-vt- Santee. 
u- la tho ies owt? Ly 

- Mn. HU Ot bune .. he ore J &. Ei dos fee 
Ui Ola Kin eh. 

J shatt foes suchas 
pe tor “Lh : ae re Foe ee ae the J MM Oecd ~ 
avs | 

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fet a Bi Le. a 
a ne ae foun + 

Ue i Ag: yy pres. 
On. 0.4... Auk... ben ..aef- 


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ee 29s Ve sin! GE egypt Yo; Company y 
er Gut @ Vet Yerth —_ 7. Wes 


diab dd. 
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GE ature aud Kad ff tusfates cts 
a a Sate 

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rete Then Crtey Bes, Wet ng duaFee ors 

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ty T& heelremvitect Fema. wn (Om 




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SIS" f- bouyp Fark « { 

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tagged be datgphect. sda 4 : 

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gas ol 

__ Ag gts 

eee. gt 
pact a y fier ie eae Z 
| Jao 

snipe ond past nts 


Ahilatelphia zal Telegraph datping 

HENBY BENTLEY, President. : : 
MW. WHEATIAND, Seryatee, - FlManolal, Commerofal and General Nows Department, 

S.E. cor, Third and Chestnut Ste, & 107 South Third Street. 

This Company will furntsh as Correct Goup and Stoo Quotations, Government Sxcuntrizs, Qorron, Navan 
Srones, Breavsturys, Prrnoteum, Provisions, Propuor Excmanae, and Genenat, Commenctan and FINaNoraL 
News Rerorts, from all tho principal Cities in tho Untted States, and also from ono to threo dally from Panis, Lonpon, 
Livenroor, Antwenr, Frankyorr (Gunitany), ete, ote,, to Its Subsoribera as can bo obtained by exporienced Keportors, 
but will not be responsible for any transactions based thereon, Aa Wo also furnish CommunoraL, Surpring and Manny 
News Reronte from all tho principal Szaronra in Nonta and Sourn Amzrtca, Evnorz, Inpra, Cana, Taran, Avs. 

TEALTA, OUDA, cto., etc., as may be desired; as well aa rocelve for transinlesion ABROAD ny Oanxx, Rogletered telograms 
at reduced rates, 

a mii ina ey a/s SS ied een hase shit uber is bak oN wet 

a ee RE OT ee 

The Central District and Printing Lelegraph Co. 


Corner of Fifth Avenwe and Wood Street, 

T. 8. A. DAVID, 

Pros't. Pittsburgh, 

GAs OX Dock J ley voi fete’ , On refeciiiyys. 

PO Bue, OBue, HOE, 
We uy Vb, ae MD, 
Geer Onge: We Mets 

Chic Raniente Nei Yorke: ~fuly uh bly 

| Dn hau ye 
 Necushy Re AR_- 

eee flstay 
Ma aera, 

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ort Pe aoe SL teow | 
eaten t- Rea aH. Jiu fafirrs 
mt—Sorm ff eedeng who Aye nator 
po hea Om —inCincen.  peprled— Mat— 

Newt — WWHre- 
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Ae hgh te ee, hae RE nie 
CY in 7 

Tf ccag allo et 3 ae dg ea Sy sce edie hetase ys 

RS FAN ee REL ya Za onl Sw Ic aside clk Jt pie oon ab Sj a destin da Sch Sate Bk ts i 

eet i so CO Oh, 
sf wld. Feplaw | Ole a a Saas [eal 
A inane ee axarne See wo 

et a (a) not” line, 

Cs i, ek fe 
gl iF 4 haue as ee +f ) 

une alte fh rre€ a 

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3 } 3 heeee 5-O, (ee CereOn te werton 
eee Ce CON 

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ne pa f—ow eon Cw We | 
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Orc Sa eer | C.. 
Py ee : sf optgn Cotes 
Nao L be, a ewe birercan of ine : 

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ls Cag OT oe - ot ey i CNA tere gi ; 
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Tpewewe seer Caer ™ poe . He aly 


as ary seegrirenetle erm Ae et roan ore Pore - Nn OR ORR EEN re 

ie ssecni L Wabs iki hit sha bah ind oc 

hong ee ths time 

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hats tof dit ite acy ne 
all ea lyre Tre WY. 
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Ed St Sina a el ha ace Li win 

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too Woodle, St 

O. ovuty on five Ton b+ cans 
rong mode? 3efP 

Cw eS ever 



ee i. ovr R Ta, 

y Be 
ae ae Up AS. 

Siar MK, 
oe Lt tanh victor 
ae it fo ee 
he a 
pee AE LAD 

Office of 
Mumifneturers of Clocks, Grperimental Machinery, Podels, &e., 
180 FULTON STREET, (Commercial Building.) 


ne ee 
Lak ECGS | 


paca a Nw, 

ah Eu, On 

ee rere 

The Central District and Printing Telegraph Co. 

Corner of Fifth Avenue and Wood Street, 


LE ieee a 

Cats eee ee gee 
EOE laa a: one 
Bae eee ee we Fae 
ya Aa ao 

gers vv ASF eC 

lt. thats noes: wl SF fig 

Orricr or 
The Edison Speaking P honograph Co. 


jue Gam MeG'dee’, on tke hey, 

He Pe ve). oC, Paabrine Jaarte 

G Aung , Pan io [Rae atty ay 
bpm oh ae. fret Cltehe? 

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Pipe Dp Cees Be oa alt. : 
une chepn een Some 

[phrsnm to plang on po eens: 

D hrnews he Cured Andry Doe Com 8B « 2 

a iain anata wan salina Nee aia hdd 


Gro, BP TT, 
Jaa, T. Rein, Secretary, SUPERINTEN DENT'S OFFICE, 
Gronak B, Scott, Supertutendent, 


P, 0, Box 4195. = 
New Yori... Se ae 187 

Gey Ao Eee 
Lote 4.297 Aofe 
. ee vis Hiectbon. Le the PPedlist bee 
tify Co- at Clecaage eed Pree porwr, aE 
Laer Ke Carb ose Ahh int Meg peect, aecc€ 
| vg ti: oyna, CP Met ce @ceer (Lecco) 
Gow Jk feed Chaceceg coer 8% Leg Beer 
ZF WP Gin Oe Lae 
! eA fee Micfore Yelena 

| Aaage eet ot ae Ha Canora 
PL Ovreter pee a ” CSG we. 
bite eh is ee. aa 



Orricr oF 
The Edison Speaking P honograph Co. 

Mag BOE 

| D dow Cri Wher 
fhe Wins Tree tare PR de 
eo Tm rn RObL dare 

UR WAR, Seats he har Od. gw 

Shine JI Ca acid 
drgckurm « * 
fren WS rate , untin 
ane harnrng Wire. tok [Raw Aha , 
ea, Scale a eat 2a 

pwis uur ble Te Sun are 
(Oe Tan Yor oly mm forte ch 4 tot 

New Yorke ZBL. ite 187 iy | 

; Orricr or 
The Edison Speaking P honograph Co. 

ice President, 

he New York... 

fn bein im on en oe 

Cats Ms/he (Rome bh 

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he | aoe ie | _ 
WU hae One? Takes into Me 
| Gate See’ ele AEG Se 

Aes, ols A Md ¢ 

fral par Bd tr 0G de, arty 

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Mega Hye 

Ae TL D> Mtn Jemk) hone pute ar Yor (oGoh 

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DlileDe Gh rat bom, tLi0y/s 
Metre Viewn Beuling: 

pr Ae ya 

Dhl ae eee 
Chet, Ant 

ite lg re lod, 2, 

pate ne 2 lacey, 


ben Mine Leap a Dae 
“le Mh lab Mage 
Vipin Di BE: | 
J lene terfores prin 97Ket hen speed 
Yntl On wa Og ies , Bnd rh ethon~ paw) 


attack 4 cues + . 
a a ae eee 

s aes eee a Pia Coe, £a- magia 
BS Of Cort ort. Kele foto (Cake, ongh Ras —*& 
thick sMa ice Go-hae Aegeine A 
A cle anon eet- AR aa oe Mh, 
ij rs Jeg eS ‘orn. | f& Pi a pe 
- Aud He Lo-d. Fae ae Reet . ma Grrr. ae 
i /; Thich, @tc@hs oe wh oa Be. ater. Ly 
el, Cirrere, hos, at pr~e, sa sae , oe ee Pre SRA, 


7 an na nieces 

Omg} roa Von 






Lay [Fe 

td bs a bad hea 


carr. 1 Ne SuD8 C. 6. 
Fant oy8 Bits mM stat | 

oben. F169 


Mo Fee pe ect. BW, 
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tebe. by 

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GUM, Gn 
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ee fark, Dn. 

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Cele fhe are Por Cale 
SB Be eee es, a ee 

cece Gesractta. Gai 


ath Vn of te hit Gig ice. 


filed, is to be'a 

LD. C.” 


ny answer in reply, in order to be properly 
ER, U.S. 








au Ist Lieut, 20th U.S. Infantry, 
f PPO Y § Disd's Off. Signal SérvIiCG; UC 8 A. 

Acting Signal Officer and Assistant, 

This communication being upon OF FICIAL BUSINESS, a 


A Vina taf e422 


‘S, any answer in ti 
f ¥ ke, U.S. 



as follows, 

narrate ELOY § Disb e Off, Signal Service, UW. 8, Me... 
4eling Sisnal Officer and Assistant, 

This communication being upon OFFICIAL BUSINES. 



Bote and pose A[ovanitorg and Bletia S of ull hinds, 

Ed{son's Inventions—Phonographs, Telephones, Motographs, &c., &, 

64-~ es Pcsone e oe 

J ae “i Aa Lk Ce. MAO 1s | 

atcGsese co <= 

pM cae xz eee ari | 
en av erage oe et ig 

ee: so ag? aes 
OP ae ee 
CE “EZ it Wr Cele, 
ines ve peel, ee 

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co poe ch ome fw ag me 

and unc? Loree Yhsnn on Lore 

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Se Afra. FO ae eee 

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ate te cot Ves ceap-ip fietece, 

AC foo eee tbage aver ace 

an ear | Gea 

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y ; No. 52 iaounwae 
WY ; Aer ett Yath, ea 

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Met pees tess ye a 

Met on cee en Zz 

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a A-Loee, 

ee oe ad yee gia Kat 
: ther. Bees hag ae AATEL,,. ¥v 
L athinel  PUAL OS err te ew) /? ee a 


ir: Dp CE, a9 

Masheingson chile ae Lo  Gleartlone. Ml 

Cee ‘eallrneg. ant ‘Sinipee leny he he. 3 Gu washing: and fou hing He He. a hncintultng.$ Se Siinft bt: fing Mi hy 
Cnsted Pallows YO? ae : Gillepy, Baller & Gt ste ares pbb | Meat ihe Be Phe 
Beobiran the Mead bees, pea  Galis ane Gol Lot Lad Coes, Cann ed Danke Lia t 

Ker pyc Wve Es tle ( oul ll: Sake te ba: Col ers 7 i a Georg fae 4 dead’ bine fet 

- : | ee. “ae - Laue cine. Le 

22H rg 

Cold Looky l Meppigy Za Ba, fltiiip; 
oop (CU d Dow Lbiteling 

AE UB le Ton ued Teifhone Lyfe Maen, : ad 
GLY Map, Se pevintentent a 
‘Y NAY, Yr hy. Ze Ah. AZ 

ae , ' 
PI te. RE. Di: yy 
ae ae 

Ba. for PR ila fe i Be See tte 
Gow Kaw now Sige nt fakes on Lame! oe pucet 
i eee A wifor Minret f Ke snk bln at He 
Chectiinn (AoAg ge Gas Bort Be orngplangy ee 
& pnrtans of Pa A ee gore Belper, es WR PH 
A Kf ae vn ll te 26k, Ahan Te mall a foun of Ki 
ee Sas as ae ne a Mor we one of ke JS 
Mil seats, Masta whee 3 oc ee Ta ae ws Boe 
hei, bee od aad my aw wtoen ra can Kat 

wurek a aii Sif we LIE Os Re pe 


Ney EL yf Lelegtinphe eye 
VW, lela woe OP ve Bcilding! 

POBux, Ober, HOS 

Past, : New York, Difdh2g!. “ip 
A Elin KE, 
Ppa bce Leb, 


: te | 
ToGorey ove. ane me ara’y ie 

cal age 

Aili si | yr eins Se 

Ar S41 

BWM A LMC Ae Mtn Uf ‘Gocomfecenny, 
/ ; WY, 71 uae 
AY Barr weet ipdon rc Daofatinent, 

GFE leaps witendeut, 
GL bey, Lepewntende RYGorhy pt 24 1SG 

es a 
Bercy, | aD § ue 
VY, Cols Ee TE chives Sth ahbetet wy a were 

Aa erie vbeg- Sk, aud pew 28. Kroadura, 6 the 
Ih hay a 056 A Sa a 
ne ifs he fps, bg “ee vs Toor naeey, aut te 

Ts rauith of set tab ters Fe wy 
Peewer teceivee Vetler fron vegulan “eal Tata aa) 
font Ms Thanan® Hak accompabics th, aut ob au/ wpfectes 
Ge Iie beth He Hes rebewrera ak Me Soe, ned lh, To 
ae/ ee fraw he. Carhous frauamithes ah Was ceerd teal ben! Mere , 
of Hare tee bed aw derraugensed? lle te fornia 
Lidry  arthele ta be anade Tonerreu, toll, you 0 Hud 
MK ey afd tn, on necesph of Mis, fl. Mane 
(he ah peers tthe be outeacd wud Maven? 

lan Ki puitfty,, CX Mley. Aeefeitteduk 

been towlug Mmeasace, 

Errore oy repeat jation 
pany will ra or dulayain trausiniaalon al 

Sirti TED acca 4 Ayhvered by request of the sender, tn 1 Col 
named al : 

* Revsived a — 
Ho. Og 





} i pe rei = vy 
i isnt ct reer} ae 
Noo “\ nw. cna any UU . o| 7 ee 

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} a. L- 
wee 4 yoih WKS uae AL em a 

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ay Fi, Vana oe ee 

sn Anak? ae She ke 
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of Dib a A ea. 



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Car Olas 





Aeon Fria 
Anag in 

9. 9h 
rl orn 



Pee oe 
Sic ee Eee 



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The Won 7 ereR Ones 


F.P.MILLSJR, AGENT, WW... Caged, iced ZL. 2s 

Of Bae by 

Ruut Porn A. Q. 
ear Deh. 

Revehu « ar 9 ee 
itn Patil cs earl” Bepatd \ piasay pee 
Zr. tb AMerenw~ colar LA wrt «& 
take Sor The. Prrarteek , 
ee ee, 

weecneeee 18 77 

AG. , et a Br mck, 
frm se» roago Ce tower QSF Henin, oa 
MW. thavt mots Pre Yon wena Ce crerve 
dattifaatrg . VL hechin wary cone 
Gout gra ancl x ont pee eetee inte 
eck Mtihh, mvels Me nee Peron Ce, 
peeeh obtig eh 

(Le-rey Liga ae aes Goruro 
& PL Datin Sr 

gee amen 
pe eee 
wept recratc tiiesctunnis co. NYY 

ach i 62-68 NEW CHURCH wea a ; 
Hd rae 
ps 00, woo : 
nfs we ee. san la ee 

"The rules of this Coropany require that al messages received tor wansenlasion, shall be written on the ra messaye blanks of the Company, 

under and subject to the conditions printer thereon, whl ich conlitons have heen agreed to by tha sender of the following message 


Dated. la 4. eae ys peice 
Si. Paces ALE 0 re Se 


( pt Pade Oe 
/ & ene ; 

Aggy | Jit | 62-68 NEW CHURCH STREET, 

oN To Dhes, | . 
Ning eee yj 
Nite « i 

7 aioe 
| gw. fry te , 

ar ad om 

AA a Rd ie ine tion Ses estaba sale N aA 

ata es bead 



bist ai aii 18 ain re west Said sigh Iie wie Cease ey Caw | Se APE a ee Se ae 

POP «0 UIE RE pe aa 
; Wes eree: Union: Buildings 

Mirvie Green Resident, 
Ge ogee Welker 

is 0) Biel Regt 
Gob Phases | 

ager By | 
fee Retils trata, New Yorks. Weblec LEE le 

Sip eeclo ae aaa 
| Ces Pee ctcce yn eieate, 
Lr Aacet eel reeeed vtec SEE 

hay ORO Memky ee 
: oe pend havhestiny/ - 

ete sb aM cat = 

Blank No, 1. 


iol te meno (of snd DELAVENS mevia aes 
been anecnte We wander of 10 Faltowing Inraes 

Ervol vente can, warded agaist only by rv, atingn ase 
‘6 a ies eat rot bol feat Ha ite 4 iP errors of delaya in tray 

This Compan, 

5 "A. R. BREWER, Seo'y 


Pe me, 
ji oN And orb eon) Co. gohan cr 


Ww be CC 

CE) DeS AW: ts 
4 a (ow ) 

Bh NINA Nea 

a fa HS Luk bias 
Ue COM WO Cae aa 

%: ? So 
Mest Al A! 
te eare a 

foe, : 

: 7 . : 
: Eley ghoge 

sa oe. = re ES ged 6nd Pins Ud ewok TV AL ya nee 

ica AN ta a iso Sn RIL AY Sieh Rfid ho it 

Zs, LE. “SG, Ch! Ze, Legpoaypfe Companys , 

PO Baw, WOE 

ANDi Dicoied Bester , Ws, CONbL a Anion: Daviteiingt 

Gen nege Wathen: Nt oa 

Ge. HE a all, 

fom BRds satay New Yo Gok, GIL WSIG 

L x—enaiten Eamon feos 


Join K.Porter. 
Grosvenor 2 Lowrey. 

en Se Lon SLE. 
td ? Grrlow pie see LOCE De Te Vor: 

Geo. Wales 3 . 
Gouuuaer. 3 . Ate ne U (foe j eel Sou: 
Geo, S.Hamlin, 
Wat.L.Porter, oe Bpoad Le as aE Ue, ee 

P, 0. Box 1836. ; OUAL Gan, 730 My 


Lge oe See, Cog: 
Oe Oe 

Chov Levene hes GF 
SO oof wun SOE) MO esl Celebs eed 
Ome SOD gee 4 Shr Ghirn OER ef 
Un tT FO Te OTE ST eg he 
EGP Mes OA ih, Cy barges: wei pull nag 


—ke- be ae 7 food ar oar ee fore Goan 
on ee Tels: eee et enki Aeerctoned, beat 
“having ~reed tbl te Aovry favre SO Oe 
ate flores Khe ke uth Sie ‘ood! “tee 
em bak yer forge see Oot Cw Kiang 

fev-o ht ae ete = Ctufk Loner , Catt ASB bevs 


ares i Loretey, 
Cory Ck 
a & er. ee 


eiAWonD ow ‘AOUDDEI, Momnnroks, 
GE 1g a Gy. (Eu... Mpa 

et eae 
go : ; } 
Wh ote ‘ a Bat 

We, exh ey? 



Baan nee ee ee As 


ADT ECiatswee w- | 

wer alativg a alte ucod und becomes desu. 

4 arom In- ] Show, the Ju y don Leas st take cogaln 
news with | longerape gqutl, rh eon Cl iy Ai Wickcdnces ONgomG puonte ana 
aleate after on tl 08! ‘conduct/qan fold up the! bility of the savitary official to 
{s point, 1s, quistl pigconbole View for a tim wickedness with all the legal inachin 

command. Without euch appreciation 
ce are waste paper uid sanitary ade 
Jyston, ‘The’ 

say that Mreat B, tat as foromost ins 
tentionf to. sau ", JeeNlation, and qu 
figures to pustet Ii segtion, By recont 
{elaticnh y eMmcleyt system & Dp 
hyglege Wise estabjalied, with 15,000: 

tary Ajstricts and the necessary numbe. 

sauitark police. in twenty-four English cit 
with stXaverage population ‘of 16,000, be 
this legial@tion the death rate was 24.7 per 1, 
-Billelent aupervision bas reduced this rate 

possess their soula in patience. 

TEMS. | : 

‘Mr. Elisha Gray, of this city, has arrived ata 
acttlement of the various quostiona at issuc be- 
tween himself and the Bell Tolephone Company 
and others interested in the telephone patent of 
which he fs the inventor, and ho’ will: now set 
himself about extending his busiuess and on- 

paid asfirits, 
1 $2,585 for 

+ Hawley, of 
rattention to 
of names on 
cns olficora’ to 

ed. 1 ing of 1,800 human Ji 

larging his profits. A vast amount of litigation 91.0, or an annual saving ob 1 
West”? was ina population 6f 480,000, In one district 
g the  sfter- was set on foot soon ‘aftor the issuing of. the Gteskow a death-rato of 23 por 1,000 in 1 
fi to satiety a | Patcots in 1875, Bulte and cross-suite wero | jis, in 1876, become reduced to 17, in anou 
. by the libel- | began until all parties concerned got sued, and | from 20 to 2, {ua third from 85to 26, und, 
A custodian | an ondiless amount of expense and complicstions the worst section of the slty, from 44 to 83, 

an annual saving of.8,745 lives. The speak 

Aup until the | 
then went on to say. tut the popular idea th 

followed. ‘The proliminery papers for a scttlo- 
ment were signed a week ago in Naw York, from 
which place Mr. Gray has just returned. 
Tho. Boll Telephone Company, the Amer- 
jean Speaking ‘Telephone Company, , tho 
Weatern Union Tolegraph Company, the Gold 
and Stock Telegraph Company, nud Mr. Gray 
arc all intereste’ In this compromise. Mr. 
Eulson’s Interest was meoroly_ ac. improve 

xe known a8 
» be wanted at 
. Where, whon 
1eme through 
d, he engaged 
‘robably if tha 
Cook County 

one, for the concentration of preventive pow: 
ig able to meet such auses of insalubrity. Th. 
the rate of sickness-and death increases wil 
the population will hold true oxcupt whet 
sanitary caro iocreascs with tho population 
The Doctor went on "to say that he bad place. 


a't want him |"consfsting of substIEutiig a cath a for | warning eards In casos of scarlotfever to obedi 
2 H Ten ‘Tig im- | enco to his owo convictions aud the expresset 

levied on, and Y < BELLS: oTow | ynanunous opinion ‘of the profession without 

of this month, B y SYest in tue patent | fear or favor. Personal {ntercourse, he bolicved, 

ier of Wabash: g mton “He will at | wee ‘an important factor in the propagation of 

fifty feet on | Once eet aboutoxtonding i Dusinessto Eurove. | scytlot-fever. ‘This- position bad been denied, 

He states thut therear about 200, 000 telephones 
and the lot at “now in dgo in the United States, ‘and that thero 

isa demand for a milifon more. : 
WEST SIDH ‘PARKS. ak: mova or control these causos of the diffusion: of 
a out AR. BRN OTELT MOLT nora destructive, seats at mat-no could ‘indorse 
regular’ meeting ‘yesterday afternoon at their the main {deas of the paper, with the exception 
office on the corner of Halsted and Washington: of the ‘question of posting, warning-cards in 
atreota, hero’ wWere present Commissionora | where this posting | o. cited several cascs 

OD had cause 
bier alar a the chair, McCrea, Rablfs, \Yood, und loss of money. Ho allowed aoa bardaolp 

‘boa wise discrimivation, {inasmuch thera fs 

‘tho believed that ho would be sustained by 
he profession at largo. He closed with tho as- 
fsertion that the State alono has the adequate 
power by just and wiso lozislative acts ‘to re- 

Cook Co 
tary Caroline 

browne yeater-" 

alls Rozers & 
& Co., 40 tons 
ses dry goods; 
; Grommes & 
sncr, Off caske 
ass; Stettauer 

a5 heen 

assy Bist communication was great GvOpt about the propricty offfrichtenin 
‘plate; ipbards odvising the Boafito de 3 taf Lies ny an, the laws payors \ eontégion 
rnc & Cou! bp thd’ legal » Dr. X] iMggls,’ Dr. 8. J. 
| un ’ 2 io 4 ee 8 
Beet, Gann in ato, Wo ‘offefed to pay one-bhIf o ones, ‘ommisstoner. 

had recently beon decided ogalnst the Bddrd.- | 
Tho ‘Chair remarked that Gen. Smith, the 
Board's attorney, felt condont that he would 
succeed in roverslug the decision in, question, - 
oe tat cebca,frouy Hestlog "Aue “aoetmna 
the appeal should be fakeu, Sy eae) 

iments at tha 
mount of gold 
‘afts made on 
rall pleces—§1 
orks,’ {no their 
wd which the 
us to recclyo 

health and lives of its citizon! , 
Pere sale art 
support to those aa, cpeofonslonal 

i ‘Tho communication Ive place On motion of Dr. 

#1 0, and $9 nile nt iihad received, and placed. to appoint nor pr Be mlirenttee Ue was ceeded 
Yor and will torn Secretary read the report of the Treasurer Bye persons, to actas a standing committeo on 
8 will ceage, | £02 he mopbt of September, which showed that tite and city municipal affalrs, 4 
1a good plan | tows: ‘Taxes or unt month had been as fol- | and Abase 0 of Dr. 8. R. Millard on “Tho Use 
vor Aethat i | JOR! 6 assesamente, $25,000; tax cor, | 3" ase of Purgatives "? was laid over wotil 
dae tari es rodeomed, 8534.85; Town,of West Uhl ie next mesting, after which. tho Society ad- 

cago (refunded), $850; sundry. items : re 

an the P by Secretary, hi 235 totale gan eRTe tha 

pa ‘ost- | disbursemonts .amounted to $24,730.43; the 

sentence, {ne '} balance on hand Oct 1, $6,01L0£ ‘The Tepo! t 
ington to | was received and accepted, : ‘ - ee 

Journed for two weeks. 

we — 


“Do the Editor af The Tribune. 

rterm, Tho] ‘Thad Committco on Im Onr104o, Oct 6.1, seo b 

provements roport y .—I, 860 by the action of tho 
‘ ie was | on ha Hiability of certalo partics who na ae Precinct Committees in soveral of tho wards 
The. baraon ls which had died within. the | thats club{s to be formed {a each precinct of 

tlme oftheir guaranty. “O : 
& Nelson & Cor ta to eebransy, ees 

the wards, and: that these’ committees ara to 

sond two dolegates cach to the County Conven- 

Dr. E. Aupaiae the chatr ~ 
Jontne, shit was adopte ea ! 
solved, That: it 1 
2 eee inte tank eho-edpriopt (hpk@aai kyCom: 
missioner of the City of rotett the 
(d seom, but | 

Ae wean: CHICAGO. 

62-UG NEW CHURCH STRECT. 0 CT. t Uy 1 g 79 






YOURS sia6S te Lames 






= 4 { 
{ 4 a ae 1 é I € 
{ 4 : ' 
t ) { 
a or tases 
v - 4 te = 
a 1 1. : 2s 
Pn = 
$e “ 
‘ t. 

ae ee ea whig deere Berit 
ile ee TAS fo Rare. (ones 
Gees = hotel io Aomeny aa 
: er ~ Ss > 


OK te Bs a onan’ Jig: ih (ee Da Dern 
oes fie - wid 
Ii efee as ar oa te Me ee A Ee : 
i Bete zi wor Smt: we 

fory boa Monn, Jorma qes folhg. pes t ete 
Gone aol bak a Kea 

© . 

ep ty 


lta no a 


ae ate OIE RE ei 

bias ae “y Cx af ch, Cepeee x CAA. 
oe | New York... ty ee 87 7 wl . tied Ysce ee aoe. PO 
fof OA Cheon. | fees, eke ae clay 
Dew Cane, 70S. "Ml MOG, fore _ 
ee eu < She uc H 
| (em fsb oe, chln egal 
Casas: ad nf dr eae, fro a ace cL; ae eer ae, ae 
Ainge dak CLL, B, ana li | hope of 5 acaianatil 
YET oom = 
W ‘ ae Yl, ~L... je potas aw . eae Or a ee 
ae hs mn LEE, ny, ao Gar asd FILO oa 
pie occ tehe: ces | 
bs chet weg. A terperloa! ae ae 
“ Pie ome f Lets ink beze™ 

fis flaw tind cle oheak | ae 

The es Seek es P honseean Co. 

Vice pelt 
TH om ee EDISON, ~ 
Scere - Treasurer, 

ny fen €¥ 

New York proms ra 0-307 & 7 

we) te Coty & CLR UW —G 


fo- ous OO. | Sg008 
Laflne mona Petar, 

CAS uta Gaps 

ble lg SOTO A Neen Geer 

b& Tom 29M. ee SS BI 

SUM ova. . Otraus~ AA pe Ase 

ski iS ie cL ea ata Sad SAS pid ait ULE 

Ne fj 

LET OE RO ee Eehdey eipmiiset Aisin Sas 
BN Sal A de ia hota si la ol AW ssa: , 

Poi & New Vor pornos 18 

We 2 cternay 
UB epi cecrecy es Ras eee pe 
AMMYann wr m® ater Aine Fos, 
¢ ~e : ~ ate jan 
pes eae ee P Lid So, 
yn hrerite, Fie rire  e2thy. 
orale Joc. hein” f 


| OW pw b aoe LE CAeHee a Sp sta 

sil Sit aig CaN ch SN sl OAs bhi o tenia Sickness ec aho lund nessa 


From J AMES REDPATH, Gen'l Manager Edison Speakiag Ph D tiograph Exhibitions’ 

ae ee ee 

—— - - - J fE-L 
: “|\. Office, 208 BROADWAY, NEW YORE OITY, .. A, O. Box 552 
Uae : : ; : ’ me 


No. 100 Ratabwacitiald sida 

Ip tel and Pose aint and i Plea he garatus of ull hinds. 

Baison's Inventions—Phonographs, Tolephonos, Motographs, &., &¢, 

Oru Gh, +e. A, 4P | 

pa ft BZ. 


7 wae 
QA week L~ sr Coe 
Lee ume ee 
Sak ct Zi a | 
mart aoe 
Os mes See Ae, a Se 
a Lili non ae a 

pre eel 

een ee Paracas bs. 


, Jy ify. 
Daa | 
eel Ores NOV, Id, 1879 
N, Je 

yours -SRuLy, 



wae ae Mtoe fe Jf prin, 
G seg e Meee, jee, be : 

ther fortoroeey were ohrattedl Jd CtfawtennS 

CGlecbre art Ke t2ce¢¢ Ow ; Oo tey 
i) foe por enced befiire hig breton ce’ i 
heer Poca) | 
fe = i 
Letty. - Cie = : 
. Me Hee ane P20 : 


a 4 Se aN ay we NEW YORK. 

220-2) inate STREET. ‘ s 



New York, CLE YM te. 

; Mm its pa tg ena 


‘s. a 
: : a 4 ~~ A sn sik 
Pe, Jc tel aul auge foun a anid ei i Aopen fl all Pale, 

ss XQ a Se ith aA ae ae oe etaphones, eas ape 
he Ny NEW SNDIMPROVED. i ee ) 

fee nes 

ALLL. Bie we of Po ek pe a RN 

Vases ee 

ae tt no, a 

bat NX es NE ek haze : <S A= ea 
ch : —< : 

XS SS x. ae i .. : 
N * - 
a P pies Sy 
Ts ee . 

ae Pee - eee a, ee 

| Kosmas PS os See xe WSS, - | 
ee SPS aes Lil | 

6 Min Kentl DeDc ee ee eee 

Sn aehhncs ROS mb dee er 


PAD aes ™ Po ollie 2S eae A& No. 

eS ee : Sha nok : 
= se x is <— eae ee ate OR oe oe 4 




ON af & bn ~~ sy 
oe and Hse ona in ain. ‘Pegial Hepat af all ‘ind, 

‘. “Blige Tricine Sheeacoahs Telephones, Motograp. tad &. 
NEW AND tMPROVED'RRUD' HOMME, bartenlisy Specialy, 

Ap. Gok... « Bee fa 
3 see ent on | 
Me aK A YRS Reet 

cp Aatauea en TL 2: ers 

pee dantae ng AL0 te Cn 
ee” SE NI OS e Ae na ers 
wrKZL a agp ALE LE ran sesver 
aaa epi Soke iia 
Ome Cian a EF 

ia Pas ee fA lar" 

Orn ce, Saray 
tage a aos va ee LO 

ai ie Boni i thas es peat Feo? Licht 

NARS nae get ALLE Sgr abet ntcoy ude Fear A LAs nda oN bEk tee. ce gia 

- -_ a ga 7 7 yo : + 
SSN > a ans << sh Te “NOON” aS nr» ¥> NS 
. sets “eee Oe ere oy “ete ta L 56 nee 
NGS. 6554 aN, SSA. NS ot he No ce 


SOS ah Se eX ee Ss a 
: COS ES SS. Lite AS eer 
ree saan en Sp Ss ae = 
TN ne eee Eee Oma i a 
See a 
ee BENG oe SSS Bs 2 oasis Bes yee 
aes De ny “~Sae Sy a a sped 
PAD Wiove. = ere os eo dla, 2 SS 

ms eae eee Soe 

a eee ae 

Lc itn A ela ech akc Bh cel nahh deny Sistas 


®  ssanuractunan oF 

fot mul Bouse Afonuncatorg and [etic opus of ull hinds, 

Ed{son’s Inventions—Phonographs, Telephones, Motographs, &., &. 


Age Cah, Orier 1937 

Bev LB ei Od eee 
nh ee ee ee ee 



School i Bins, snerchand 

Corner 4071 Srreer & dt Ave 

uc Yash, ae ah, do 7. >, 

meer, ee. Colt, 

a saeliey the ae SY 

 POBee, YOE 

Western: Usuirr Building! 
George’ Wer Mets : 
| CiwPrine NewYork, whan, 3° 1813 

} « % KS 

4a. ee es 
Fae_e_le, 4a. 

® chao! at § eines, Aaueunies College, 

Corner dOru Server G&G 4tn AVE: 

ap: $s. - gee px oA BP, 
payor | 

thd Le = nea G fon 
Cw Sa meee, : Fhajes j* tall 
parr en Mors 29h 
wend, teen Ms Of. whe “a ) Fhe, nite 
orth we, were Kinir- 0 abcd cf. 
Sched of ise en ee Le Ma. vie, 
ele do aR came 

Te pte } ee ee 
# ccs olose. es Aha Ber's ter, sae 

er ae rs 

= “Fa | 

Ly 20k Te- tee Take a Recall dec Be, ES ae 
hr he CrirceOLitics me atrauged sete a 

RE AB TH at. 0 96 

a ee ee 0 a ee ee ee 

~ Some sires garee eet eo! «emt chembesingnaman ahem Nat wenn Aer ap A Sag ns earneemnnsner wets. har nem dt tein ein Y aes] 
3 - wed as ene, ¥ 

Bie Cit iS St Rc A be a hk RN ical ai et te hota era aE a wd 




pegreme Wintel! Pret, 

its B tte eee A fice ne | 

BNE. denen ame thar oe se ae: 

Gain 532. set ap 
ees : eh ve faa eee, 

val FBG x As wie 

_TaanTe HOAUHS an 83-s0 : vet se oS 
AHOY Way, : . ; * poiaiia tf 
TIMI TM se5-o8s 

Simaioh8 2 re No ’ 
Cin lowe S- SS SON 

| wt 

MeO nth cee 

Bare at < es Ta Saa. ‘ais. AN RIAD | WS pee 3 
ae. See os Dp Oy, ‘e 
ie BINS SS as Sox : 

Dias, Bx, 

Sthool of Mines, Columbia Collene, 

+ Connen 40TH Srrrer G dtu AVENUF, =~ 

ee Youk,.. Maes wok £1179 

9 AM Ceen, Feud kM. Wt L lWmune. 

( the, Tete, aa oe ae se A bac fe 

oe PFs aug 

et ee St ATA 
ay i Cates. Fh. > . 

larch, Kheg [9 -18S 9 

Croll spon, bare the Keithroea, 

Which of he Fito wudlrnensle Yrs onnck, fbn of 

a bs Pr 2 

fagh Pel fate hen KER EE a ene 

belele, gael Nee 

preety amtircelil inn. Zhe. Tala eg. ids: 
Cg ee (ofa yp 


, . : ae Mar : 
— Ly fan 
fayte ee etal ef OE. 

, vo! ai) y 

%. Ne 

: ' 62-68 NEW chURCH STREET,.. 

; Cas : “a NEWYORK. 
220-292 KINZIE STREET, . ig : 


we-To provent Joss, pteat 

nake remitlances by Drarr, Post-Orriok Onn: 

in Regi 

oe G. Tillotson eo «< aed 

Manufacturers, Importors and Dealers in 

ben and { elaguagh ifehiner y and Sopp igs, 

Gar Upholetery and Trimmings of every desoription, 

Nos. 6 & 7 Dey St., (P.O. Box 1714.1 
In repiy to you 


| ON a SY) 

Oy ee ~ 62- “68 NEW cHURCH ‘STREET. ae hs 

chicago, "NEWYORK, 
82 KINZIE e 

| 72 Y, iin LL wea Ca oak fi Ai 
ies wl fe BLITE iy po 
¢ A Able te fe c= 4 e 
4 2 pets A fie ocr et tiga ¢ 
QAP YOGA fC e y 
a (Ltd (abet Akt! ant PIECE E 

~f Clivle O~E 

thle fe 

at Rhoct Bhim Y lop lane CO 



Mpee Le 


FG 7 
Nc York Divirions 
| Officeiaf’ Liperintinden Zz: r . 
NMve QW, Etienne bey, = 
| WMrertan Parr 7 
KV np Dns ¢ | 

: (CELA Fre ew » 7 

led A8 joncel at fret ratte 2£2 MOD) OPIS 
\ Aang ere ey eee Zhe LLL Ant ara 

OT es, 

: : c 

(A for $—~—_s 




tel and Jose prvi and let opts of all hinds, 

Halson’s fnvontions—Phonographs, Telephones, Motographs, &¢., &¢. 

ee ee 

4, Ob. Gok, Gor 10° 1879 

/} ; ~ * ae } 
J lal Hh Sp wg (eh © wa MA 
| ue? vrk a 

Bik it aie Baer tt 

ar hae wed elm A 
| a ak ‘ | 

we No, Tayo —_ 

ls Company ARAN SME n 
WE mpa wae TS and blyidbe hid messages onl ate on conditions, Umiling Ite ability, which have 

auder of the followiu, 
be gual aed gala pul by rey atin ce back 6 Bending Atation for enmparisan, and the Com- 
pan saad ual abate et ita Lin for _ or lays ina ant pom at tan 9 ret verre ‘of Warapented d Monan; te * 
NNEPEATED MESSAGE ent Me delivered Dy reavesd of the sen oder, zune th eeny 

ASR. ‘BREWER, Beo'y. 




_«, Western Union Telegraph Company, 

DOG Oey Gauss ie eo | 
fom dato A ed, a coo fo 
Mz Co Ge, eee, pen Be, Pye se se 
ty. beg, ee aan Refs ain "fro. Mees Joke ~ 
Sh peal Var. ; i NS ee an re eer ft . a i 
ro a hy silanes ie acces le 
Th Hoe TW & a, 7 

Biss ante 

Aon fb lg 
Gree Ont Zt Co. 

: Giz (2. dee yy, 

ions seh & Cla @ Elan 

sfosi atid coastel psig Bs iS, 

| Yo hee eo = on 

9 sa ALI 



fev the piclaiots eee: port : 
eae ap parntG , fer gH carkons, 
ei re -eack file m a | 
dimatt ae om 7 

Me emia hata w ming gies 

beta patee. 


ol ind Mock Teloraph Company, 


Speaking Jetepbones 



Builds, Leases and Matntains Private Te slephone and’ 
Le elegraph Lines, Supplies General and Commer- 
“celal News, by Printing Te elegraph Lustru- 

ements ; and farntshes through the 

exchants’ / ‘elepho e xchange 
Me elephone 

Immediate Connntetvation ‘with the Leading Bust- 
ness FLouses of New York, ; 
General Offices : ‘Western Union ‘Building, 
195 oa a 

; or wr ODRS: 
‘ Norvin GREEN, President. 
"James D. REID, Secretary. R. H. Rocwesrer; Treasurer, 

. — rou 

} Vice-Presidents. 

at DIRHOTORS:, ght 
Norvin Green," * George Walker. 
. H.McK, Twombly, i Samuel F. Barger, 
James H. Banker, iG Anson Stager, : 
Tracy R. Edson, Augustus Schell, 

George B, Prescott, ‘Wm. M, Bliss, 

SE ee 





The Loud-Spearking Telephone. 

The Latest Telephonic Invention. 

It reproduces the voice at the distant end of the line with 
astonishing clearness and strength. 

The transmitting Telephone (or that used by the person 
speaking), is the same as that heretofore used by this Com- 
pany, and known as the Edison Carbon Telephone. The 
receiving Telephone (or that which reproduces the voice), is 
the last great invention of 


It differs in principle and construction from all previous 
inventions of its kind. In other Telephones the volume of 
sound depends much upon the strength of the speaker's 
voice. This instrument relies upon the voice only for the 
quality of the sound, the loudness being dependent upon sim- 
ple mechanical power, which, by an ingenious device, is sup- 
plied at the receiving end of the line. ; 



Western Union Building. 



is TiO 

Lustrument giving the Greatest Satisfaction 





Of all the Telephones in general use, it is unsurpassed 
for clearness and loudness of articulation. Its power is 
derived from a battery, not from the voice itself, as is the case 
with all other forms. It is not necessary to shout into an Edi- 
son Carbon Telephone, and thus destroy the privacy of the 
conversation. The only rule is: “Speak clearly, and in an 
ordinary tone.” The great drawback heretofore experienced 
to the introduction of the Telephone, especially in the 
great cities, has been the disturbing influences of neighbor- 
ing telegraph wires, which, when in use, produce a rattling 
noise within the Telephone. This phenomenon, known as 
induction, is effectually overcome by using the Edison Tele- 
phone. Its power is so great that it can be operated‘with 
perfect success on lines where no other form of instrument 
can be used. Parties who have found the ordinary magneto 
telephone of insufficient power for their use, are requested to 
note the fact that the Edison Telephone has never failed to give 
complete satisfaction under the most disadvantageous cir- 


Affords instantaneous communication with: the lead- 
ing firms and business houses in New York. Each sub- 
scriber is connected by a special wire with the Central Office. 
His line is therefore always ready for use. By notifying the 
Central Office, he may be at once connected with any other 
subscriber in the system, and transact his business with the 
same facility as if face to face with the party he is addressing; 
his conversation being overheard by no other subscriber. 

The List of Subscribers already contains the 
names of 760 Prominent Parties and Firms. 

It embraces Merchants, Lawyers, Brokers, Bankers, 
Railroad and Steam Ship Companies, and the leading repre- 
sentatives of nearly every branch of business. It cannot fail 
therefore to be of inestimable value if not a necessity to busi- 
ness houses of every description. . 

For full particulars upply to the 



ara nF aE: 6 _ 






Printing Telegraph Instruments, 



On the most Favorable Terms. 

The low rates at which Private Telephone Lines are fur- 
nished by this Company, have tended greatly to increase the 

demand for them, It employs only the best experts to build 
its lines and inspect their daily working. It controls the most 
important telegraph routes in New York, Brvoklyn and Jersey 
City, and is prepared to furnish private communication across 
either or both rivers. 

Lor Estimates apply at the General Offices.of the Co., 


General and Commercial News Reports: | 

The Gold and Stock Telegraph Company, in connection with 
the Western Union Telegraph Company and with affiliated 

| foreign and local companies, is enabled to gather information 





of every nature from the most important points in the United 
States and Europe. This information is furnished without 
loss of time to Exchanges, Boards of Trade, and private par- 
ties, by means of 


eet rner) { 

Instruments may be had on short notice that will report 
the following classes of information : 

Quotations of Stocks. A 

y - “ Produce. 
f “ Cotton. 
i we “ Petroleum. 

Foreign and: Domestic Financial News. 
| General and Commercial News Reports, including 
' Sporting News, such as Horse Races, Boat and 
Yacht Races, Walking Matches, Base Ball and 
| other games. 

The time of day as obtained from the National Observ- 
atory at Washington is also furnished by means of 
electrical time indicators, in subscribers’ offices, 

For information apply to any Western Union Superin- 
tendent or Manager, or at the General Offices of the Com- 

pany, Western Unior Building. | 

(For the Use of General Agents in Ordering Telephones.) 

| ‘ caste eather Semen 

Gold and Stock Telegraph Co. 

New York Telephone Catalogue. 

JAN. 1, 18°79. 

ARM TRANSMITTER AND BELL CaLL, Needs about threo cells gravity battery at each 
offtce for line of four or five miles; has fork for one hand or crown tolephone, with 
automatic switch. Bell magnet, 60 ohms. Calls worked by tnttory. 

4 : . 


‘ STATIONARY BEVEL TRANSMITTER AND BELL.CALL, Mas forks for two hand or crown 

telephones; switches all automatic except lightning cut-off; uses about three cells 
| gravity battery for line of fouror five miles. Bell magnets, 50 ohms. Calls worked 

by battery. 


} . ANM TRANSMITTER AND SOUNDER CALL. Hn fork for ono hand or crow telophone, 

: with automatic switch. Sounder magnets, 100 ohms. Nevds about three cells gravity . 

} e battery at ench offico for Mune of four or five miles. Calls worked by battery. (No C 
i moro of this style made now.) 



ARM TRANSMITTER AND REPEATING SOUNDER. Sumo as style No, 25, excopt that tho 
soundor has repeating poluts for oxtra local and boll, (No moro of this stylo mado 

! ; nt Morgo sot or othor monus of calling are available, Has two extra binding posts for 

a 7 Ee the calling instrument to loop from. 

i : ARM TRANSMITTER, AND WITHOUT. SWITCH OI CALL. No arrestors. To bo used in 
Central Office for awitohing into branch lines, to listen for messages. Ins fork for ono 
hand or crown telephono, . : if 

ee = a ct ee ee eee ne erm e ee cence ne Neeru rs meme ec ome meee ne cae ee arco cama: 


STYLE NO, 12. 

STYLE NO. 33. 

STYLE NO. 34. 

STYLE NO. 29. 

STYLE NO. 21. 

STYLE NO. 27. 

STYLE NO. 16. 

STYLE NO. 18. 

‘STYLE NO. 20, 



but has forks for two hand or crown tolophones, 

AUM TRANSMITTER AND BELL CALL. Has fork for one hand or crown telophone, and | 
switch to tir when ubing telophones, Bell magnets, 10 ohms, worked by calling 
battery at Central Oflce. 

STATIONARY BEVEL TRANSMITTER AND BELL CALI. Has forks for two hand or crown 
telephones, Hus uo switches to turn; all are antomatic. Bell magnots, 10 ohne 
worked by calling battery at Central Office, 

airren. Has magneto calling apparatus good for seventy-flve miles, Fork for one 
hand or crown telephone, Needs only ono or two cells focal gravity Lattery for the 
transmitting apparatus. . 

apparatus good for seventy-five miles, Needs one or tivo colls local gravity battery 
for transmitting apparatus. 

ALM THANSMITTER. Same as No. 29, xcept that magneto enlllng apparatus is good 
for five er six miles, Some of thom will work up to eight or ten miles, 

PHONE INSIDE AND HAND TRANSMITTER ON CORD, No hand telephono is used with-this 
sot, tho box telophone being used 18 a recoiver. Needs one orjtwo colls local gravity 
battery for tho transmitting apparatus, Call good for five or six miles. 

apparatus good for seventy-five miles.) : 

copt that the mugnoto call is gout for five or six miles, Somozof thom will work on 
longer lines, , 

Magneto cull will work seventy-Ave miles. Very good whore thoro fs nob much in-. 
duction from other wires, 

copt that the magneto call is goo for five orsix miles only. Somo will work on longer 

AND FORKS FOR TWO HAND TELEPHONES. For use as calls when hand or crown tolo- 
phones aro used ns transmitters and receivers. Will call soventy-fivo miles, No bat. 
tory required, (Single switch call-box,) - 

D . 

FORKS FOR TWO MAND TELEPHONES, Same as No, 10, oxcopt that tho switch is worked 
hy hand instead of boing automatic. (Double switch call-box.) 

which is now obsolete, : 

AND FORKS FOR TWO TELEPHONES. For ueo na calla when hand or crown telephones 
are used as transmitters and reccivers, No battery needed. Call will work about 

fivo or six miles. 

An old style now obsolete. : 

rious sets, - 

- rious sets. : 

to hang against a wall or box. 

STYLE NO. 15. PIELPS’ CARBON TRANSMITTER. witit iron HANDLE, to attach to sots with a cord, 

STYLE NO. 17. PHELPS’ BEVEL CARBON TRANSMITTER. to arracit To his box sets, 

“STYLE NO, 13. BERGMANN’S BEVEL CARBON TRANSMITTER. 7o arractt to his box sets, 

: STYLE NO, 19. 



: 6 





uA 2 
-PHELPS' SIORT LINE MAGNETO-EDISON SET, wit Box TeLertony axb [ann ‘TRaNnsMitTEt 

Aas “e (oP et rep ee eae 
PHELPS’ DUPLEX TELEPHONE ........se0e cence sens cent ceneer ence teeeee tence ee enne cone coon eeeeen 

BERGMANN'S BATTERY-EDISON SET FoR PRIVATE WIRES 0.00.0 ccce cece sevecescccces cs cesseces, 
PHELPS’ CROWN TELEPHONE ....... Oe nemeracercccceewesecneneccees arene secccseees ves Perrerrr ery 

PHELPS’ DOUBLE CROWN TELEPHONE. ,..... 2.2.0. cceeee ee cece cece cone cece 

PHELPS’ SHORT LINE MAGNETO CALL-BOX, OCTAGON CASL..... 2.2.2... cece cccees coccererseeeee. 

PHELPS’ LONG LINE MAGNETO CALL-BOX, IN OCTAGON CASE. (S. 8.)...-- 2. eee seer ee ee ee cnee 
PHELPS’ LONG LINE MAGNETO CALL-BOX, IN OCTAGON CASE. (D. S.)......00.. scenes cone ceee 

BERGMANN’S BATTERY-EDISON SET, FOR CENTRAL OFFICES... .. 02-2 cc ee ence erence eens, 

BERGMANN’S BEVEL CARBON TRANSMITTER, ......-20. 20 ceeees ce cece cone cece ence cone cecreseeees 


PHELPS’ BEVEL CARBON TRANSMITTER... ....2.--0+e0-+ee cece eeenes cree te eece ee cote sc ee eeeesens 
PHELPS’, LONG LINE MAGNETO-EDISON SET, wirn Box ‘Tuturuone anp Hany TransMitren.... 

Hy 5 

Porrer er er eee rere ee Sree eee tee eee eee Teeter eer reer ee eee Tere rere tere rere Tere ee eer ett eter ere rere rey 

PHELPS’ CARBON TRANSMITTER, TO FIT JOINTED ARM.........--.ceeeet cescee cece cceeceeeeree, 

PHELPS! SHORT LINE MAGNETO-EDISON SET, IN OCTAGON CASE .......fe2.. eee ee ce ceeeee ces 


PHELPS’ LONG LINE MAGNETO-EDISON SET, IN OCTAGON CASE........00.0000 ce peceereecneees 


. % é 

2th Tos 


1879. Telephone - Carbon Button Orders (D-79-038) [not filmed] 

This folder contains correspondence, account sheets, orders, and other 
routine documents relating to the carbon buttons used in Edison's telephones. The 
buttons were made at the Menlo Park laboratory and were supplied to the Western 
Electric Manufacturing Company and to S. Bergmann, the firms that were 
manufacturing the telephones. Some buttons were also sent to the Gold and Stock 
Telegraph Company, which leased Edison's telephone in the United States and 

1879. Telephone - Foreign - Genera! (D-79-039) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
marketing of the telephone in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Included also are agreements with the Gold and Stock Telegraph Company and with 
Jose D. Husbands, Edison's agent in Chile. 

All the documents have been filmed. 

@ be At ome Diporony ae Tone Get, of Mocs tat oi 
Ban 6 ee lB SI SS aaa 

eee rae 

Bi ik cue UR een Sa tc hoc Dd Aa Sinai 1S 9 

Vance ecg 

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wd So - 
QR te Gm OL VA 

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ous ae 

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Sek 0 Y pcaeelron 

ce one 

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oun hfe \ ecg theed av 
ALS peta ating. 
mapeenr eA Yew 
ae Movin 
Daas cacti ee 

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cone flag nt Tee Sacer en te 

sit animapal meds This Twn; forse cay of 

“| Soman gd rom Arianna mot pomerntiy wine ly ond holitens 
WThemas. A Gaisew of Manlo Park, Nrisadlaser cow; Wurm — 
- | Soy pony of the fat pont ama the Alafor amet ek | 

| Telageanh Gonpomy  carfasrediin arganuyed wmder The | 
[dou of the Atari, of Yew Yor Leeatia one chewy bubinians 


ase, oh | daninouss af, aequling ade: the ng Title. oma unkinest of 

tote Sou provi ofthe, fuk. Souk oaths . wibfuie the Newwonion of Gain, 
| quite bol. Herr amok waphovenvants tx ating Slog 
os pe eae ee ara ey husifTir ve grant 

a i, poy of the fia pant onay ogress ty execute, oma 
J[.dotimor to he portiy of the baer fant ran aun | 

a ruff cekon- OAR GMMR 20K as ome BU party of | 

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Wherans ia a of ihe fol pau ow irmenitil 

| | exitaun iapranevnents wn bpeakuyg Jelonhonss fox wutuely 
; 4a Putin of the Wenmniun of Lomass vurnrerat FOX 

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[and sanemtiy tana oLuly granted to fond ama luhdrens 

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wna ie Goad, 
| ae pay wharesf the portiy Aight hecovia 
[ hawk commons oma agrees os follews | | 
| Turk. To fray oft fees, changer, munich exfunnbes of enon 
| chonwetan whotssevor whieh shell be vecrdary KF joeue, amd | 
mom ony Lattin» Colin of the Newnan of Comoe 
| forsaftor 26 he granitio for tho. javuemkions of THE joviry oe 
| fuse pork natating ee Jasafuh eves. 
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| ke Kha pag wisilitons of hectuow XXVIN of the Palate ac of 18]. 
| Thuw. 5 make, full ond Prue patios (during Ake : 
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Vib duly authorized noprsont ative on the fake dao of 5 
| Sacenvulrer im cach wear of alt nats of Heating delephenaes 
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Frome tha righ; chor vy Aurnaetf or Sud attorney, b pxonmanes 
amy ana alt of “the Woks of aeeunt- of doi ftovity of Ula 
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© | Cali me Ravel woven mb Te fully eomrty wil the 
poisiens of huetan, ALIX of the Catarwle nck of NPD. 
binthe, To wreuke amd ativan to the pranby | 
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oben wiki. _ 
“_ , na 0 Elum 

7 The Gate ad biter Telegraph ompany 
Bh Qy eee fe te . 
hg eis MLS La 


Sd bee A teat Peck 
ee a | | 2 

{ : 
tw. a1 ; 

‘ G. WALKER, Vice-Pres, 
fi : - 3 P.O, Box 4195. New York,...... jAt Anette 
K e ' 
‘ 5 Walon 

Cu er eh ta 
| ~ Pee eee 
: (Oa GAR ee 
| | (Kae SDH, 


Tiny 24 74 

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CL... i emai fo Cyankial 

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ad en 

Gul, AE Lock: Tele clerpeaph ne 

 POBw, UNE. 
cree te i. Chae Le Buitin Go 

George Vhatheu: 
anit New Yorks... Macha” 7879 
Weel Toh 

Pn ae ee bch 
ea foto fe Gere 
Sag as rttled- “fb-Theerinver © eet EL 
een Hy Sal same 


| % ert sory 


_ [engne, the gl, tnt proline Aagh AF pete, Akt . 

Whereas, inn it $f Donan’ I 
ee sree daly pravtek to Herma, A Coser 
of Prevts Crt, Asi Borne, o Bey 

Oateber AD 1977 an) funbersl POLE. ante s| 
ata coe apegits ee, iain Cofarn, ther 
Tané Me ee spa on ob abot 

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pant Homan Alison, Kis trssectors, adonensiabtalltry and 

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Wes ledge LE Ae lilinyy, ‘ 
Z yA : Oe. 
George’ Wathen: 

ae NewYork: wllagc IA. c 151G, 


Ulerh—Th Weeds ro ae) lg 
FRA wands AES a fest 
ee Lee | 

fn hi fi t 6A", 

ce a = - iMac. Mais, Y = , FRANKLIN _ OARTEN 
Manu and Denle sory Nesoriptlon ot 

LKuload ani holpaph Files, 

No. 114 South Second Streéy¥, 

eae Sa 

Lila a 

Sa RW Sy 
1? y - LESS 
2 pe — 
ga a eae a OL Mo acca) OS me ee Jf fee 

Fe OS as ar a a is brn 
: PENG SN RE ap OE hye we by 
Coe ov tory is ry 

wt Ara3x-70 27D AZ : pov Popa. 
| . ]Gitea eee 

avy em | 

etal fe 

13 BARCLAY Street, - New-York, Mexico, Peru anp Cin, ARMERIA AMERICANA, 
P. O. Box 3112, 7 BN ar 18 DE PLATEROS, No, 5, 
New-York. Roms and ¢Ammunition, 

ars, sae, | 
bes wes. Aes York EA LAA D2 V2 



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Cwey cece res | 

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HH ELDRED) Obese Yo ie <ed- v Sere ere 1 ii 

| Fe penitnace pee els oe 
ction Gecdhenge te Vadparvee & Sealing 

one: — ie 


a ae ee eieueeniee seemeeemmmenmen 

oo \ +) yards, we 
Office of : { if 
Gifford & Beach, 
P.O. Box 113 

ey aie \ ro} 
i oe fe G. LL, ow eG At Onl 
a ; f i 

New euor is macy ‘a res 187 BA a ett hon, cL, Pe Cr ALAA 

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aa eal ow; fF ¢ ss ee a Recs hd 

Gun Conk os dae G we 




é Manufaoturers nul Denters tn every Deroription of - 
| a bd Galegraph Fifples, 

~114 South Second Stre 

18 ottLufel fe ZEAE 

FG ME yp 



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wd larg aa “7 Fanpocs 

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Now oe secon ofrtey Cp tLes : 

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: Mexia ce oH e dard Nieglgus ae: Cerny, 
te An WRIA, harndraen 4, Cuties bios produch, 

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froed 5, aes (OS Dromee ma A age at ah Revenet 

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GO Te CS ar ae ha bese Now pha jay ets 
Adin Nn Yarewe tie, tn Hor, me 
fradinn) eae oe on ees te 
‘arhet Ay Crue Ges earee 

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"Can ee i Nigahs Agieed Se 

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Mp, Cale 

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ple a Chee Wack. Sid cep ge Bs ls Encl 
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Le Aref oe dp Wie, te aig, op. 
| Nees irre bee eed by 
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pre i ee ree oe Wi Witwra pices, ( “Pope, | 
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oo aaa he Wotlle Greer 42.490: Laine: G ae 

é ary all rights (com ee a Se its pes 
the fokind Vey Or bea Regen ate 

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ale if FAS pepe jth os aes Cy heey. 
7 Rf by fT eng re Foghat of ace 
ae! aN te Tl pobome. CROs Uae herd Made or ly 
P.O G ae t. 
Le SS nee eas — ak locum an ee Ua ee eee 
: Se Re i NS Pe eee ie On Ur bark ee ls, 
: 3 
ite \ Plo or EAs is f-4 pone He Cae eres 
AS ¢ p \ ok xe) Here ak i cane eee ooo Uo Wa) 
| Ba eNg RINE 
: rt a Alb oh ee: pare X 
: 5 pt A Aigo be ae 61 et; ft Mak : . 
&. ¢ - 
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eos fees 
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Q if ra vee, eo cc & et Pea ae 
1A] A EPO er OE een 
pote ve eae ae [cm eee ahs nee, 
aH ' hii gs srr . OR UP, ae 
Sof a a em OE com dCi OF CALL Maes 
‘e . tufen ath bee <7) 7 i. Gr AO 
iB ivaen nnd ARE pe ig €o Ruck 
0, Got get ee eee ke f L fee 
v eae Apt Loss (f. “o-e-) eo Crm rng 
- Breen 5 oe see € Ao ‘es ew Chics. : 


" fe MACE - Gh alee ra ae saree (>) 
“Ss WA wr o~ hcg han OF io ns OF a 
rf hecent Lap (* 1S yoo) Aux 00 nea 
bE ye cake ee ee 
‘ Oe ocr Oy tas Mee OR or an eS" se) be 
Shana Ape o As» Qiaeds: taly: Sis yen ae 
Le Wee bce: BRE eae aS. 
a be fom the tard Mnebate thee 
Ge Psat. Mats Helfer Crates I. tether 
i Corto Me Pree we cebaside 3 bod ae b dieesitis 

. Naw ¥ aap, Gor oe Ce. 

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nid pay: Card oP een far vias tey ao 

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He Mtot ool of Stk damncan! og ofl bee 

Tle A Ecutors Eng» PROM Geo KE Gouraun. 

ot Monte Sand 6 LOMBARBR,STBEET EC. 
a Chee ¢ ereoy- | E. QML ON NE ee OND: ae 
LP tes dgietees Pome Oy AMhorneg gece 
Feley Lr METT, Z OT Fee IT hg 
2c Chee eee eb feces 

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Je FE See ees a Ep het Gren d. AT Per) -G 
HA a ean oa Shey -corctH tAa~ o-CAZA, Dp cote 
LenL--- cd far cath ne lo 
Lot. , Achor as rch er Aete LER 
— — aro eteeulEeKH ee Sets ee 

os a aterhy ee ene £0 _t/eor 
tee Goel os 

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Bie the Feadeh Cnerccar sokems’, "ad as Sari You- 
DIP Betis, 3 Lhe et lroeve fru 4 pouTak 
dealers on, thea eh, ho all fersiok- money to Pty 
HM, duane Le core ont with a0 en Sencar - 26K 
Shur dale corte cul me ¥ cl wile al inconvenience 
Your. Kam tryung te arrange a law by wheek by 
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arrange Xo ajo entre oka fachin . Dl ofale hy 7% 
anrauge Te me ee fhe, P Att, acts! Oloxke atl Beer lg - He. 
lirmeng at 27 » Arooe CLG ah, eee on eee C 

gts. Yours ray Fak 

a cS ae Se aon PROM oe - 
Geo EK GourRAup oe 
foenty Rak, 6 ZOMBARD STREET. £6. 
Oe SG at Z HEAT cao ash 

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H. H. ELORED, iw Yath,. aos iia GAL A BID 

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Mels Park, — 
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“Tr the. Chwehk — fi 

J. W. WEXEL, , 
* 13 Baxctay STREET, : 


P, Ou Box gir2, 18 DE PLATEROS, No. 5y 

hte ree |; Ree 
pes Arms ‘and ¢Ammunition, ¥ 


Amo York, B27 188 




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Lown G Lrotthora 

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al Oe eee 

T. A..EDISON. aed ; 

bor liming Sieghic Jil 

General Manager. 

P. 0. Box £061. 

duplea&. copie g agreement wilh. Wx PMorgenw 
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mrutack’ yor ate ki parts anelrcaen'g 777m Mean bands 
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(baie (riweLiiig decd orn ees! eee hikeas ca eve, weds 

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weep iin tc 2G 7. nee i i 

SO : 

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gers Wa Morice Dice eee ae Ponce 

ne tos, Soe: pie ioe’ Aol 

| Pilitinsis Que sap om 


Pant fart of Aer? T 

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Cun Liat on OAT a mi Sicer wi 
Miss Aotlhats Y eile, Pee ety 

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Lerivo, for Cee eyes 

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a lath, wees tee ht ENS oS. ge ie ‘ 

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hear Jar Eva 
Graien 2072 - “7 
| haere pied yee: spas ico 

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CEE ae —. 
‘| ae Qed s2eesc>. A 

fb = cl Pape oe 
yg ak 

JaMes M. ORMES, 

apna £ WATIO HON® Co Ne. 95 Milk Street, 
Vay W. Vay N.Cy S.C Gandla, Ha, TO SOUTHERN AGENCY, } ee 

D. 1, Carson, See'y. 

~s ichmond, Ya, Qwest wee, ) g 

(oe Va bhatt eet So ee ne, , 
Heaarae ee Crier 
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OA wie boo Wess of wun Mong ale Cees teeew fies, Me. Peter reel — 
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Wee tive ate Ue, Prity herve front WE fire, : Lou yslheelg 

W vorveld; cw te 

SO, lovucerla ho 

T. A. EDISON. - 
ay MS NN 
‘ 5 vy 


Menlo Park, N. J. thee 0g 9 

Kircevied) frome bore ci Edam 

I fre eres 

ee Waster Unr0w TELEGRAPH Co, 


General Best 
P. 0. Bow £061 bee Ye th,. oti 

e ae, danbwinbly 
———- saree %y.. 
she iE or nical the 

a hth tau th ee a 

mL arnt et tee oe — 

Reeth stakes = tee 

1 foc tape ll) Lan Peeps nf pel ; 
as forssonaids et ee eee ee 


Y Menlo Park, N. J., wnenertnne LE 


LAK; VP Pat LU! 9 la decwie | 

pow bath far ye yee 

CALA Lace ae Pee LA 

- ges . 7 . CO ' 
pete “a Ge oe : ae LEI yee 

fees ae at ee La put ee 

a Mae ee a Pe ss ve a “|| 

¢ Laif waa LL, : 
Garret - S 2 
Wirae ? hee ‘beeort 


SI Mall 
‘ Mise Gpiks 

- : ( yore ‘ 
(wait Dep Ute AP Yoel oy a Cag f Ces af 
suntan Ty Orf$—Ure wer Rass “6, 
(ARG ets atl h cenap lag Lore teen eae (oce 
tobe ‘Ue, BS yous Oude Ual Che I 
vl Germ be a. tb COYapan go anenqen ly 
Annanele ear ctl Lhe & Nee a 

Ee aed rates 
forr ae for lin pete 
but lila fiverce 
ee eee Ugly : Bohonlt 
ete ery Alles papi, 


Cor ieee 

1879. Telephone - Foreign - Europe (D-79-040) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, reports, incorporation 
papers, corporate minutes, and other documents relating to the business of the 
Edison Telephone Company of Europe, Ltd., a patent-holding company that was 
incorporated in New York in 1879, and the Societe du Telephone Edison, a French- 
based company that was organized on January 1, 1879. Many of the documents 
concern attempts to consolidate three competing French companies: the Societe 
du Telephone Edison, the Societe du Telephone Gower, and the Soulerin Company. 
Much of the correspondence is by Theodore Puskas, Edison's agent for Continental 
Europe, and by Joshua F. Bailey, the European representative of the Western 
Electric Manufacturing Company. Related material can be found in the Edison 
Telephone Company of Europe, Ltd. Minute Book (Company Records Series). 

All the documents have been filmed except for duplicate copies of 

Lhn vealony 

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Mul bnl co 


Jonsany —b. Mh 

-- FRO Ov. | 

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Bee bz 7D. 

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“ EDISON'S Wes wand 


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GEO Met DS. 


LE Baten” | 
ax Ae ] be mvkel Street. 

THEO: Puskas fz tLe Pracnked 
ie 2 vA Lf 2 
pe ee, CY 

Jay atear Farrow, 

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talk have pafloron Sj ak loin 
Acre et Mle) te Chee ee ee san ES, Se 
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Py Lhe Sitints , a 7 

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corLng te haan thd wppoorced fod Chiron cong OE 
panplrverrent, Mat levels tH Lae AL pe Bie 
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Baad oe Ab emerw Jur aed Lhe latent: Haken “cen f— 
ey ie, > Aer Ace at AB Grancuniaactle | 
ces cohakerer ker case Se ae amie thal 

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a. , of whee oY pave aeted LA Soar: a 
Lek Adve a eafy, ye DS subrthe 
Lihe wll frrwar? "you & Meee — 
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Loe Linc oe Goome: “ 
- Chas, we ee ae 

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0 earn agy, a plete eerie 
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Lae’ Z. eS Lee vas alee, Laks am - 
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“Bipatee Satin ey aed 2 figs ; oe 88 

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THEO: Puskas 
DS Bee 
hea Li crete? } 


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This Agreement made this POOH PAAAER 
day of April, 1879, by and between Thomas Ae Edison of 
Menlo Park, in the State of New Jersey; Samuel S. White, 
of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania; Theodore 
Puskas, of 45 Avenue de 1’ Opera, Paris, France, and Josh- 
ua FPF. Bailey, of 45 Avenue de 1’ Opera, raris, France, 
parties of the first part, and, feces MO. PBaustee” 

af the 65 of Vee York“ 

of the second part, witnesseth;: 

Whereas the parties of the first part, col- 
lectively, own or control the use in the following coun- 
tries ef Furope, to wit: Helgium, Austria, Denmark, Ger- 
many, Russia, Ttaly and Spain, of certain inventions of 
Thomas A. Bdison, George M, Phelps, Elisha Gray, end Fred- 
erick K. Fiteh, in or relating to Speaking Telephones, 
and of letters p-tent which have been or may be granted 
in said several countries, or any of them, for such in- 
ventions, or for any other further improvements or addi- 
tions thereto, or further inventions of the like character, 
which may be made within five years from the date hereor. 

And whereas thepartics of the second part de~- 
sire to acquir? an’ interest in all the rights of said sev- 

: eral parties of the first part collectively in such inven- 
tions and letters petent aforesaid, and the pérties of the 
first part are willing to sell and convey to trewe 
such interest in consideration of the agreements on their 

Part as herein set forth. 

Now in consideration of the premises and of 
the mutual agreements of the carties hereto as herein set 
forth, they agree with each other as follows; 

i First: The parties of the first part agree 
to sell, convey and secure to thejutriies of the second part, 
by instruments good and sufficient in the law of the sev= 
eral countries above named, for the sum of twelve thousand 
dollars, one undivided sixth part of all the right, title 
vo and: intere'st of all-and-eachof ‘them in each of ‘the’ coun" 
tries above named, in all the inventions of said Edison, 
Phelps, Gray, and Fitch, which they now own or control ; 
‘and ‘in all additions to or improvements of said inventions: 
and in all further inventions of said Edison and others © 
above named of the like character which they may acquire 
within five years from the date hereof, and in all letters 
patent for any of such inventions, improvements or addi-~- 

ae ee eee re 

ine ea vind tae Poe bi REEL 

Sins cid edtaininicih basin bb tsalis 


And the parties of the first pert agree that 
all or any part of said sum cf twelve thousand dollars 

which may be paid by thepaklus of the second part, shall 

be applied to the procuring of, and bringing into use, as 
soon as possible, by sale or other most advantageous mode, 
the inventions end patents aforesaid in the said countries 
of Europe. 

Second: Thepartiesof the second part agree to 
pay, for application in telgium and Austria to the uses set 
forth in the first clause hereof, the sum ofsixthousand(Go0)dollars 
of the twelve thousand dollars above named; ccd Co poy 

Zrvo tHrowtrancl l0<Love of Lotd Ste thoceaud. 
Ore fhe 2eaukionw of thus agricul, aud th 
AG Lerctusng Four Motdand collar ete b44-m 
JED eno) fieneh bee i Op 
fF €aele SAO Of cleuye Jrocn Fhe até. Or Cees 
Otek PU? 

Third: Tt is mutually agreed that if the said 
frarveGics of the second part, after paying said JX ¥owau 
clollove shall elect not to pay the residue of said tuelve 
thousand dollars, mentioned in the first clause hereof, 
on notice after payment of said Ay Wiowsaud dela” elect (and option to this effect is hereby expressly 
| reserved to theparliesof the second part)-~ then thepartics u 
of the second pert shéll be entitled to an undividedJ«yla. — 
| —~ interest in the inventions and patents aforesaid in and 
| for the countries of Belgium and Austria only-- and upon 
p-yment of said Jax pfreoudcouwd cloClacn 
as above provided, the parties of the first part agree to 
Sell, assign and secure to the ~yeacticew” of the second 
part, by good and sufficient instruments as aforesaid, one 
| undivided er/k park of all the right, title and interest 
of all and each of them in the said inventions and patents 
in and for Belgium and Austria. 

Fourth: The parties to this agreement agree 
to form together a corporation under the act of the state 
cf New York, entitled “An Act to provide for the organi~ 
“Zation of certain business corporations,” being Chayter 
Gll, of the Laws of 1875, and that such corporation shall 
be such “Limited liability company” as is provided by 
the thirty third section of that Act, witha capital of 
one hundred thousand dollars, divided into one thousand 
shares of One hundred dollars each; that shares to the 
amount of seventy two thousand. dollars of the Capital shall 
be issued as full paid stock in payment of the patents of 
the parties of the first part hereto in the European Coun-: 
tries named in the preamble hereof, and the rest of the 
capital shall remain in the Treasury of the company, and 
Subject to its control. 

Fifth: The seven hundred and twenty shares 
issued in payment for ReLenee shall be distributéd as fol~ 

To Thomas A. Edison, and to Theodore Puskas, 

re carr Aurtus : 
te evened fay J0intly, three hundred and sixty shares; to Samuel S, 
oShite, one hundred and twenty shares; ‘to Joshua Fy.’ Reiley 

ie Resa are 
ie La —one Hadaned and twenty shares; and +6 M4 fULHEs of 
ia thy Gace fiay Pl econ fied, Oreck Sere cle Aace » Keucele, a eld 
Couush Mba net Leaf”. cg Seon gee 

vp ih gs SO ee ef hela 

sarin eee oo attearce ema 
but Mlaileg AG 

a Si The agreements of the parties hereto 
thts ten, pee shall bind, and enure to the benefit respectively, of their 
bur af they ree respective exeuutors, administrators, and assigns. - 

oir be 

ae hn te, Tn witness whereof the parties hereto have 
Gute. ® hereunto set their hands end seals the day and year first 

above written. 

Tn presence of Te. a &a n° Dg 

AF tans 

On this a eee bef ore me 
personally appeared a Ex Z 


AWE, 9 ne BD nes ACH Ban iy 

to me known, and known to be the persons described in, and 
who executed the foregoing agreement, and they severally 
acknowledged to me that they executed the Same. ; 

Dp nb wndevatscd by cee hs farrtes 

WD the cnthX arbnerd oS heey Henetiy, Qevercelly 

Agen bhort-ar as prart therec ff Wav ore Hh” farmialer= 

i oH hi, C nf-eracor > worl Grr coveted for tleeg COele | 

b eliutuey Ctttd Cede pe O- AL Hie Ntofeeins antecer | 
by Hew Qarig of the eetosnd Goart! nunSer the, setts 

: ayucecwceceH, he ahrnrrg «CECH By Hee £ 
Meee es or er LE 


Be pt ere sheet un. Arsene Senet isi testa vol Ay / I~ Moc maton, 

Lipo iese PF a2 Gun tiew 

Maks faxfe pr } Bfrl te. o¢ s 

Siete omg ems Pan Te ne 


Fl. eee ae ts Rete <a | 
eee 0 hen fe 


1 Siieiiees PO ee Sew wom ees 2 

, t » Ww grret 
aa a 
| Reem ebh’ Mee 

Cun, Cefevree’s 

tr Urot Errcl o 

hesond Eoson U 
ond fa ITS a tng ca , 

4 cae aaa ion Ure grant +a 
pcp sars arate 1 I oa 
Channa | eh ce ee bE dace rt 
ee. ats a a aoa 

Te eee Ace by grees Ba) 

ae lige | nang 

qe we Corn oe ipl 

ea rens 

Me ale 

Sage wleciee on Che ppm 
Popa a : 


UReren a2. ay 

cate asa! 

pool 5 a 6 ae 

he ot Oe, - ae CECE Oe Kener tne AR EE, Se awd ee oS 



iar | ae Poe ee i Neer heredy’ Gas 
od erate or cae 
om wee) pera nny aon ie 7 

vwnkhe. the pee ton ie ae 

Ree dain Fo 

ac Ack cia ie 

—- a. mo He ETE. 

i ae 
Mag : ae 

Gin so 

rant Are Sal cae Kowk 


Be an Ze y a le, 
ee eee 7) ts I, Cedlitor 
Mole /%; Ve eZ he hile oD fu Cy » Wehr 

? tue, a tihzin ancl rewitlnd of VA, ye oe 
Mie & bie tote b; shimucl ed. Male; 

hed In Pho Ge Y Pandy Lamia, / Bi of be Zs 

Ld odth Lb at 

| Sat oe yi both anol jee Nea ile 

ne anol! jualig y va tity, anol | Mhle of Mar 

Lh vt at hereby certify the wt tevtivae Ir Vigo 

|a aes U4 “pele "hy preriatived sia ae. 



1g ee 24 LA rein 

ge “Wee Aegiha laze: ae, files Ble Eg fit ¢ Lip | be. 
bed Se be Ries doe te irganicall aul 
|neg quubatives ceyLate Sn ae Shamus ceed 
nent “ond Ihe aol: 2 addin beret a 
rams 19 9, re certiraltin be fe 

el AL L079 ey ra Lipo 

vided 5 dem 58% cosh fact act cL 
| Lt015, and’ actrrdinaly, ib Juwowanee « Je 
ee os Yee ieee apiresiaid, minal 
Pale ay LA vOUL, ya Siarapn 
Le — Abe ae 
oe sor fol LUE hetued 
fron ly to en a, 

‘eg feainets are a Ms inthe Coa 
| Marae and L frrecurilg B Neel ink ia 

| bead hak Ure; lwwtnliiny fn or wie 


er i 
nr bbbonse; hie 4 ess wna oobning ¥ j 
hh hatint aa Vie ee a) ia Se 

Jnvstaclints vA ecllig oa i fe Y bllirs Fe ae I~ 
” LP yaa Lt? 
Iv! inirtoke: Zi Fiarete y LA ee ee lb Mee tte Micate Wo lBtad! 

t comeree Thine &, andl’ «deg (0 ae Vinay oa ie. lee wie 
eed ae bt traieleelas” fo i biol Ve Kae cheey 
|  thudl We Avoalile rt gat Suctriee! ae le lay xe 

| ‘, 
porperaiths Uy thn’ yale oe ale yt Tica tennis, an 

sefeaiell ey 

The: Cisy, wel woe oe Spe bol 

: VY 

| Fired. we. Canilar nee: ii B Brattice, Bi + 

esis ied ratlrea — Visited Hellas 
i ibe Te wee es Chae Z, tisk orn 
ee, ited ab wha whist a nl) Meweand ie 

| J / 4 Re: 
Vi ye rebut GD Iumobrle ded eiore bath. 

Ly ies Hebb ai 
Lah nb bneng Bhi 

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Mgendy sa game eee aS 7 i 

eae tp Y blew. — sdomuel sh MELE 

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Non fep see oM oe ite fe 

a & bani ”, Mir ihe LS 

: / é G, thea leur Any 
| ad in tho gear if ihe tnt fared, 
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e Fiestttd’ #. ’ Coliowee! Ws het L. bi Ui ieeg 

ed (he Mbt L hbag 4 band fl 


uutkeye Beal! oe I b/ é, Ficlichews L be — 
ey ay jw ana’ wher Luton lea, hie we Ge Cb pe 
ve ee | hh eal Ka ale: Ludi th pl / 7 

anol! haybt’ LY ideo dy, Vb, same # a 
tte Yelrally / abex CXL! “ae 

ey tore wy, My ana Cpe 

beta ad Hb ttt) tin” Zi 

Vow Aottpoleoned.. 

en tag tle 5; Be 



y ee 
dit f Liyl Liste; toed iat eescpa tle, ee 







@ ow 

Aud it is further hereby Certified, rat upon the filing of 
said, Certificate, of which the foregoing is a true and correct copy, on the 

herd. MOY Of om hontakcbhc 18 7, as aforesaid, a license 
was issued by the Secretary A State, pursuant to said act to the... AA dds 

persons named in and who made and acknowledged said certificate, 
empowering them as commissioners, to open books for subscriptions to the 
Capital Stock of said proposed corporation, at such times and pluces as they 
' might determine. 

Aufl a verified record of the proceedings of said commissioners, having 
this..GACUAALUML K.. day pe: ~LEBD, been filed in the office 
of the Secretary of State, containing a copy of tive subscription list to the 
Capital Stock of said proposed corporation, together with a copy of the 
By-Laws jor said proposed corporation, adopted by the subscribers to said 

Capital mio at w meeting of said subscribers held ut... at Qe. es LE lh A, am, 
Markthentne..tdee... Eby of Deal gach. 

on the... Cul Phar y Wess Aad L899, pursuant to the 
provisions of said act, as appears fu OTL a bd. verified record aforesaid, at 
which subscribers’ meeting AS AfOresaid you J GAL ommeere———— LEP ECEONS 
(being the number provided for in the said b by- Laws of said proposed cor- 

poration) were also chosen, whose names as further appears from said 
verified record of proceedin. $s, filed as aforesaid, are as follows, to wit: 

smi certify that said. corpbration, to wit :. 
f tty / eee Lind UI . Ze 
is fully 0 ddintzed in accordance with said act, Carer 611, Laws of 1876 ; 
song ; and tab at the provisions of said act have been duly observed in the." = 

organization of said corporation as herein above set forth. 
Witness, my hand and the seal of office of the 
Secretary of State, at the City of Albany, this 

[ts] wy ALC. aay Off 1 Uiticsl $199 7. 

Me friety Secretary of State. 

hiief Vay SL, /5 2 7p. Aud Nae a mite thw oregon a) 
Cr fa. ad tf Ceo. Peay . 


., State of Hew Bork, tn. 


Sf have coonpfrared the firecediny cofry off Eelifucate of —Ineaifrotaton 
aucth the record, thereof, tenatning tn thes off fice, tn Look. entitled © foccortd of 
FIncotfiorateons,”” arecnebet Zz ¥) at Peage Ee Led, an SS de hereby cottify the 

‘game t te @ covieck transorofil thetofiom and off the ahole thereof IID 
Seay 4 fitness my hand and the seal of office of the 
| State, ah tho City of blbany, the. | 
ay of. polls liad, asesac one thousand. ecg ht! tended 
| and eighty... LLAMA 

Secretary of State. 

New York, May Vig 4879, 

A meeting of the Subscribers to the capital 
stock of “The Edison Telephone Company of Europe, Limited,” 
will be held at the office of Robert L. Cutting, Jr., at No. 
19 William Street, in‘the Gity of New York, onMnbaythe 2% 
day of May instant, at3@ of cleek noon, for the adoption of 
By-Laws for said corporation, and the election of Divedtors 
tO manage the coneerns of the ‘said company for the first year. 
Thomas A. Edisone 
Robert L. Cutting. 
Samuel S. White. 
: : 
Robert ie Cutting, Jr. 

James H. Bankers 



bens wasentad to iy nar 
Errore Fan De FUAreS exe! ree an siuage Haak te aie sending ssi for aoa ‘i the Con: 
pany wilt not bold tisetf tal fore sree deleyatn livery of Wurepanted Messages, 
je roesesge lean UNni atte yard y request of the sender under the condiifons 


| | Bony bat Onaurer Year: 7 
Pinal a: 
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9 tai, - TG 

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alitog ita Mabilty, whtebs ba: 
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ervtiacts— made — ae arth, Me Loompomy , wt. froma/ 
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totaxcot, rn’ which) Ate Aaofar hie aad fre potent. “ 
Pha. vino bash) $ Ark ro youts oor gant opp CF 
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hall th a ae Sepa) ae ee aes pas 

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| New York, fee 


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Chat traucls Stone, 
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Wa bit, bh. Gyr 

220 - 232 KINZIE STREET, 

‘ auGcuUST If, 1879 









TAS, an | — 

(A fy lit ¢- Veeft by 



Leo a ag 
Way Ae hy 
Oe -& 7 % y pees 

: re 

Blank No, 1, 


eras Campany ARANASMITS and DELIVERS messeges only on conditions, Itmillng, tts Habliliy, which have 
bron assented to by ti 

ng mieasan: 
can be guarded axalust only by repeating a message back to the fending station for comparison, and the Com- 

e ba i! hot hold itself Habla for errors or delaya ta transmission or delivery of Unrepented Mosumgen, 

ai in geeesege isan UNREPEATED MENSAGE and |e delivered by request of the yan: opctd 

pained aLov 





se DGoter lombimenFaLy 
ie ans Yorn pardon 
ole ee ar S US, He 
Oth peopl’ jrrocnoce { Suwite dont 
th J egard fe saat lia wim wat 
priprect and hoe of 

Porus, Aug So, 1804 


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\ Menlo Park, N. J, ay L 

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coon se Dobie 
“Téléphone EDISON 

Breveté S, G. D. G.. 
Auroniste:ran LU Erar 

é * @ Paris et dans les pri incipales Villes 
de FRAN Cc E ‘ 



i | | ) INGENIEUR | | 
Ancien Exéve DE L’Ecore “CentRaLe 
7 DES ARTS & Manuractunes : 
ft des “Téntrnowes: &DISON 

> i 

“) Saposttton Uniaerastle ‘he 1878 



=? Deux Grinds Priz 


, | Ydministrations, DMinistires, 
“Chenins de fer, Services télégraphiques, : 

* Htablissements publics et industriels, 
Marine! Aits militaires,' Vsages domestigues, 
Glatels, babitations privées, ‘Sppartements, 

: <Chitiaue, Exploitation de de mines 
= et x sole ete. ' 


Mie @. crt Brg ts of 

45, Avenue dé VOpéra. na 

— Cems cul et Ben. site a 

Pew readlis 1" 3 

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Ait aed 8 aaa é WL 

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TK Edis Ft 



. Bureaux de ROOSEVELT & Oe 

| . G 1, rue de la Bourse, 1 
| ; : | 

PARIS, to F the-Fethee, Sg 

Agewce de Londres 
Messrs. Nati, HOLMES & Partners : . : ; 
. Beer Cr> i 

8, Great Winchester Street Buildings 
Sta | Poe an they 
| fr ng ond alanine tia. of dhs 26 | 
Bgeuce de Melv-Bork ad: have not Arirenesrel 4 defer om the 
Mr, HILBORNE L, ROOSEVELT hie of peaeee torntiting Lferrt ten To A 
: 40, West 18th Street PA Lay eeu, cue, & és 2 Cree. P 
ee er A ae 
Loo Carns Cafine wlat, Kee ul oa Airege. 
INTRODUCTION et PLACEMENT Oufany wth a: Ghat v We bos sss 
En Europe et en Amérique J one ae Picece: ward cud oe 7 
prevets Beet 2a, Whiten Eclitcwd) tq te 


ARTICLES BREVETES Capstok ve Cee fran. (00, Ore frrrimae Kawe 
Cur foik & Sexy Pasa # Beng Fucteus % 

Sa + Baky &. iar: (Ow, Ow frond tron : 
Exumen d'8nbentions I on9 /: f és fe o kt of wea Pe 


Se eS co a POE, ivi, so ty Cank | 
Mah t% Te AG 6 etm, Cire rasan , oti. 

, Carredy 

ae : 
@ Bureaux de ROOSEVELT & C* 

1, rue de la Bourse, 1 

PARIS, le 8 
ral, Lee Le J, as 
Agence de Londres Yh a “ es iw ii 
Messrs. Nati. HOLMES & Partners “7s, Ce frre IL 5 Cal fee Cus ee 
8, Great Winchester Street Buildings Cof- Fikd 35. Soe. C0 (foo 
as asian pas Vie ed a Leo age, tec 
ence de Welv-Hork The a : 
40, West ra Street Ys 9 LP. ih (BES, peas oe ho, > 
Pieler (Oo hiss Cth Wa ieidess ome IE 
rene So Sole e VE Zhan 7 ee Let f Preece Pare. 
fr Bree Lbyknw. Ge haw abreo a Kate 
_ INTRODUCTION et PLACEMENT 5 2a patch , cor eey aon wide ines barnes Kees ufin 
aks caifg 

En Europe et en Amérique t heh CH Chinweh Ba ver. XK J 4 ce. 

si LB, Pets n hier be fete us pam; Salen 
BF PA Route tn feu eg omy + rating tr 

ARTICLES BREVETES = Aglie, Deu ¥O0 or Key Rau Lox 7 ee 2 

= S00 fram o annie Call Arnertcice = 10 Ze Som : 
Exumen d'8nbentions Gichereny <7, Go ot Sorfeo a 60 ovo 
(bt alee. Loo of Bis ie = CO. Cre 

frree Ff tabs obrs, Mont what we farficrte 9 UD 

wae G bity fe cs) 
Of, Teh, wn hn Ms Orufas Be ude Z 
G Ge cpa far 6 Ta for tat Bie 

Bureaux de ROOSEVELT & C* 

1, rue de la Bourse, .1 

Agence de Londres Wi AoA Cufhiited wth Co tute tect 
Messrs, Natit, HOLMES & Partners A 0% Gea oer ont Aare Ga vA Hy, 

8, Great Winchester Street Buildings ena Ae unthe ans Cea? fs oe a eae) 
SE ae he ew see Qe fKbryurtice att G JF 
For un“ “Aer a amy ene nelien Gey res réz0 
A ghia: acm vie 5 HAL 
Agouce de Belv-Hork ~~ —H ‘ Veet ane a Pris afhe_ 

Mr. HILBORNE L, ROOSEVELT py, caf Gen Gomcaaiears * moeN tetra CR, Sov. ceo 
40, West 18th Street [rower baat Cnneler ” Chae Prrenr Car Arran Kh 
: ~ . y, 
een Col Areccee (are of bbe har th, Ae 

Satis ins SARA of I dere, ur haw Aon SM rire, — 

de & Jose ) os) Bin ALA, ot BE finD Ldaa 
INTRODUCTION et PLACEMENT ie G = is te ati ee ae SUR eO Er: 
Co ol and Ase, Pr tA) farrmoty 
En Europe et en Amérique ff me S22 G, cla Z. fr ge 

pe os a Oh ag! aceeee: CEL: Pehukss ane) asus) 
BREVETS 4 Shee Cuifery put Be gard eisean Cateny 
eT tut an Ga eet aay) us try oflurew ee 
_ARTICLES BREVETES en Gases Soh pts! ‘2. aia si 
; - Cea Rolin jie uw. a nutes ike (boninec_ 

. On, ata. a Q . 
* Gxumew d'Qrbemtions tiie SE, he at Zs Stpeht 

oe. g Vieg Kane aed. ny ined wthad: Sgaotly 
@ flttut uy baxeng ak we, wee Cm Birney 
frthir oltote “z lak 
| er Main Korea iter 

‘ati Ae as bi Lis ot abe tee balsa 5 



I Soe Conbeis — 
fran, JO Ccebep 7b 

Ai eried of Mh Mbrenlt Metum of One teencbro 
WY taleen Musand’ tro tamnobut and [fy raved Mt A. 
bleque to ay Order freyable a ee at es “2 \ Mameee. 
WA0 fo agaeed fluc ent anid ont of Mahalf of Ae Crnimaiehhe 
of ditt Gycilteh. and Trance is Mle tcl Coldin, , fle 
ve hey bemy ¢ hit; tren Maud fe Coen eed firmed, 
tere. caflonied that the otter bel absasy Lloigd to 
os Toamelh . te couteguenee of Hai ffoypuesit Mek, 
MAcorsantite of beso fpotlial. ant Pramery pee 
4, 145,000 fy ) om 300 000 well) wm fe Liplere 
tolem Avenue tel Yfeln 45 Glo ewihe olga 
he wloms binil€ hand Pe - duplinke persons lp 
witb ukin Cin auahe He by PEs: ‘a a 
is fw td or onus other mame bk. ot ter cafacte) 
Youd 10 Cefolen “Wy 

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satan Machocire ‘d % ol: Cecialads Soroerell. 
nif fo [96h Miao ae a. a 

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° o> the Mifare betes oe Chee pees 

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The Ulrce Ueliplhmre tovivtisy totum. frwer Wy 
Conlin’ hall be fccined an ' one and Me tomato 
of food Miidibic: 16000 ered SD 0 Meru cael 
Sf vole. 9200 fo be euhrersbed ioe lo te 
ee Wirve. oll toowlis a Me 

ee He Aub bebe, « ao LV $00 
Estes ALOR F00 

Maieed,. Civlovn, Ate, a PY, ¢ 000 
hdl. Bo ‘ oS a 

pans i by ool 

Leister fa ornate fhe LS sas Meany ranmnety 

BESS cage ee NYA th tee 
= 44917) ,500 
oe 1.997, 900 

BN pees | 
PON Sa bo te eid weal & alldtod 

ee va ‘ Wohemegy tae Poe ety ftw 
i Ny gn oer Aus Phete_. 

ae ee olerren 
1 fhe. 
pees: Freche oh Gant 

eae At, $~ . 
Lane a Bey rad lover ory tar 

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Tipe ot and le te Oster 109 
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Pa scvtai hae York. 16 

GR ET te | 

say aie Ait 

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oke no sléps Teavarcks 


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oe qN0 VW Dwr 

al ALK. 

- Bureaux de ROOSEVELT &. C* 
1, rue de la Bourse, 1 ee ras 

PARIS. 0, 76 Oetyter Wy 

Agerice de Londres | Aa, my . 7" x 
Messrs. Nato, HOLMES & Partners S 
8, Great Winchester Street Buildings ; foo o & tics oll 
Agence de Betw-Hork a acto Gree) Jv Kerlin B day hate 
Mr, HILBORNE L. ROOSEVELT fe" Cag m4 “ has 
4o, West 18th Street and ott a9 uc fees - Oe a 
Uf % te foes f aba t 
ufo, broek . ; : 
Sucee eens, Prev hi te Prana 
{INTRODUCTION ect PLACEMENT: f He, ; G oe eX cee 
En Europe et en Amérique a o Mi ad, Af frets Xf ape 
: as fret Prove 4 Ce ea Aen Pkt. firrh x Cle, Buin) 
he tuert wifpekert ts Mey Aosthcte Ba Porverrecinye 
BREVETS Gi ee ee ass eee 
: - ¢ atrnrels nts bela . YA at 
Mores 2 EOD ng be Thee FL) Oring 
SSS e ; Pitlo fps — 



. Trintd 6A 
Gxumen b'Ynbentions fo : 4 ee : rie 
we Mtoe & thd € Eons was cley eoethe 
hese bn, Art A Ww Cue hrf. Ke 
aes ee Pee mente ake Litithorn," 
AA F600 evo Jr Oxi ny” fp 600.cev— teeny - ferry 

Par. RIS, le A 

Agence de Londres i a acne 4 — pier ; fli poe Ba, F OrfKauns 
Messrs. Natu, HOLMES & Partners f& he Aete the macs a guia 
8, Great Winches! ter Street Buildings a. Edler fa ae ee - ie j at od Bro ; 
ae ae SY ae y/7 yer en 
ane ey ee era 
; Sie hak Chol 
Agence de Selo Bork ea ae es Om. Bears a Sete ee 

rae - efeks, Ouest uo Gane 
Mr. HILBORNE L. ROOSEVELT fotos ia Seabee Feo aa ‘be. pate ois 

40, West rath Street i gk Puwtene pial os Orme Low Toe 
. (ates eZ“ anrok hy Jah 
ta Fs oo. bed pic Sep t re ane 4 font py aa 

poms - lee oe oS SaREnS OT Orr 

(on Avil, 
En Europe et en Amérique eres tercifew G Cbtly awD Cue, her Te 
i Ce SB teas Wa & Shes Booty ka c. 
he, xe hens Agen Mower aud hal 


BREVETS Arcot Cuchet gence bs >) Aad for hos avid ae 

ARTICLES BREVETES i a arn aes PA (Pe Conc. 
UH Teer, Lead Zoo farts AB rak tafe 
ee dope burtatedl, te Be ome gee 

Exumen d'Ynbentions ae St i Love hve es a pee en. 


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. Hocrw sae Gert Me o Cnypomied eorlet: de cnttid 
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: Aicliled { ak ow Fone old AY PRs ad ae 

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He Abvorateof Ma. ae kisphare aud Me tummer 
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thus Pete fad: ruily Mat of GL ieee: 

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a whih May had Aubencled , 

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nacedtay ty Meee acne autact: to clrnie feo ih. 
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forlaiic Me-offr-of a tid (i fey themed wy accep fable. | 

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livded sito V6 000 ye. y sm 
9000 Cleorey to the eae ae Se 900 hares fac 
tf Mltalled, ta Me frd op ees 
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Wy te Crulbuin I thn hat of fen by 
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Mad Pony oY ee ee ee | 
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[409.000 Ye oda Ceprinl decd 
—— be saae, Page Be Asay ad 
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‘al awlaihe whan i / aca ae fy 

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suite Me Cnaiel, * 

Thine fae oe a oe of Aare Moiily aa 

Bhafard Hea Auirlfedn, aman 4 wo clemanoted. af the dake 

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L! brand tb are courcoath oiad afpurred Gat ba 

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. Ment, Cas 

7 CO ldtst: mG ral aoe ad 
| iis erst oe 
aoe Med ght 
2 Ouro! go Lt 


| eg | 

aid Gbaus 0 Oita hy. 

- | SOCIETE | Ooe ere eet ee ees 
"Téléphone EDISON Sa cube a eee 

Breveté S. G. DG 
Avronisig par 1'Erar 

& Paris et dans les pri incipales Villes : : : , . wo ry 
| de FRANCE |: ois eb PO DACR EE | ar 
SIEGE SOCIAL: 4%, Avenue de VOpéra. . boa nd sept 2 ¢ | gg 

A. BERTHOM&G= 9. a. ie 
bree woo : non aaa Cc, wt ilies 



des Téttrnoxrs EDISON _ pam LATE ges ae 

Hxposition Universells do 1878 ar Z a sila rod : 
3 , Zo eee ee ae 

’ Deux Grands Prix Oe ae aeeeas eo gee eae 



i minisrtions, Binistres if 

\*Cheniins de fer, | Services. télégraphiques,: 
: tablissements publics et industriels, ‘ 

: Marine, ofiris milttaires, VUsages domestiques, ae ae | oe eo a 

_ atte, habitations privkes, tppartements i a ee a i poe ae ae ee Z 
H } : - Pe “ ef Lpouey cata 

“4 Tirta ; j i eared eae ee ee ates ; i 

‘Chiteaus, ‘Beplitation de mines | 

| | | et | Agritoles ete. i ; 

: a eae ee 5 

Re ES erate ect oath te ee et ae Seek aN 

RE a EN La en Oe SOOT Ee eee SSE TC eee ee eee 

SS Me a 


Sf She 
a ~N. Bo 

~~ PARIS 1878 - ms 


oe a ene Sat a “a : 

Sats me ae atcptnas 
S we oe Se, - 

ae eee ne eat pS 


Sasa SAP SA A mS tdci Bre ih net ans tn iLL icon itl R GI abate dit acacia Maoh Abad A Lin int istrii ae 

7 ream LEG 

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"PARIS 1878 ea ee MOE 

eth cae al 
penn EAA i on 

ZA ‘eee Liem, > a pone HE e_. 

Law Soe Eee e ai. sees 
ACCC. Opto 

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sedbéachesixvubicedta Sissies 
seit Peach an ne ma Oe EERE eee aa 

mM tUnhle- (ete 

Round : Ci exctl: Or ade | 
Nothing bepery 7 | 
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uy re Qu ry nev stip a 

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PT ee eT ee 

A LEK POSITION JIniversecce : 
PARIS 1878 

Gee. Meer. Yb 7G 

Clee of. 
Hou Vbrrnw BE ED asec: 

WY fA 

Rhu ale by aNd, 

cS, Ajie', Y tf May 



Dee rite te Ou LoS 


wr, "y: ‘e pe bee a 

oe Be aie ech 

heptane pags eo “ah. ier. bes ~ - 
; mW Bene NUN ae fy Qe 7 De AEN ARs 

bi ee ae (Hie. oA Cs 

Cp ee foe te 
cn a othe F Oy le, 

f a ae erate 
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2 4 Oey 
we! Vy : - 
? r4 . <0 
—_ Me, t SP O42, “oy v7 y 
a u awa i 
- te” & 

BSF dw DIN a Bi LAV id Chi Ste AN ih a Le 

S fave. a Great clectie.. to tee our wlecheel. 
fy oe tba ts opabe tan ts bana 
Mirnithutein of Heh? Cb oly Kiplemed aud J vey 
PINS) oe ie 4 auahlity to Hop park ane youn corncle™ 
datine “ autNeat tote Ma Corcusk which oY wet-doo honorable 
f Me head autlae enthie Anablily ‘ bat diesel 
Ma anual WL, ae tone macle nef to when five nfl fhe. 
Aefresentialion of lr Coen [)f 

He oerity amd obility ee ees 
cmcluchd He rugriationd of Me fawn autivleih” teavebea 
tinclned lo farufid aud Offeuth 6 ty Mee abewnd. vtebiiietldy 
of oth rae Mather, am eu 16 Ce_dleane) yy 
ay bo agUty, EMO yr Has tor tl Lencerty + Mlatagle. 
AW te Cbmeg Métared Aeflletoluin, Thue Jo tpl $00 

fared 2 Willow cole tah the fintarbuah 3 one we ert Me, 

totubrerhe by fle foartisspatin vtech t pda Pottow ia, 

? Micthareof Soctilleh Ybwe dlmet wilt betahin ah 7 

Mcrorvl Manc fore See Sen “Gx sciee as 
awlah- Cue wi ted tt Matw, Me Coticon Chest , phenlil 
ool ty ale ante (nth abafur SGIOGII0O 
ototte,. Yew ifypnt. arnt Ut we upromactialy ie 
colon our conecbantin tao cick cerndaiabed tly Hee 

si a heen ait 5S tas wa ee De ee ee hE Eh aS oh el CTY Ri ab WELL Seah De pa a 

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ate 1 thaner ak Ant Perera , ee me_aAo 
aot feann -anfo avkak. babi av the a 
afc tun Mbhored te tM mornin ¢ A ne Mee, aac 
tupiunity ff toe fanale f hibepitl, owe fl 
tur Cruch{ we nunek aate alle Crerfive plrbeies 
aoultlri ud abeonk. autbad ofr twat wof- at ala frmnoll 

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joes bh artend 

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Rinses oteeanetese eee Sone eee re mee etree PET 

yet ‘ aa by 

MNO Give Sdbiaer> 7 
Here fae a 

cama es ae 



“wae eee 7 ; oa Pa Val... F187 i 

H. H. ULDRED, To.. EG qa... Bae Ceo Gn, - 

oy en te ini mtaske _ Gent MoE ie Moyle. Bock omen ay all 
oo Am smnatte Tis y cuccermffiomey 

Pex i ae pie arcs ai 
iy aaa Ta ghee 

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punir bai 
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Yr contannrbin, of any ther wluk re 
tn Jen Me BE ne ed whit (emeee He 
Me naneof hr Llehesd aut Mente ae Gul 
tofu gw nettle atl gu ition. TG ite ethic: aud 
witlernd regard fo poet , Lat. a Me wetreth. - 
(es hea GP Ae o We feemcaneel. 

Yi te el aed “afuuod febaip of lpuctts 
of graf brence, tad td i tibuittig Mee vrmurmen: 
a of w danber by elle oben, ee ae 
ad mel ar aa | aaa La UU wnll uvk be mm bb 
poem sali er ses Cs Gy eorimidey 
: a i, roe, turn es ee 
a thle bene Mon tuallrved fe ty Mle chlier torr 

Cnetéy . on thane been alle Fo mirttue ag 
wll the rattial enewaid of the Creirly whack wee fhe. rfler 
? drvites a0 ables the . aS aaa ted 
Avarll reo oe 

bie iis Mi ith Bd RES Rah yA Las Tatas aaa A iS SERS 

Mant vv. coupideralion, of Me defence of Me eller blew bord 
of Mcbrumel whe rely piben. to nonin Hef th te 
Mort terme ily hag anidan Med tame YR A fhe fhe, 
thar of ape A fon tar (Mt tetuimy Alef UE chember 

by aAewvet . 
. Patton yolnrs as dll de Solo that” Wee. 
Dy By ee SE RES Og SENTF thay, arbontYy wenk.. 
ne they would hare arnt collbague Z eel Af Foley 
anheaficnenble p tienen oA yr netencled sor A Celberrd. 
an owcetion, degrisly af aight te taf als Goluim, tv ould 
aunuviahe Me Ghefas, blicring, folly wissvedt, Mol Hy 
ruil » wherend by Ma fad of te feaior, Monigd arcteftled 
ab fhak Mererly eeets skoucklierg, 
| ov Me dame af etd» Ylehag deere cerictoeefed 
by Vafatatn, jon wa wheal cred 4 your ad hal Cray 
hold Gelistes author hr aed . 
aera fle hes grectin, Mad of: 

Ly Nie eT, or all Me Lion, abe, ele 
uh sical gh es Ce tot onby to 
Ge , bt 0 lh of ve, tse oporitian Me he fo 

had 2 pant], Mare Lar onby tenon Me. 

Moerof te fate 4, focllig ebb Secbend 00 Constable. 
Hefeniteie 2, ont thal wwhosts nr re ee ee Opes L 

tle fain f Mr Eorhat, thi lel by anrottclhnaidl 

fh 94000 fond tones money tells Miceuoll, ts oh Tubb, 

STs Sse Nee eee ela eae BY 8 A 6 APP IE ITB Fn ete way nbs Md TERA RY uta 

si ai sce E AMR RAL a Cle ts eT a anew tie A 

— anthe yon 

| awhal. adimsithatlice Merrie wh pall ih 

emdarratiol tare in Hebennasl ofathuily P Lite th 

torte de crnpattle wilt the guat aub lepibinne, wpuly. 
Mei, ole Gain fo toare be box, wl Lagi a gy 
P clr. Dies veld lt tithe Co tave ae 

poticrte Pi toomnd a dabgroin aathiesiid te Malar 

. De ws 3 

ee Uhher tsgpued ty Me feartecrd of eur fi oo 
‘dertie antfhe cite, of lle whrleof Me bounol eve thane 
; yon reel Herefne autyor pwe fe url Lo corfan | 

a Bs NaN SSE al di ii eh Rah nataid dig ae dd Soci coil A 4 

iAiertid i 

te: ; a Gih, Ewimaeee Heb. L Se an 
- PHEO: PUSKAS - Yorike- PORE Bre yg 

ye. ee” A / on , a RE: 
2 er Cee) 

Cpe te 0g 

GS iSgee Ze 

—— Lie wet. oA 
— cBzaL- zy | 

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sd Me poate hee eon hee Lee 

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has asi a efit tS 

Naksnis thins teies, tan IRAs Ui seed scope cain A ehonte 

Visit autustintestiites, 

OEY Nee ETT LO Te Pe ETE Ce ee it 

Tago: FUSKAS ~ 


A L'Exposiriog ~JNIVERSHLLE 

“PARIS 1878 STL 

. ; Go ey. la C ee 2 AA : ; | La a. -. ae 

REPRESENTANT DE M® EDISON. taiaaiane? Cigog ee ae egy Cece ee 
A L'EXPOSITION JJNIVERSELLE in oes : _ —— oa ; wees : Sh 

PARIS 1878. * 

mie ° Ww 
ote A wear os —_ 
: . 7 : 
: ’ 7 
. . Nn J 
: ph 

i a ae 
Wn ail Gel Kei ARO Shawcn, 

OS Cet ao 
HCA ete’ Ga AEE FF. 

iiniaiSabi SAG als TUN Al acts ia de DAs a aE a Ca 

_fremeica day of Meclusiter MM bee | Me. tellin was oly 

fovut J lorenber ly 
Aye th ay 

Veehrbay af the bone at wlhirk ol 

Wi Fucker ole bared ave oN acconnll. of Hae. vreth fhe. 

aed’ aff tee soporte thal He. te: y Pee See 
of Gocctaind [wth be wot tare git, aubae fhe 
Coneguente alent a- Os beprital - Aoetvad tet’: Hoh 
cto ruewtein wa -miateof Cucettemd ai Me CabeepeT~ 
(- bonsettoond awuethe e alent », of monapalicd be. Py ee ae : 
Kad antlercied. dt vert toaeded.) Hat dhe Caudal of fla 

Views was nef Nore oe aie aan a aes 

pie Hoi 2 pute eae ae albpiz very : 
early Nee half, te wad ateo wefariied Kant ne 4 
PP IEC sratd te anrnde to a0 fo geese a 

Snot fo leshicke ee Bi day, ke 
df dt 7 PRE, zw 

La hdme fe. be pee bs Mop a Lbive | 

Cey eee table the arg Aovin’ weed 

Me.ovrvierd Me pees (eee 
r . ri is pk baal Mebgrnen Hoo 

eal aS ately ee Sy Le ane MU bo SNC ASA Ain SAC LNT eld a Pia ss 

Sa Si ta i aN NE ees Hh enn ica 

Atterved “be laip Jas, 
Mlaee fortieth oe he "ib Wa we 
; al pe | 

wl foid NMechprer Aetivten, 
See i Mel a. de aurlwuthed 1040 
Monmene fillrve and if op bo Meonehay Mt 
Awinvtd se a the ees the co 
pullin / Lait fb ane ae Soren pe 

(pl) On, the oben bewind et ofpeary Mak. Keboraid 67 

Aimsigg “er atuct line anf Cwtierier ud he 
haved. to cain echele Ate, ee 

pe + pee ae 

Hg ees Rene a es 
iy ri sfotsion DE PARIS 
ie soorkrs | oe 
H | 
! | Telephone EDISON | 7] ra 
: | Brevets.s.|G. D. G. He | 
'Avronisite PAR 1 Morar boa 
& ‘Paris et dans les. principales Villes 
wld Me FRANCE boss. 

SIEGE SOCIAL Aids Avenue de Vopéra, 

. Be BERTHON. SCE. pipet Se outa Z 
‘| INGENIEUR — | gas fe 
. ANcteN -Evéve ve LYECOLE CENTRALE + me : Liz AS Ka eae 7. iz 
DES ARTs & (“Manuractunes a 
md a ¢ BE. ae LA lee a x... 
“CONSTRUCTEURS =. |, Uc fe a 
“dee ‘Tétraones: EDISON | 
| PHELPS & GRAY | bot we 
SExposilon Univorsotis te 1878 - at A 7 
‘RECOMPENSES - piorenis. ‘AUX: xyavrions fe 
2 _ | @BDISON et de GRAY | ip 
ee ee oes 
rt Deux Grands Prix 

- gdministrations, DMinistres, ce : “A Moe isl 3.  « sige on. fee ahead = 
“Chemin de fer "Services télégraphiques, oe aa an is LO ie LSM. ous Ae, A 

ELtablissenients pub lics et industriels, 
Marine ofrts mmilitaires, Usages domestiques, jé. w, Ae oa i A ae. Ae ca. KE as 
| a habitations privtes, dipatnet* rt, 
__ Chateau, Exploitation, de mines., 
i lebl ins ete. 

ae eae i ane Obe. ees aA te eon 
i oe, Ahlul t, Mefide Be : 
MMi fm. 4. es 


I ee ; ' | Nov oa 
| Ghat 8 som 

G PP ah, Gee 

TRIE HE, ech fore SEES 


It Ho F -- 

‘Tazo: *Posicas: Ke be LE. 

Li, Shorenec 0 Cjtiva 

Lie. tp 
eg CPG s eer. 

; CB ay £2, ee You le pom : 
Sve #. eae: ee é& 2 <4 gee 

WE ter het ge: 2 &. Se aa 

aP oe Pin wiiok 

PoE Pe oe 
7 “Pr, 
Po OM LB 0 oe a a wo Or aele , - AA . 

LGM NA EL, . wee Zo 

ges LES. OF es — 
fees eae oe he puget So 

oe: : ve ae ; 

ee ed 4c 

Bow oe a Ae oe wpa - es 

wee, eet htetoe) 

es Oe a fii a a ae 
ai OME Towne hoo oe 
Dagens prin ateenyyt Tae, ee 

we ee es eee 
ee CC eeu AE. Ceeen bier 

oes a i a 
eee y of “aifai, 

Bion reray ce 

(he IG de on. —— 

5 master to nas . — 

1 opecatiaast Reded a. Cyrooli dete F 
: oiplne A he Renee defes 
pitas a 

‘a ‘an Hegewisch 

By aa 

5 a Vow 22 9674 

en L4Eflw , 


Yon ot cna nat § ty 
eae deg tE) wre 

ioe oe 

beaten ae eee 

dea hem cl 

rh ae ge 

Ay por J ite 

Tike ee OT rely fate ow | 

OL Nedyeartek 
“1 PG 

Row 13 14 

s, bee Kerib : 
1 ell 2... atin. 

ae Ag te . Gs oo. 2 bt 

\ a 

Spi SMoy. 


\Y Conile dh ruehet- Carec€, O13 44 
Y fluc J tbes |, Pores 

fo nome Bat f- Vridhecg 
Meviddanl nn Coudicl thovtirs totes 

Lag Clery, A 
L aaa No a Wogn 

20,000, 5~3—9, = 


(Servico Message Form.) 

The Direct United States Cable el Limited. 
= " - NEW YORK STATION, arn. cea 
7 Reed. 7 

from t nner to } 


© PROAK 0.6 scaceseeeeecees eee No, of Museage..sccccicceseeses jabs aleaice a No. of Wonts, 

No. 4. o 
(Servico Message Form, ) 

The Direct United States Cable Company, Limited. 

NEW YORK STATION woecccccscccscsssmsssneas 187 
fecd. } itanded to t 
Time time. 


20,000. 58-9, 
No, 4. e ‘6 . 
(Service Measago Form.) 

- The. Direct ‘United States Cable Company, Limited, 

NEW YORK STATION 9 seusassnesreenmnenensnenn LOT 
ay — | enich io 
‘Time suas hh eae DUM rime 
Clerk. Clerk 

Pace: ocd svhldcdass gies ha Novel Muaitigars sees Nas caevessdtora the No. af Wort... 

LP bon: Ee ae ST gh ye ae Ped 
Mller CMM. upd Ww bo MMC Mord , ale Lia 

Wales Saren, 
Chat Hranels Stone. 

let? Bree lh Ye. Nei ark 
Pate [bp 

Of eh aes “9 
atring Wie Vege l MP 
pre capepetl pce La lee (pape lo. wee 
“eewd ne ee LY a mung 

cae ; 

Ahn fom yt 

ne ae 

PO. Box 1836. 

Acinic OE OF Ea eee 
ae pef-eretvec To tee oO: Zial 
fon tnt a ltr) beorenr Ba berg 

OP ys, ES irre HU of, cen OF ¢ Sb “ 
»_ Mle oe “ devi VIO wee td, ab Sethe 

. ZS’, 

Loa) eos: i pps cu pe Pst he 

a edi 7 ere a She 

Bre, wiekte. ie ee ae 
MW Way beuse Wut, O Duuietakt Ve Caery iy 

He fhoaw, 
Dd 1 ica | aaa Aaene 
ating Von, ies oi ae 
feo» alte fiurrn tint have 4 el tfy 
Wu Wasttn; Wel. C2 
tical inti oe 
w lnrrirnrd Whelaee sg 

ae uel ps “y ‘Brea vid » Tne Ape “Gr rh. 

a 1836. pe. 

‘ Mba fai lp Whe Cee 
NY es cee ena 
ie Ropecceace Meg ON 
tN (tts Pe ile aa 

Le Ee ey: ps 

| apres as 
tobe mehe ab tee, yes ae 

iS ee aa 

. K.Vorter, LOUK: fi, OMT 6 fs Lon CAL ge, Loo: 
svenor 2 Lowrey. 
Sear ear Lrnllsa nt Sin 


Sally on oditeg 



| : 

a 4 he aaa Y Ho Cintrael Y fn 

dot K. Porter, 
Grosvenor B Lowrey, 
Geo.Wales Soren. 
Chat Franets Stone. 
Geo. S.Hamlin. 

Win. L. Porter, 
P, 0, Box 1836. 

a - 


i Cf’ Cys Ye ' 
ys: Lowrey oron y VOWS 
Mlcraeyps W Comstucllns a , eur 
: Ag? aL Broad Ye. New: Yorke 

fo Bale tn Whee poze, 

p IMbukj 



ww - 

Blanlx No, 1. 


‘Thla Cum pany. TRANHMITA ant DELIVENK Tessages only on condiilans, Imiting ite Mabitlty, which bare 
Leen assonted ta by the anager af the faliowlug meseace, 
Ei tng a message back to the soning atation for eampartaon, and the Come 

crore can be guarded agaltist duly by repeat 0 
Vany will wot hold teell Hable for erence or delaya (n iranemlesion up dal ‘of Unropoated preetn gens 
ale iueaaige fan UNREPEATED MESSAGL and 1d by requested (he senior, under the cendtiln » 

namo te 
. A. R. BREWER, Sooty. . NORVIN, GREEN, President, 

fuandel axel back 
age teas UNE DEAT ED ‘aud lu dellvered by requested the sander, U 




named above, 
A. R. BREWER, Seo'y. 

Bia ity ata ei ii asic cis Roki dba Rana ibaa 

STREET ok oe Le om nee Te 

= | THR. ' Blonk No, 2. ae. 
; . : , cafe . bee eet TRANSIT S ad DELIVERS wnessagen only on coudlitlans, Mmttlog ite Nabllity, which have 
ey | nous an rnc re mee eG i enh Com 

pepe bie tite rales 

RY 7 
en, La ZLAE, 

CG -———_ 


4) “Menlo Park, N. Ll alma 


’ [oxace LOO Oe 

S¢ gf Ve tick A by steph 
wee Re ge 

fh g 
CCV OLY t1A4dNGO ogee’ 

No, 4 é 

arent Lrevito  haweble 
ae Ex. el. se D z d 

po oe 
OU 100% 
[4 Wows Qo 


20,000, 5—3—9. 
(Service Message Form. 

The Direct United States able’ Company, Limited. 

NEW YORK STA TION, .....L. 460... LG. 187 7 
. : Sent or - ut 
: handed to t 

G, K, LANSING, Manager, 

ALLEN & Dam, Propritto? 

{ASTOR El 2 IOUS, Si) 


“Reapway & VESEY ® 

ow Yosh, as “yr g V4 
Miphiade if 

a igre Lit Lytle ‘Wtetrh Ai DE 
pea) Aye tale of I dead 
, Vie A eebiles WEA Me ae COn. 
Mr daeavg / Un dd 


lec Mite L 
hed Q Yan Wel 3 Meter, Llead Saae 
Y AME WwW Ti lt Leareg 

eS lat (20e2 7 sascha, 
ftir vy LY pbtefitiirale2 a4 4, 
bib uch bt Ihe Aces foot 
ttl Puopecenee a teclhial sy 3 
hee Ltt ves x Leds 
] : Mh) CoA: Je. 
! wWY~Te. eZ Lien 2) 
le ban ee ri 
AA Lt) Suede Caset’s Li peo, 
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| vor hermedly, LE pales cl 

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John K. Porter, ° havik: OEY AOC Za ‘ Whole; 
Grosvenor B Lowrey. 7 

Geo, Wales Soren, 

Chat Francis Stone, 

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. Atermeys Za Counsellord Mee Suter 
Geo. §.Hamlin. @ coy 15G 
Wm. L.Vorter. ‘ Nes ‘Aheul . A 7 Vaile. 

VY, {A ... 

P.0. Box 1836. 

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Lie esis as Nad Lh ah wii AS san io baa tian he Rasa cae ae cert sis teil achat nn as SoS s . Sic a a oat iE Sa Sta " ae ‘ 
4 acter ga ainn dened Leia] Se ecial ise Pe THLE ALY 4 UE NN A Nl Maa aS Ci sad od lina lack Ue do WN Gale Ahm odessa es gE di aa a 

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fete kon : “a —— | i 


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hart: ag Lau ol, 
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| Cather, Yjy = V3 333 
| Nennslcte fle. | (MH fe pale 
PLO abb2tzg 3 Meeaink f Rbcice. J Ch Ceefe, 
! Clase Wtewurte KG, S | beden’. Vides a BhOERL 
| : ‘ ee Heed 6305) 4Yb36 
| e+ : ee Puch, 131333 ZL.22/ 
a2 ae ee US. b amy 27 2 8 
; a a Ot ais “43 

Teakaatwi eee ers 

Yerrnrael Ss White te P i j | | 
frhua # 1Sniliy \ - —— | | 
~ turtle 


“his Agroea.ent 1a de ‘the day of toe 

ver. ber an the yoar One thousand eight hundred any soventye sine ! 

aaa | - a ee en rae ae 

¢ between Saruch , White of Pra ad Tphia, 15 “bate of 

Ponnuy le 

varia, ond Joshua“, Beiley of aii Avenue'de 1’. (era of Paris in 
4 the “eprblica of france porties of the first part, and the Corpo- 

gnioc Generale de Telephone of vrance, hereinatter ealled the cone 
pany of th: s.cond part, Yitnosseth:—— 

“horeas the purtios of tie first part have 

horeiefere acyuired ord 1.2Y acquire hereafter all the right, title 
ql : and interost in and for the Republic of France ef redoriek ". 
a vitoh, Geerro 1. Pholps and Plisha Grew in their inventions and ‘ 

inproyeronis of Speaking Pelephone: and in etters Patent of Frand 

therefor, and the said Gor pany has anquired certain of the intere 

pot. of the rorties ef the tirst part in such inventions, improve 
monts and Lot-uers patent und da do oireus ef acquiring sue’ fort hor \ 

interests is the invontiens, ‘improverents an: Letters stont of 

teh, Phelps and Gray. 


| the Mepublic of Vrance thernfor, 

thin the 

Te yasmina et: 

an hay be eeiiigeud py. aus portion, nf the tirst pert 
ise A RETA ee eg iad a oe Noa? a, Me 

geen 3 . 

an een 

2 eee nnemetabilinnne ee eet Ane Ree en 

t . 
| . poriod of fifteen yours fra the date horcef. 
tia, dn Pancadaratnen of the provisos ant of 

the nutuad covenants ond apreoents ef the partics hereto 

hereinafter set ferth, Ghey pespcetively sree «th each othor 
a , i . 

followsi-— | , OO La 

Wergt: @ho p vides of whe first part oreo 

RSaaa nee Ait ha warns shies duds ana eat ovine aispcaa 

Se aS re 

in any ene case to exeeed the ‘sur 


to assign, convey and sot over’ to the Company, ell tha right, ti- 

tle and intores: in ond for the Republic of France, which thoy ray 

acquire within a period of fifteen y ars frou the date hereor, . 


to any inventions and ‘Ly. prover onts in Spoaking Telephones ade by 

fiteh, Phelps and Cray, or oithor of thor, and also 211 the pight 

title and interest which the partios of tho first part ay acavire 

within. the sa.e poriod in any hetters Patont of tha Repub- 

lic of “ranece for any. such. inventions or irprovenonts aforesaid 

whieh way be so aeiesa by thom, md that they will, Pra tine - 
to time, as such inventions or duprovor ante are acquirod by thom 
from said Piteh, Phelps and Gray, or -ithor of thom, asuign to the 
Company, by duo and svftieiont ingtrunents, ail thoir right, ti- 

tie and interest thoroin, ond will algo fro: tine to time as- they 

way: be arantod, assign to said company all leticrs patent of the 

Republie of France which.may be granted to or acquired by the parm 
ties of. tho first part for any of said inventions or irprovenonts. 


Second: . The parties of the first part apgroe 

to ake the assdynmonts to the Company of their interests in all 

sueh inventions, improvements. and letters petent as aforosaid, - 

which they. may ac vire vithin tho period of five years. from the 


date hereof, without compensation, - Sete 


Third:he parties of the second part ogroa to 

pey all tho usval. charres and foos for the patents that may bo 

applied for in tho Ropublic ef Freneo and all roasorsiblo charges 

for experiments the construction of models, the said’ charfes not 

of five hundred delilers, 

Four.n: Ac to all such inventions. di:provo- 
rents and Letoorg patent as aforosaid which may be acquired by the 
partios of the first part after the expiration «f the five yoors 

rentionod in the sovond clauss ‘ond before th: oxpiretion of the 
fifteen years fro: the date of this instriment, it is eutnarly 

“ agrood by the partios that inmrediately upon the issue of Letters 

j Patent of ranee for any such inproverents or inventions, it shalt 

be the duty of both partios hereto to apree upon a compensation 
i: ry i LP ; 


© be raid by the conpany to the parties of the first pert for, i 
thoir right, title and interest in such let ors petent and in any . 
invention or i provercnt deseribed thersin, and in case they are 
not able to agree together within three roenths from the issue 

° ‘ 

* @ 

of such letters patent upen the price te be paid to the parties 
of the first port therefor, the matter of compensation shall, eon 

the written derand of oi her party hereto, be subsitted to the 

arbitvation of two persons, one in “be chesen by oach party, afd 

the decision of such arbitrators, ar it they ate net able te agree, 

- thoy should select a third, Awa then the oeeiion of tyooe ‘such 

throe arbitrators as ta compensation shall 6a Pinalry and -binding 

upon both partios; Land tho eorpany will, upon igrdonont: in ocith« 

a er way thus ‘provided, as to the price, forthwith pay the Bais to 
the partios of the first part, and thoy agroe to accept tho nosed’ =. 
sa finod as full ampensation for all thelrerinht: titlo and ite i 
terest in the letters patent or in tho inonticns or ixprovoronte | 

‘ “ goverad thoroby. 

Pitth: both rartices agreo that this agroonent 

applies only in ‘the omorship or use of the inventions. cr i: prove~ 
nents neroin roverred to within the PR public «f Vrance and not 

‘alacvhere, and to suc letters patont only therefor as ray bo 

‘ranted by the Republic of Franed, | 

sath? he sare len hereto wotvelly apres 
thet their respective covenants and, agreorents shall bind and in- 
. ura te the bonofit respectively of tho executors, adiinis ators 
ond assigns of the partios of the first part, and of the success< 

ors and assig:s ef the parties of the second pert. 



rine eatin he cena gh a Cee ee I mde J Satna seedless! (inant estan ee eee 

AgreeLent made the ~ ' fay of ta< 
vorber in the year One theisand o.pht hu-dred a’td soveonty nine 

dotyveon “heras Vive Rdises of - onlo Parit, and State ef fess Jersey 

ef the first part, and Vhe “Se: pagnie Gonerala fe “elorhene” of 
Prenes, hereinafter called the Serpany, ef the second part Wate 

Whereas said Hdison hes heretefere trade nae 

tain inventions and i: prover ents an “pontinr folenhenos, ond has 

Teccived ond 1.ay hereafter reecive Letters potent of the Panubd ie 

of France thereier, ell the right, ti tle and in terest in whieh 

Potters patent have been or nay heresftor be acquired oo: oaid 
oD a 
ea pony; and it is -asircus ar. acuuiring oa] 
On ions .er inprove:ents in Speaking 
oS t ee ae 
telophones ef the se ec chagne: for wha ch said Rdison av nak are Ie oS 
in the porioed of Titteecn vernrg: Pray “the date hotoof on pin andy 
a “ WD ay 
if sae BES ACES BENTO | ne oy 
lotters pateont or France w a mranted thore¥er, 

the pvairht, title and 

anterest intsny further anf. 

Bs co SeErsy oe 
wow, in ofideration ef the pronis sud of 
: ie aa a “ a et oil ea AR LSE er 
the patkite 21 ‘govona ants end saredg a of tho are gs hobéte as, horas: 7 
: : “th. OOS ODA ‘ COOPIEE 
inafter set forth, thoy rospeciively ogree with oech ether vs fol.) NES 

oe WEE RS) ee Oo O) aie wp 
Lows: # 
; vf wens fy ORS ub pegs as CEES) me ‘ 
Birsts Edison oaprecs thatcall ainvantichs 
: Ler Oo Gen, ea) Corre SOY 
or improvoients in Speaking Tolephonoes whieh he ray ake within 

Cand Pee a cn Ol 

the period of fifteen years from the date. ‘herd o and alt 

ary re ORO COT Oe Ba Pees 
impr oven TRE elie which he may male withip-———-=—0) oO Ct ; 4 

ee ee i 

. fromthe date horeof without compensation. 


the same period open any of the invention: in. Speaking Telephones 
nade by him chipdogt tia iire, a far as they my be covered by 
‘otiers patent of France, ov vipht be oxelugively enjoyed by him 
in France, shall belong to nr a pany of the second part, and thet: 
ne will, fror tine to tire, as such PapAntene or iy provovents 
in poalring Telephones ore rads be hin file in she proper office 
in France for. that purpose, such caveats as ray be necessary te 
pretect the Sania arc will duly and promptly eh Q@ll such cases 
file his applications in such offico for letters patont of “rence 
therefor, ant will, unon perfor:ance by the company of the on- 
fagenents on its part to be performed as cet forth in this isotru- 
nent, sign, socal, execute and deliver to said corpany ausignucnts 
of a@11 such inventions and irproverents in Speaking "eLophones 
conveying to i all Rdison’s right, title ond interest for France 
therein and in any Letters Patent of Vrance which Lay be granted 


Socond: Rdisen agrees to nake agsignments to 
the company conveying his whole interest in all such inventions ard 

improvements end Lotter: patent for Speaking Telephones as aforo~ 


“said. whieh ho way make or acquire within the poriod of five years 

“hird: Tt is mutually agreed by the partios 
that ag to all such invontions -improvenonts and letters, patent - 

for Spoaking fTolophones as aforogaid which Rdison shell rake or 

ci op tncemeacante aine myey 9  e tee 

[rr rece tenance a ie aca i nae pi he Halter aaa 


Samba atill demaialiciacs : es aeeeewige : Ladaltinds 4 
: ™~ 
Y 5 . a 
‘@equire rospectively after the o-piration of the five years rene 

tioned in. tho preceding clause, and before the’ expiration of fif- 

teen years fro. the date of this inotruront, Rdison shall take 

@11 such stops. to savurs Latters patent of Jiraneo as are provi: . i 
ded-ain the first clause heroof, and im. odiatoly upon the issuc of 

such letters patent for any such duproverents. or inventions in 

speaking telophenes as nay be mado by him within the period Jast 

aferosaid, it shall be the duty of the purtinos herete to arree 

upon & corpensation te bo paid to Fdison for the invention or ine i | 

prevazent in spoakeng telephones described in such letters patent 

and in case they are not uble to agre: tegether within three renths 
@ : 3 
from -tha date of such jotters patent upon the price te be paid to 

-Rdisen therefor, the natter of compensation shell, on the. written 
demand cf cither party be submitted to the arbitration of two 

persons, ane to be cheson by cach party, and the dacision of such 

arbitrators-- or if ‘hey are: not able to ouree, they shall select 
“a third, and then the decision of two of such three arbitrators 

as to corpensation shall be final end’ binding wpon both partics 

heroto, And the cor pany will, ‘upen apreoment in cithor way, as 

to .tho price, fortiwith pay tho sane te Edison, and Mdison agrees — 

ta accept the price so fixed as full.compensation for all ‘his 
provolnents or Lottoers patont for which it ray bo provided. ; Ao 

' Fourth: It is further agreed that the custom, 

of the patents applied for’ by the party 



paid for by tho parties of the second 


righi, title and interest in tho respective. inventions or im - ; 

De ee ca are eee OnE eee tne ci teen 
eee ne Park howe erie neh em anesn gene men eet tl tachment no = sayin ee enon sty am ws 


part and alse that Lhe partios of the sovond part shall roirburse 
to tho party of the: first part his reasonable charges for experi 
‘nonis and the construction of jecding of ihe inventions conveyed | 
by him to the ecrpany, - The said charges not an any one ease to 

nxcaed the sur of Pive hndred Jollars, 

Cifch: Seth parties agroe tha’ this arreavont 


ap.lies only te the omers hip or uso of the inventsen nprove- 
Lonts herein referred to, within the Rerublic of france, and not 
elsewhere and letters patent for Spoaking deLaplandy omly as rey 
be @ranted by the Republie of France. 

Sixth: Edson and the beeceay mutually agrea 
that all the ecvenants and agreerents uade. herein by “hen. roupeete 
ively shell bind and inuro to tho benefit respectively of Rdisen’s: 
cxocutors, adirinistrators and eebieheess ; 

In Witness whorcof tho said Rdison has here te 
sot his hand and scel, end the Ger pagnie Genorale do "!ol. ophone 

do Franeo has hereto seteits corporate soal and caused its name 

to be sign od by its President the day an. yoar first above writ= 



PO Zo 7% Lex 10 
THEO: PusKAS OG, Coty no LCL. SG, 
Dy YZ | 

TT ode Lali 


Wall St.Corner Broad, 
New York, 


oaaan ee: ae Le 
elphia. oe } 
DREXEL, BL AATIES. & CO, ON A pA ces. 3 mp 

ee Cote eet pee fied 
Ss omeryv ehreH 



“hen Maven a MITER EAM: 

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LH it As|4 

sy nal 
§ beg ete Hho yor 4m 4 won ly | 

opie oY atte Ads amore be hand 
oie 4 tt (32a 
em Wh J ne pata te uyeunseel 

_ Hara eee ainaae 
in Ahad Auld ets Me edad Ae Hy 

Ae nouder. slieve “Me, 

Vea daewedu 

“Yours | fault. futly 

Menke Toucte 

Me: a. 

Ge ba 

baer "A 

Be | _ a 
Mer tietuthen, i rieren 



| (9 ies | [orton 

» Ke Mr rhode a " 
‘ A 

. SV Ww 

DREXEL, HARJES & CO. ; < z ‘a wi 

aoPARIS LY Bouler sere i baeibien: - 7 (hp. 
DREXEL & Co, “ : « be 

Philadelphia. 2 WU {& M \ 

»DREXEL, MORGAN & CO, Room LE ME oe ey j * } : 

Now-York. : 

LEE ture a4, Va 

Chey ey nee yt e 3 

erg ee ZO Mig: fe ieuaes 
ee Lifter lO prven A Pip Be 
: efeew ug gor + fa GEL fee wa 
ftvetl, Biche UP ibiee Ae. bar HE 
a Leer. Lt apes? Lik totes Cocke zed 
asec Lag vo & Lyte di pe OLA Bre 

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we e Gatley, Bele. ne ie pee Do 

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viee. Go x bn—sh, hoe Lorre? 
A Missi A emcee Spina a 
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Mer, Se a net atte tr ae at —— 
peg ey a any 9 -22400 , fe pee Lo 

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TARE ee a Fe, 

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as} \ _ . ! 
: < wes Sabu i: ee ae i 
2 : ot ~ t ~. - 


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hy een G aw BOSSES 

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lly dear) Lee, . ; , . oo 
dul petals He Wael teas 
dovenod Lilltra ws Mercantil bof) Me Kabob eof 
Mh Mules sf te Mab, Votroud nbig, Ver 
Holes 2 Lliflorvre’ Abe f wate uh Aww oD eid A—yord 4y 
pd. Pale peu abianaltaland of on veered with 
Me ilunh Cnobciioo wi Matriety of Med Lif beue— 
tpl Mle, Sie of Me Le bard of (00;0-06 

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(SOW OND) Seer Aen * ole oy apy is 
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a Ty ws Us gu fhaso: ch ele . eT ba velo. Corweled_ | 
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‘futsal tet AhGde Atte Lol mhy 
Aag has! eh ov ‘Mea Mer re Qaiy ied ew) ; 
ae, fb ffs aba dee. vtrifor formule a otall 
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Aisa fo iping te perilly wiforet cel fe 

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He Gaus, 
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Lb. WW. Avand Uflcie of the lifin O Lermanr | 
Med Ahoend, Aoutic sessing ap bl? 9 Le ele | 
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td. Gudkateau resting af dd hie. Lerguion Glau 
Lebout M. Moulsntt: Henitig at MOY uorebe| 
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C. Stoswll> pwecting ut MO 95 She de be 

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orioke! Ay, Gate -h8 é: 

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Melee ante oulovin ai oilisr fade Me dutty of 
ott the sepucch of Pe Ghesider Ma. , earn 

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de Mhwe Mipleane sn Geli Gocrew aid 
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te Mc anergpreored pi. witha Capit of P Malleind 7 
w Ande wm 16000 hance of IW Paned mh 
which O00 lo te eubecrted O00 fo te allibuhd 
th the Mou5e oe Unbhis ae Paes Ss eb trong ht 
ani by flown and aw Me folironn 777 

Tella -toacly Udeiow 180,400 
T the dmcly Sruer 104, $00 
oh Me a Aubeuiv Vf, 00d 


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wichig te tubsribe. Me 9000 a Chaser mame 

Ny Mae owe bein °° IG). S00 

Me eucly Sawer Wl, 600 

Ny the, daily hilttine /0G1. 000 
Ae: J 

The spf te be doit thal h. albibalel tne 
 fraperttin to Moe wrmnateif of tee Phares. 
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Mee Cectine of the atl of the Preceiig vty 
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On the wivilatin of the ; to uate tay ofsorma.— 
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: whch wnoe Rk near ooo 
Awe Ail come ae Pain prt $ tn 

1879. Telephone - Foreign - United Kingdom - General (D-79-041) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, reports, and other 
documents relating to the business of the Edison Telephone Company of London, 
Ltd., which was incorporated in 1879. Much of the correspondence is by Arnold 
White, the company's secretary. There are also many letters by Edison's 
associates, George E. Gouraud and Edward H. Johnson. 

Much of the correspondence is in the form of cable messages. Code names 
were frequently used for the authors and recipients of these cables. The following 
is a list of the most commonly used cable codes: 

Menlo Park London George E. Gouraud 

Quephone Edison Telephone Company of London 
Phonos [or Phonos London ] Edward H. Johnson 

Phonos Menlo Park Thomas A. Edison 

Approximately 90 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: correspondence from expr ess 
companies relating to the shipment of telephones; duplicate copies of selected 

args 8 
pol ey | a, Pas 
IP — 
etd -crac Ct’ Pa 
Oe ae aces 
we aAfcedec:. fof” g? 
Pom , ra 
; we 
AH Poet te oO  e teree 
_—— ee oe ; 
itponece oe pee Age oe Bctteter 20 
“e a “> “ 
Z - Loge we" A 
© ae pee Oe ew . & OB, 

af Lerche tooth feces ferred 
fiw rs ebeceee ete leer ct) . eccee Fo, 

tle Pere (77 Bee Shad pa ee wa 
tee SO CAce. ewe e AME ee edt 2 the 


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erect jee ae aaa bass yr ed Ped ere Oe 
cs oe Rez" Peesgecs 3 

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arin, ce ee oececee +8 oS cee ep. 

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oen thee ad wece artercd) el Capote tee 

oe erecarct! wee ete Chcccey, CHE atieg, 

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F : LG eee ye Fy ese) 

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Ne tee Ramee woe mee f ~ 

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fur thinlett 


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LAE Wt iitCLi iat 2S  OERN wb EIR oy A AS 1 ORNs Naeagne rire Sec ade ab lth ie RE Lt eg se 


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louns’ Fedag. dre 5 ae aohed Lite is tha 
Aretepare yeoten clay of ttreetr’ Bofey © Arafed, — 
Ittef Sire. 2 HG, peemsiceet Bets gene! Nese. 
tir Huo Alesrand has” Ke peceAN af a Corsenmacet + 
Mahe ere!) Y, joa Mss bp thy’ Hal pekertost hy tha’ effet Yrart fe 
vill he Glad to pee? Aafenet! Lfourcud ord the! pulyeed 
afrjend dwirkine. Qe the bntewhies What) broued? md 
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Opriitrce’ ov Denice GE Asecaisse ord Deu. plain) tulveld 
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Lf ghee’ ‘pepeanches toe’ Con elie: wv heres ah: Clhahja é Mah tors ; AY 
falas Alsesetsened fen bess: «? 4y Nander/ Une Aafersoon/ ax Shei ohh / 

rat seo layrce’ cw" prose ikke: Pere arofect bo tee ay aes res 

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foe (Mprsatete Lu firecred Lsueoiet hare. Wo Mae bor te 

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lint Hee! froudgyee 4 of Woo! thf peered ae (ere by” AS necain 
tee prope ele dk (efewey btt’ -ucewde) a- Stree’ hifi 
ae Me Aight Acct Place Da DP ae GMB? pal 
lo Chua tk Aidiordloerd} Haj pieet perhernto hat ae ee 
aR Vobig ask -: SARE Ace hea se/ rr Beds teisige: fee J Be 
af CU uc reed ee of the’ ened Arete dbrZs J. ¢ by 
ign frachonbte Nya ee ki Do Fie an AD bre fener? hetr ue 

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br e-fare’ ce’ te ty or Awe af £ - bo ole lac is fora’ he trrabled , 

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ordbd or! M7 Noting eo’ CPG Lrelonel! Vetnasd unths ca 

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i of a doceteo ap ate A Piece fs of 


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{copy FOLLOWS] | 


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é sed, S wow Z ee ioe . \ 

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6 ae STREET. £C. 

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(den! 5 Am SES 


Mr. 0. P. Edison has brought ovor from Monlo Park al 
couple of new telaphono reosiversa, invonted by Professor 
Edluon, and thoy woro teatod for the firat timo in this 
country yesterday, at tho office, No. 6, Lombard-atreot. 
The principle of tho olectre-motogroph was discovered by 
tho profossor somo five or alx years ago, but it bas only 
boon applied to thotelephonorocoiver quite recently. Inj 
this new telephono apparatna tho clootro-magnot, hitherto 
used in all telephone reoeivera, is entirely disponaed 
with, and tho cleotro-motograph principle is aubstitnted. 
This, by its greater dolloacy and power, ja mado to 
vibrato a very much largor disphraga thon ia poasiblo 
with tho olootro-magnot, thus’ giving groater volumo of 
sound, and obviating tho nocessily for helding tho tele- 
phono to the esr. Tho instrament in Lombard-atraot is 
covnooted by tho ordinary telegraph wiro witha sooond 
instrumont jn Priuocs-streot, Bank, and although tho 
olronit is only about o quarter of a milo it is oliimod that 
tho offeot obtained would be as perfect on o olronit 
of several hundred miles. A convorsstion was kept up 
between tho occupaits of tho offices in which the tro 
machines wero placed, and the sound roocived was quite’ 
as loud, although scarcely na diatinot, us the voice of tho 
person talking. Tho great foature of tho instrament is| 
that by it the voice of the spoaker is transmitted to tho| 
diatant atation withont loss of volume, and, indocd, in! 
some instances it ia rather increaned than vthorwise. 
Tho transmitter sang songs, whistled, and made odd: 
noises, and ovory inflection of tho voice was perfcatly 
oudiblo in any part of tho room. The now tolophona! 

roduces the highest musical notes with tho samo perfos- 
fon ag tho lowor onos—on imposeibility with the old 
machino, Those points of superiority aro duo to tho 
foot that whilo in tho clectro-magnet tho electric wavos: 
conatitute tho foroo which vibrates the Giaphragin of tho, 
rocoizor, in the Kow machino they only control it, the 
foroo'nsed boing striotly local, either tho powor of hand 
orglockwork, Toso tivo instramonts, which have been 
brought from America by Professor Edison's’ nophow; 
are not highly foishod, haviug boen mado at o short 
notice. Thoy are to bo uaod by Professor Tyndall in bia 
Teotures on Profoseor Edison's invontions. 


eda a element 
Blox wea 


: etch tal t 
invitation :from Colonel Gouraud, | 
's. representative fn London, poveral: gentlemen 
: Lomtbard-atreot, : to: witness“ the.” first 
splay ‘in: ‘England * of’ thé’ now‘ loud-apedk- 
ing telephone,” invented by. Mr, Edison... Two-specimons: 
of. this marvellons instrament‘have just beon brought‘ over 
to-Hagland « by’ the inventor's nephew, Mr, Charles P. 
Edluon.: Ono: of: theeé. telephoues. is. fitted upIn Colonel: 
Gouraud’s: office in Lombard -street, and. the. othor in'an, 
oftice in ‘Prince’s-street,” tear’ the” Bank!“ The. two inatru-- 
ments are in clectri¢hl connection with each’ other over a 
wire in! the: daual ‘way, ‘and ‘tho: distance’ ts of coursa 
alight, the rotite- beisg only atout a quarter of & 
mile long, but the results are belfoved tobe quite capabls of 
odyotion on clrrulte of considerable length, as for instance, 
Potween London ands orwith, If the temporary uso of Messrs, 
Colman's private wire can ;bo ‘obtalned for the purpose, 
a trial of ‘ite nowinstrument will bemade on that ofroult,and ; 
it {a oxpooted thas still greater’ distances will: ba auccassfully. 
traversed. The . ee Yesterday rae ognduatad “by 
r, ” Kdlgon'a : nsatatant,'DMr,"Adaraa,. “who: Soharze 
of. the “ibstrument mbard-atrost, ‘while’ Br 0, B.- 

edison wea, tn “che By a Poe pel ers ero 

yotos of. the in Princesa heard ‘yaater- 

day. iri'the office in Smbandatreet, wit The iaioat Jorveot 
WF toon 

|distinctness.~\Thero: was no" 

‘oocanlon to pi 
recoiving instrument,» Tho‘valoa could be. 
I nd 


in any, part ofthe room, | although th ent wasa 

;amall che: ib; wis verident 2 serene would still: 

be ya besn:' per ed by fie sound poaking back 
‘to,-Princes street: the, wot ieee er, Was: place: 

r 0 the dlaphrag: this te no}; aa nowual necessity, 

a pet trumpet, Improvised. 

we by this’ instre- 

oat). fron. cite: AML 

tranamitteds'” When’ 
ro errunsitted to Tanbaad otedet 
wore: trad “tui Tom! ; 

1 much ad precka oa’ shat the whlotlar scemed 
lactuilly ‘prosent Jn’ @, roan," and: it-swas'focularly 
fabserved that, “FUDD 4 un wah fine 
i + performer, - .:, Sin, rn ts ae 
but this wa Tesi :rotaaptenb ‘than the porfa. alstinctness 
twith which the moss. rapid. epaaking was carried on : 

to Introduce this romarkabie i 
tabes“at. the Hoyal Institution! 
Per dtaaned a tral et ithe appaivees ash 
tet witnested w trial’ ) atas Yani 
mush delighted et fia suoceanful working, 

Mek Co 






| AAARCH 15, 1849. | 

A Loud-Speaking Telephone. 

WE yesterday had an opportunity of witnessing the performance of 
a new telephone, invented by the ever-indefatigabte Professor 

Edison, It is known to most people that the telephone has hitherto 

been only'a scientific toy, the sounds therefrom resembling the last 

faint accents of a moribund person under suffocation. The instru- 

ments that are said to have delighted audiences with concerts given 

200 miles away were totally incapable of conveying ordinary con- 

versational sounds, so that they: were practically useless, Mr. | 
Edison has, however, by applying the principles of his “ electro. 

motograph ” to the telephone, so perfected the instrument that ordi- 

| nary words spoken are clearly heard to all in a room, no matter at 

| what ‘distance, If anything, the sound is intensified 

i none is lost. Yesterday an experiment was tried with 

| made apparatus— thrown together,” as Mr. Edison apologetical 

| describes it, in a few days, Nevertheless, the action was wond 
fully satisfactory. The telephone was fixed in a house in Lombard- 
street, another heing in an office in Princess-street, Bank, 

length of wire being about half-a-mile, Eve 
distinctly heard, as if the speaker were on th 

oO Bredimd,— 

ly to.a number of: gentlemen, 
Vilation, at No, :6,\Lombard- 
represéntod: by Colonel Q:! 
Gavo tho necessary explanations, 
tho Invention may bo’ described in 
.of using a strip of paper, 
motograph, tho, inventor 
mixéd with a, chemical, 
soda, ‘it’ boing ‘alway, 

went: thero by'ins 
tho professor ban 
Gpuraud’ sind others; wha: 
The chiuf Poouliarity of ; 
a fow words, Insfead' 
asin tho caso of tho eloctri¢. 
{hs08 ‘a chalk oylinder, | 
|, ncctate “of. ‘mo 

e other side of 

the wall Speaking through 2 tube, Briefly we will endeavour 
to explain the scientific action, though we fear it will not be 

sufficiently explicit to suit the non-scientific reader, 
of mica four inches in diameter .is held in a su 
work. Ahand crank is made to rotate a small 
(previously impregnated with the proper chemical so! 
continuous forward motion directly outward from tl 
diaphragm. One end of the metal bar is fastened to 

linder is rotated, its 

‘ay, ond’ thon, as: tho’ ¢ urrent - passes through. 

send 4,000 vibrations er scoond through th 
10: BAM ‘number of 

giving forth sound. No 
\ wwity of tho wiro for trans 
i" between ‘this nove 

the diaphragm, and the other end rests upon the chalk cylinder, ; 
being held down very firmly by a spring. he circuit is made from . 

this metal bar, through the chal cy! 
cylinder is rotated either by hand or other power, 

hich: thera . wos :aix 

a: 1 di 
"houring; “or a” Painful “dia 

inder to the base, 

between the metal bar and the chalk cylinder is very considerable, | 
and the diaphragm is drawn or bowed outward toward the cylinder, ; 
This operation is purely mechanical and local. When the electric | 
Waves are transmitted from the distant station by the speaker (who 
uses Edison's carbon transmitter) over the wire to the receiver, each 
/ Wave as it passes through the chalk cylinder effects by electro. 
| chemical decomposition more or less neutralisation of the friction 
| between the bar and the c linder, according as the wave may be a 
| strong or weak one. The resultant effect of each wave is the 
{ freeing of the diaphragm, permitting it to regain its normal Pposi- ; 

the voice of the speaker, the action bel 

sistod almply. of. two pl 
tago’ of a hreak -in th 
break, in’ tho cirouit, ‘th 
nding to the degrea of } 
on. is: tho, first’ applica’ 

former there is uo 
t being increased. oy das! 
reassure onthe carbon. 
lon of tho prinof 
acovered -by Mr, Lid 

velopmont, and in coutmst 
fastrumont: now on, its’ 

j tion, Thus a series of electric waves, with the alternate space 
| between, effects n vibration of the diaphragm in perfect accord with 

ing solely electrical and sont to.this country 

days having boon votaupied in 

chemical, In this new telephone Apparatus Edison dispenses 
entirely with the electro-magnet, having a make and break action, 
heretofore used in all telephone receivers, substituting the electro. 

superseding the speaking tube and telegraph, 

, practically’ tosted . to. 
Tor seats dean 

to tho-ofildes “ot! 
Ny, Cornhill bi 

motograph principle, having an induction current. Ail doubt as to 
the future uses of the telephone are now removed 3 it is no Ion 
scientific toy, but a practical article of general utility, capable of 

tho repetition. o ithe months of fn 

t tres ankos “Do 
ovon’.ten or twelva’: 
tho’-volca: sounde: f 
“boing about: tha’ aol’, diffo 
his great, supurjority* over’ forme: 
aintaindd -remaiue 
ppear «ta. 
gard yout 


[jem i A. 

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CSSD ; " Z em, 3 ie 
Btn es 
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MEewrpe ee F- Afr LOE, yo = — Ps — 
ee Bs “ge we 
Be | eI. 2. 
Bee ete. : a Act Poel 

whe. eee : 

wa a ihe et rs i ids Ae ad ka Win Cake AVCOEN theo OES Sia swe ihe inita 9 he 0 Raa SAM bet 


Bie ge ae 
wee & Se . : 

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eee” a a ee aera 


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BCE (lacen ee 
Loew. ZAK pow 

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BEES Bs Maw. 
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a ve Sees = 


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aos a 

Keer. ellen Lag ipe fT pee oe Le 

a eas | 
vy” Le Llc | ae ae © €epze- — 

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ig fe ee gic ees | LLB: Cocoon 5 " 4 aid Va 
LE a SS oe EE. , oe | ° : 
ane a eats - hele A oes Meier 

Gta! Aas Aa wer oe ee _ Ae 
fe ee ht ee es 

yes. Wie 

nd 2 ksh Sain aA Saha apt ainbgld 


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Ce oe. 

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(Breage Wee CLe, 
2 oer 

fle = Ka. Lon. 

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ye , a -- 


oe Pig, & . 2 i | po: ri 

“ox ban. Crk, G@ Moment gee <ie 

Ole of a Meds Chine o Crlors. hee Clete 
Lhe whe Sy opps Yow a ee aS ee orn 
ee ae Lape Poppa: Mi. Pea Wi ies ena. aa 
recs C77 Vetegohrree tofese he Gal het 
Chia. pei Pae Poe: & Bette lilen Ted ay fond 
Lhe Men tes ce h Kien el wet, 
Ua: ee Lecter. ee CPi foto ee 
Tames: ee beet ; | Pie tts ~Xee hy. he Vays ter 
UML en) fob ae ff et Lacll: bd jforctasae) 
| ae Se Pee Cee Exd orternutrt - t- Fite aeae: 
. Vom Bae ee Aen A The ae ead tl Cask Wicd 
on ancdl Uouee y Matay bp Die Wee as 
“x Saat. tn Te Gatley The Ob, ease 
oe oles errs an ys pe haa Bea) : 
Vira dies Chewy ws Ly alle Jasraslf g ale tern’ 

Pe Peaucty 9 Me raaticr Meindl fib Dares Oa Bune. 


es orl Cfhreeeatt Alora Cas poo ane ee gfe Sin. Bees 
fey foo Cinmce of We Offer tlcing Cantone Cf Mia fo eT eem ee 
Le her Ke ton, meng” of ivlrrd CG: ee fowhod 
Aa eed @ notte &% proto; ra J a gene beeen | 
in oes. a Poe tgp be eae ae Kho Prova (a 

yas Mitucifo-6 Cth AS aw, Com of PE ee Milo tee 

pies fe eed chat ta ‘Ze oho CON eee jp Cael ten ig 

rar te. sa he ae pews Dae Gos ee ay ¥- f 
Wwe are toy gr, ae A lela si Leon, 

brtlh Atel ino fforet me fnowefetlg St Mas 

vd ic ae as < eeE 

y, Eirvnitoitirtbieel Aarne <3 
a. aa ge hut os 
as Dav Lecce 
, eo ee ee tet 
oo ‘cau i Areget aa 3 
ee ee Pe eee, Raphi Petlpwv7 fae 
Leow areca acer QAM @ teathKctew ww Ae 
Betalineng tong oan realm Ripa 
eg uF EO eG ieee 
er eee eee a ae ae al Lid FRO” 
. tel epee ees, ent 
Loner Kicat Looe 2 po ¢ 

oc a oat ai dS UAL aca eo eh ia a hn 2a oho ace aS Fay Wot ia ORLA ese tn ditabed gua inig cubn ais gnieh sit ie a a as 

Lorrw : 45 ro an etfreeceds Kd einer A 
foe Co) FS Raper mer) ace fet? sy 
Atheele foe Kova Meaq palyere Lf Biehl Fe. 5." 
© Ce a FID con Couwwel elele, t- OF FEAT +r) Qeaoun/ 
 FKO Gteal Sreereew eit diet PER EAL ES, 
wrerertKeleew. Febrrvemeenclare L ae nas 
ent haLepry AM nme la ood) Ho at. aay a ale 
Ani atto £4 sieve D bert XtihecXiped 2/ ee eeiO 

wero Lreeh cure) af sats) seaaagist v7 

VKit er tater ad 4 Vy 
WP LAAS YO ere as 
or aan 
Eo srnecd FB A Rane i a 
casefia a oe po 
. Atiees/ sr ae 2 mice pies Asta 

a NS alias a ba lea oa ed, 

TRS ot et Of errand parents 


on dew 

Extract from * The Times,” April 4th, 1879, 
(And other Datly Papers.) 

Tig Rovat Socinty.—At the meeting of the Council of the 
Royal Scciety, held yesterday, the following 15 candidates were 
selected to be recommended for election. The day fixed for the 
election is Thursday, June 12; J. Anderson, M D., Rev. M. J. 
Berkeley, 1. Bessemer, Profeseor A. Crum Brown, W. L. Buller, 
Sc. D., G. H. Darwin, Profeesor J. D, Everett, Professor F. S. B, 
Frangois de Chaumont, Professor G. D. Liveing, G. Matthey, GJ 
Romanes, A, Schuster, Ph. D., Profesor H. G. Sceley, B.Williumson, 
and T, Wright, M.D. At the meeting of the Fellows of the Royal 
Society on Wednesday evening communication by telephone was 
established between the Royal Institution and Burlington House. 
With Profeseor Tyndall at one extremity of the wire and Profesor 
Huxley at the other, much amusement was caused among those | 
present, among whom were Lord I.awrence, the First Lord of the 
Admiralty, Lord” Houghton, Sir James Paget, Professor Owen, 
Mr. Spottiswoode, P.R.S., Sir J. Fayrer, Mr. Waterhouse, and 
Colonel Gouraud (Mr. Edieon's representative.) The- feusibility of 
.-telephonic communication was clearly demonstrated, the voice being 
distinctly audible over the whole of a Iarge room. The instruments 
used were Edigon’s new loud-epenking telephones, 


| Cael foe Lo00 leliphent 

a Bilin ghee 

ms Af O snl driest) 
ah ; 


ie 1 <Bnbored A Creel B.C, 

re LF. cae TE 

os Giese 
ee ae — 

Nee ee Ancré 

URIS tS OTANI 510K ide i eal tial 9 eat dh UA la i ta bea ig 


Ve LEE... ine ak 4a i eights 
Axe eo ae A herein 
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_ 13™ Moy 1819 
Baris a Cie iS) 
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J hewal Ao, acho Ag afer HnoA cod A hedeey the lo® bal, 
ot the Thrace o f- the, is of tRe: Boy ot Seccatey , 

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“nae 4 ART Anarce Arembe ro of fot 5 | emer of | Tewtice 
Anenrd, foes frssent ow henrevotnntins of: Yat! Melfi hire 
: Qs fou mefher bw tke, ye, of ae protest 
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Sha. Sore’ of Wile Ait nes A, Cu, 
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Calle eget authority Z 

Sea. Mary (os usig 

Pore Grete cate frome you today a0 follows —- | 
” ReAcoun Ron een ot ethy OO: es Oe ee Ee cas Se 
get +tRoa—wn arbiter co Avsoatre feed 1D Abu Oe -t TRAN, 
Cate Now D an eat co-fired OR at of Um coubeceee 
* Re Gorton PR ew meng hte, - and he. ‘Oioel 2. howe nett 
ve thee mater Qe wtuts rete Kaur feteen aR | 

on a atep Con-ae cy erent hy yee Oke F se rs ae) lo heres 

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ox Rtanatery SetiKine OZ anne #4 uphotdo me Annawan. 
Wee Tate i Sea ~Cetkine nrefere ote CS ALR. chow. 


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Rese. ; d thiw bi fer the wreecinl- *+5-th~- 
She oy ease thant D ean AKER to wt +~ > elie 
eeele C2 that. mu rtitke) ae 2 Prave heard free 
outoidt CPoteo, OLso, Far conveyed de aR. Orta 
thet ashen > Sgt Londen 8, Garis 9 dred Re 
ium & b, Deak chk Risterrek ey undu, 
atveod 20 Ais wee YHod mo puek Lntintions, Note. 
Wn whitt dwcee by cable Rat GF wound be cn 
olenden the day bifers dhe Prince of Wats ehibitun, 
he Keesiny DQowas ln Londen teal tng for Raw 
at foward st nevthilin, Pe tock Gh. witli 
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hw Yesanrces - UB ann cht a one ho ame and -Re- + HR, 
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but FO, orhisy oo kuyly Urtfrrer +o Kho, tke a. a whee, : 
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bey a prey orto VAD Pro avk Ran the . . 
Counts  to< heard GCeurA YD pee frrnn Ate Wr. AA Ung 
nnd ‘d- ee owt at i) con cden a frau Compand 
bh the ANN an exhibition ? hes Arena Cn8 es 

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siesta | Ao Miwa. asan +h ae haniaqe aces Onn ad ara 
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shor AQiwsas to Aa a aa Cpr ree eee this 

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on «Lae urbe io unt& epee ae ‘Poet eae ne en I hau, 
hone Sa taaciaee | Kons that Boeri err —tarhiks tons \ fs 
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the cain 26 Cork — D -eawnt— lene 

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worthy, but FD Rang ROA eae on few beter, 

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a Lig "ond | pare: 30 pence tor Rrviny aroiutawts 
AMO eRe AES. Dant— aay ? hase wend +~ word un Ce Le 
i ater i ca ve WwW Ao Near arn FD car erage 


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Atos t 63 ahr andy Ae he enti ats : 

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geablen eee AOL ae oe Fone Oe, 

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i) i Qrifice, Or 5j( : oy 
TPegtern ‘leetrie fi safe Aempanp, 

Manufacturers, Ics : ae sal ea f a kinds of 

No. 628 Chestnut Street, 


VU ctadelpubeic, Muy : VJ 1E? F 


Anson Sram, President, 
Enos M. Hakion, Secretary. 

Muu, YW bdeww. 

SSO TE thive 43 iw Cuiglitle Mai ueuy 
frme Pepe yee eles bhentes Je Curofe, au they Witte ditty eueygele 
ee A Shuestaus to fi we nud ulyodue Wee Aypeieiee ty lhe ferengead 
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Last night s paper on Edison's now {clophone vas 
read ‘by Mr. Conrad. WW. Cooke before the Soc Hoty. for, 
the ‘Excourspoment of. Ar Manofacturos, and Com- 
merce, Adelphi, .Profossor ‘J. Tyndall ocoupied the 
chair, and thero ‘was a crowded audience, - - -- eget 

4 ‘Mr. COOKE said ho bad to speak of-a receiving inatra- 
mont whose diaphragm wasset Into vibration by a process 
altogothor different Renelple to that of apy. provions 
tolephono,” He meant. . Edison's olectro-chamical or. 
leuthspenking telephone, et mas purivalled «for 
wer, and was , if not soperior, ‘other re- 

i Pavers for clearnens and artlenlattees aes 
,] An inatrnment fixed againat the wall recefved from a 
\| gentleman in a different part of tho building the sound 
fof acornet boing -played, the singing of the National 
j Anthem, and a recital of the names uf the months, &o, 
;| In each instance the sound was beard with distinotneas 
by the audience, - fakes goths 
‘The OHAINMIAN, in_proposing avote of thanks to 
Mr. Cooke, warmly oulogi id. the ‘lecturer. Ho stated 
that it was due to Mr. Edison tosay that he was very 

‘perfect one, . It had been‘in action for ‘a ‘considerablo 
timo in-this country, . It had gone through a series ‘of 
rough trials, and when he operated upon itits tones were 
|| undoubtedly better than they, were that night. “Still |) 
| tho andience had heard that it was very olear and {dis- 
tinct, . There was not_anaction that had been brought 
{] forward that night, or that had been- brpught: forward 
‘| from the beginning -.0f the - davolopment of: the = tole- 
|] phone, whic if placed bofore #. sclentifio man, woul A 
pot hava from him .the romark, “all that is 
possible.” «That .was: theory; but ‘the. dictum. 
of the scfentific man.. would have been‘ that Afr,: 
Edison would never: realise his. dream. He nover would. 
|| bave expeoted that ‘such ‘alight variations of resiatance 
and the strength’ of the ‘current would have produced 
those marvellous, effects.- -Phoso. discayeries came in 
curious groups, A frptt discovery came almnltaneously 
from. the. brain ‘of . Newton: au ‘another, philosopher, 
while the great doctrine of the: origin of speoics oconrred 
| almost simultaneously. to Darwin and Wallace. ‘Ae ‘to 
this instrnment, when he, (Dr.. 
it the sourco :of sound . was: 1 J 
receiving instrament boing ‘at Albemarle-strest, in‘the 
Royal Institution. -Ho repeated a Roem from. Emerson,‘ 
and every ‘word was’ received’ with’ auch distinctness”: 
‘) that it was heard in the most distant part of the theatre, 
of the. Royal.-Institution, ...(Oh rH) Siete ete get 

: The vote of thanks was pasted ntni ere, 

co eee Boe 

nah Charli Ne ita Me E an e 


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CK ae: pa Cay are 

\Provesson Tena EOF "QDIsON’s: TELEPHONE. 
At the Booiot OE Arte t evening, Professor Tyndall 
j Scoupying en Gretta We Oooke. read @ paper. upon 
‘fare eel #,,electro~ -cheinical ‘ors loddes] gt 3. $8! leptiono, 
eford's “orowdod ineating sof Indies and'gentlemen. <The 
inslage of tha-telephong, as shown in ‘the friyon- 
oma pe eal ‘atloy/-La Cour, and others withio'tho Inst, 
toutes years: having -beon’ “briefly sketched in* hia! esshy, 
thé lecturer came fo. ‘ot mord*recent times, and desoribed 
dt somowhat length:the. "apparatus conatructed by 
Protessdé Graham Bell “Qguiing next to the subjectim- 
mealatel in handsho: ” proceoded* to ‘explain ‘in ‘minute, 
f 8 searbon: “telopbons.aud. ‘the: : elootro-chémis 
le Mteloehoeae .of : Mr, . Editon: ‘The: locture; which 
‘| was alinost. purely; technical--in - character, was! 
| Dlustrated with“aznuniber of; intorosting «diagrams, and | 
,| oloctrical‘and meahanieal oxperiments.:- “Among the’ latter, 
Yas included the the p Seeearalsaany: of differant sounds through: 
i] an Gleotro-ch telephone, from a’ distant - part of-tho: 
pa elect chem hin eal fale of wire, equal, it was ‘stated ‘to 
& resistance of twenty miles.” The tones of n cornat werd 
clearly, .audible ., throu this! f/mediom . throughout 
tho. hall;:’as ;.wore:'alao pee of! fhe, “humani'voico, 
although?:the:. latter uired:,a'pooullar: nasal 
quali in frouemiation ‘oposin vote of thanke: 
‘to Mr. Oooo for hid paper, Professor 7 eal sald thit' ho 
“had.: Ustened <to1,it:: throughout'-y cu wit tae tne 
torost, ‘and ‘beens, struck,’ erie on! 
| deép :kdoWwlodge 1 of tho.subjept, vdiaplayod:> ta be ‘bat 
i} also with'tte grosty fellcity' of expression. ihe you 
{ft ho-thaughkt, Bast: bare” oli: the, roading ‘to, be..a/ eat 
atrain: upon their‘ attention ;: pote tha, looturer had morely, 
'T opendd up tho: way; and, they.’ ust proseouta ‘thoir ktudy: 
ofthe. aullloat sor ory themuslves,; for which: purpeso they, 

° be 

“could! pok.d an Rady: a Pape to: which’ thoy. 
had Hatened, to th an ght it duate’ Pilla t Tout that 
that fipntlema: Was, Vory: desirous ‘that people iu England: 

show Id bo aware that he didnot look instrumont: 

expat ono, Thy oxpétinionta: ‘which had juat; bien 
day Piatessor ymin mae aL tiheate tat ee 

Balen tastes may ho’ fotther atcled),be had gested: 
crete tr te Pleat otoae and. he 
10. ution + eraarla-s! ty 
‘Foal 6 iy eu OFF to, thosu. wliloh' iad" Just oy ‘ob: 

tainod.:. However,! tithe: results. alrdady? od Were £0 

I far sreirknble «that: ‘the: "would haye;hooa pronounced 

impossible * by:. abish tila: ‘nied not ypry long’’ago:* Thore'|}. 

no sotion, wh! ‘own in the ‘ | 
ae dovelopmucht af the: er cane iasaot nee 
‘ould ro ot OE _ f ec hero sande eg) 

ie Taha: 

‘find ep lied ‘for: n: patoot for: nsmitting’: cons. 

\ trlvaneos of /bimtlar- ah a on:thd very aime ‘day. ob thoy 

‘samo your; Profdssor Tyndall said: d;that curiously enough 
‘puch fi ois f20¢ oquebiy as ay ps. 2 Bo: far by 

}] tho Hmo: of oN awto ea casi Robes eared ti 

statlooualy from tho. brains of. Newton an Laibi 

4t'wos Swit’: gio, Godtaiae of: thozorigin’of: elena walle 

dhad-ocaut ith tue te Dare fe a to Wal Hos ay 

: Sthroughoi Wwholo} 

Belen title: thoug! sha rs tain! 

rumost ploticerns 

te eee 

i[sfovel fo wich the Fo 
{about the’ aa 

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Melon ted 
WR thw’ 
Vly Be LO va 

Zw : ; 
EE AE oS es 
fone Bo Ae joe eg tetecl 

Areca Ze fooad hth, cS aay Cafe Gl é, 
cee ee of ae Day, den 


eee eee. ont he eet ee, AED ae ae ae ae 
SY ee ae Sy ae ee aL 

ty hay of Aol He cag, we oy. 

ile ft He Geseie Ho Bz ee ee SR A 
PRs daa a Rm ed eis 
Yes VSM ae Con Cle a (atink Opin 
oe as LE Sa | 

oy cy” 
C.Lornlaiil’ Sbrect: AC. 

2 te | eet Ge 
<a O47. onz Db Mertary SS Y : ‘Tan Epison Tatzpnonn.—A vary interesting 

Jand instructive lécturo.on the Edison telephone was de - 
Dickies Qa. Concer) 7 ¢. 

 Hyered on Wednesday evening before the Soc: hyo Artaby 
Mr. Conrad W, Cooke, Professor Tyndall, ¥.R.8., being In ° 
Motto Fate 
Mus Foray . wi, 

2 y) 
aan Frakay 4.3 May 699 

tho chair, In dealing with his subject, whish he pursued at | 
considerable length, the anthor traced the rise and pro- | 
gress of the telephone, poticing its development at various 
atages of its oxistenco by its different practical exponents. i 
Tho first successful transmission of articulate speach toa . 
distance by means of clectriclty waa effected by Professor, 
Graham Bell in 1876, as announced by Sir William Thom: |; 
son at the meoting of the British. Association in Haat year. | 
Prior to that, however, Reis, Varley, La Cour, and Elisha 
| Gray had succeeded in tranemitting musical notes electri- 
|| cally as a practicable and. usefal mode of signalling. Tho 
details of these devolopments wore described by Mr.Cooke, | 
after which he reférred to the ‘thread telephone, and. then 
descried. the, present Rall talephone. Mr. Edison’s 
carbon telepliono waa next brought “under notico, / 
and its principles explained. A referenco, to the 
crown tolephone of Mr..G, Af. Phelps led up to the 
latest: development ‘of Mr. Edison—namely, bis loud: 
apcaking telephono, As this instrument..was de- 
scribed in The Times of tho 17th of March last, wo need ; 
only here observe that it consists, first, of a small chalk 
cylinder, specially prepared and mounted on a horizontal | 
axis, and revolved beneath a metallio strip which is pressed | 
upon the chatk, the latter being kept damp. At the point | 
where the ateip reats upon the oy Inder is o amall plate of . 
platinum, snd the opposite end of the atrip is attached to 
the centre of adiaphragm of : mica, fixed to the framing of | 
the inatrument by its clroumference. . By conncsti: Ca 
atrip to the zino element of a voltaic battory, and the ebalic 
i| eyliader to the copper pole, and rotating. the oylinder ata | 
uniform apecd away from tho. disphragm .° when { 
no current is pussiog, tho friction between the | 
mofstencd  surfaco of the chalk. andthe platinum | 
atrip draws tho contre of tho diaphragm inwards, The 
moment, however, an clectrio current pastes hétween | 
tho strip and tho cylinder, electro-chomical decomposition | 
takes placo, the friction is reducéd, ‘and tho diap 
files back. If avariable or. undulatory. current of elco- 
tricity bo transmitted through the instrumont, the din- 
phragm will be kept in continual motion by the constantly 
verying friction existing between the obalic ‘and the pla- 
tinum, By this means all the complex sonorous ondula- 
tions propagated ‘by human articulation - instantly producd 
their corresponding variations of fricttonal resistance, and 
the diaphragm reproduces, in a. loud voice,. the words 
which arc being attered into the telephone at. the distant 
station. The working of this telep: one was admirably 
iRustrated by meaus of the only instrument at ent ix: 
this country, “which . is; Bir. Edison’s “rough experi- 
mental apparatas, Songs sung throngh it from a distan{ 
*| room in the samo building, tunes played on the cornet, and 
also whistled, were roproduced with force ond fidelity in 
-| tho Lecture-hall, to the gratification of a crowded andianee. 
At the conclusion of tho lecture; Professor Tyndall,’ in‘ 
o complimen speech, proposed o vote of thanks to Mr, 7 
Cooke for his intercating lecture; which was hoartily ac: ! 
corded: by thoso present. . E my 

rodent. Wa? ah cetigicie eo abe eel 


Ae LD . 

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MN: beete “cw abet tefuuttot 
Une het.w, protec epotwced | aw, 

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A] eee Q ° Onis rr? Coq 7 
Hie Sank 
. Mus Jincey wh Oo. 
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the Teterboro? fralbrto. , 

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Br: soe Mrs Dor~e), Hat the grants unde) the Gx A 
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Letters, ee a sis 

to Fak The 

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Tie Aol aul Stock Mca Af omyany, 

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he AE liven; Coy 


| Yours of fun! A twas rec? vail day aflemoon MI 
Yates by tar toda handed OMe | Pitcnts La jecloc wilh, Hts tos 
formatten rd Ay hay “hrsady tgeeittel? & esicbash wilh, 
, elie: oS Horcfors Chews ~an wstouded Aefley, le Y ieee bat a 
oe cre ad tor €h aay at wey Yor Mithene, Aer 
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The Afjot aul Stock Telegrayh Af ompany, 


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oft. Spans Vdece jy coke hus) 



oy: Cfitrcenlly cttpencto, Vi DAD hic “2lech) far eeto— 

oe then. CBee erences, Co Cento J 6-3 ‘ tv 

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A. B. CORNELL, 699 BROADWAY. aaa eee ae 
lat View-Pres. & Treas, ; H. W, POPE,’ General Superintendent, 


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avhich «2 tontermplotecd by thotast nance Agreement 

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“Srticles of “Agreeient. einen HOMES, aLics, BISON gi, Atet 

Park New Jersey U.S.A. the Patentee and Owner of the. Patents specified in 
wes the schedule hereto of the one part and. THE Ricut Honouraste EDWARD 
_ PLEYDELL BOUVERIE of 44 Wilton Crescent in the County of Middlesex 

England and the other persons whose names’ appear at the foot hereof opposite 
the number of shares to be subscribed for by them in the Company hereinafter 
- mentioned of the other part’ t : iia. Seeks eoied 

up fon ant 

1, The parties hereto of the second part’ will within two calendar months.after.the 

“execution of this Agreement by the said ‘Thoinas Alva Edison-form a Company’ to ::be 


~ } régistered ‘under thé Compiiniés’Acts 186280 Satnts 7 7-with ability linkite by: shares aid’ 

“to be called the “Eptson Tsuirnong ‘Company-or Lonpon Luwrep” for’ the purpose of 
“purchasing and acquiring the said Patents ‘and ‘with such Memorandum and -Articles: of 

* Association as shall contain nothing at variance with the provisions of this Agreement . ~ 
2. The capital of the said Company shall be £200000 divided ‘into ‘2000 sharés of 

£100 each of which capital £20000 shall be first issued and shall be actually’ subscribed 

; for within twenty-one days-after the formation of the Company with power to ‘increase the 
capital beyond £200000 and with power to issue any part of the original capital other than 
‘the first issue. of £20000 or any part of the increased capital with such preference or priority 
. as may be thought desirable by the Company , SS et he 
8. The consideration to be paid by the: Company to the said Thomas Alva “Edison 
-for the said Patents shall be a minimum royalty during the continuance of the said Patents 
or of any patent for any substantial improvements of 20 per cent. of the gross rent: or 
purchase money of each Telephone. leased or sold by the Company (except to. District 
Companies as hereinafter provided) or a sum equal to the amount of dividend actually 
divided among the’ Shareholders in any year whichever of these amounts shall” be’ the 
greater but if in any year or years the royalty of 20 per cent. shall be greater’ than 
the amount of dividend actually divided among the Shareholders the excess shall, ‘in 
_the first subsequent year or years in which the amount of dividend shall be greater than tlie 
‘royalty of 20 per cent. be deducted therefrom The royalty shall be paid’on’ the usial 
quarter days and the excess (if any) payable in respect of the amount of dividend actually 

_ divided shall be paid as soon as may be after such dividend shall have been paid ; 
4, The Company shall on the execution and delivery to it of the necessary assignment 
_or assignments of the said Patents pay to the said Thomas Alva Edison or to his 
‘order in London the sum of £5000 by way of advance on account of the payments 
contemplated in clause 3 No further sum shall be paid by the Company to the ‘said 
, Thomas Alva Edison until the said sum of £5000 with interest thereon or on such part 
‘thereof as on the 1st day of January in each year shall remain unpaid at the rate of 
£5 per cent. per annum shall have been equalled by the payments contemplated by clause 3 
_ The Company shall also before the 3ist December 1880 expend a further sum of £5000 
‘in the purchase of Telephones laying down of Wires advertising salaries and office or other 
expenses to be incurred in the development of the business of the Company in London: - 
5. The Company shall be entitled without further payment to all extensions of the said 
patent rights and to all improvements upon the said inventions or the application of the 
‘same which may be made by the said Thomas Alva Edison during the continuance of the 
' said patents ee : Bes 
6. The said Thomas Alva Edison will subscribe for and the Company will on the first 
* allotment of Shares allot to the said Thomas Alva Edison one Share of £100 a 
7. The first Directors of the Company shall not exceed seven in number OF the 
Directors the said’ Thomas Alva Edison shall during ‘the continuance of the said. patent 
tights nominate one possessing the qualification required by each of the other Directors who 
shall be an ex-officio member of all Executive Committees of the Board The Director so 

‘“mominated--may by ‘a* power ~of: attorney appeints-any -other-<person:: possessing ‘the-gaid-. .--.--- 

: Board of Directors or any Executive Committee and the person so appointed shall in’ case 

“of such absence have all the powers of the Director nominated by the said Thomas Alva - 


8. The Director to be nominated by the said Thomas Alva Edison shall so long as 
‘the said patent rights continue appoint the Auditor of the Company or if there-be. two 
Auditors one shall be appointed -by him and the other by the general -body of Shareholders 
and the consent of such Director shall be required to the formation of any Local Board of 
-- Directors: for. any. of the districts mentioned:in clause:11.. .... ootne athe «hae: 
* "9. "The ‘Director tobe nominated-by'thé said ‘Thomas Alva Edison shall have. an 
"absolute right of veto upon'the appointment of any person proposed for thé post of General 
Manager of the Company aid le shall have the power of summoning’ General Meetings of 
the Shareholders whenever‘be shall think fit’ 6" © . : 

qualification to act as Director in his’stéad’ in case of his absence from: the Meetings of: the ~ 

mandate Mis on 

formation of J oint Stock Companies i in ‘the United ‘Kingdom for the purpose “of working the 

mney eee eg 

“10. The said Thomas Alva’ Edison shall have at any General Meeting of the 
Shareholders in respect of the one share to be-allotted to him as provided in clause 6 and 
so long as the payments contemplated by clause 3 are payable votes in person or by 
proxy equal to one-half of the aggregate votes or of: the, aggregate Yotes plus one as, 8 the « case 
may be of the other Shareholders actually” voting at such meéting: te 

11. It shall be lawful for the said Thomas Alva Edison tp form or. : promote the 

said Patent Inventions and developing t the use of Telephones and ,to receive royalties or other 

‘payments from’ such Companies such ’ royalties or other payments, being . identical with those 

méntioned in clause 3” but no such: Comipany shall be formed ‘or supply Telephones except 

for and within a district or districts co- “extensive with some Parliamentary borough or 

:boroughs or with some .of the Metropolitan : Postal Districts..other than and except the- 
East, Central - Postal District Provided, always | that every. such ;Distri t Company, shall. keep 

proper, bodkis'(éo'be’ ‘open. to" the inep bof the Auditor , or Auditors ,of.-the: <Company)-—— tt ee 
showing,that the Telephones of such District. Company : are “used solely within its own district aes 
and showing also the amount of any’ royalty or other payment made by such District the said Thomas Alva Edison Provided also that no such Company, shall be 
formed for or within any of the said Metropolitan 1 Postal Districts until after the expiration 
of six calendar months from the time when the said Thomas Alva Edison shall have delivered 
to the Company all the Telephones mentioned i in clause 18 And further that if the Company 
shail desire to take any one or more or. all of the said Metropolitan Postal Districts out of the 
operation of this clause the Company shall be entitled so to do on paying to the said Thomas 
Alva Edison before the expiration of the said six calendar months the further sum of £5000 
by way of advanced royalty i in respect of each Metropolitan Postal District so taken out of 
this clause Every such sum of £5000 shall be paid in the manner provided ‘by clause 4 j 
and all the provisions of that clause shall apply mutatis mutandis to every such further sum | 

of £5000 in like manner as to the said original sum of £5000 

12. In the event of the formation of any District Company under clause 11 the 
Company shall supply such District Company with all Teléphones required by such District 
Company either upon lease or upon sale as the Company shall think fit but if the Company 
shall at the time of the formation of such District Company be selling Telephones for use 
in‘ the United Kingdom the District Company shall have the right to purchase Telephones _ 
and the Company shall not either directly or indirectly supply any Telephones to any 
person or company within such district other .than to the District Company The District 
Company shall also be bound to take over all Telephones actually leased within the District 

and to répay' all expenses actually incurted Within the District “by tlie” Comipaiiy “prior to ‘thé 
formation of the District Company 

13. The price to be paid by any District Company for the lease or sale of a Telephone 
under clause 12 shall be ascertained as follows If the Telephone shall not have been 
manufactured by the Company then the actual price at which the Telephone was supplied 
to the Company with an addition of 10 per cent. profit or if the Telephone shall have 
been manufactured by the Company then the actual cost price for materials labour and 
carriage with an addition of 20 per cent. profit. : 

14. The Company shall ba entitled to a sum equal to 10 per cent. of any royalty 
or other payment which the said Thomas Alva Edison shall receive from any such 
District Company 

District Company and do and execute any further act or deed which may be required to 
give effect to the provisions of this Agreement with respect to District Companies but 

_every such act or deed shall be at the expense of the District Companies 

16. The Company shall: by its Memorandum of Association take power to amalgamate 
with or acquire the business of any such District Company 


15, The Company shall if and so far as may be necessary grant licences to any such 



17. The Company shall take over the Telephones Wires and Batteries which shall | 
be in London at the time of the formation of the Company the property of the said Thomas 

Alva Edison at cost price 
18. The said Thomas Alva_Edison swill before. the payment_of_the_sum_of. £5000 
mentioned in clause 4 supply 50 Telephones to, the Company and will with all -reasonable ; 
speed’ supply 450 further Telephones to the Company all such Telephones to be deliveréd : 
in London complete and ready for use end & to, be charged to the Company at cost Price not 
exceeding £5 each 
19. In order to prevent piracy and to secure a uniformity of model the Telephones 
used or leased by the Company or sold by it shall be of a form which shall be in all cases : 
determined by the said Thomas Atva Edison so long as he lives and the said patent rights | 
continue ; 

20. On the 1st of January next after the ceasing of the vali payable to the said 

_ Thomas Alva Edison the Company shall pay:to the said-Thomas Alva Edison half the value 

of the goodwill of the then business of the Company. as. a, going concern the value of such 
goodwill to be ascertained in case. of difference by. two arbitrators ortheir umpire Provided 
always that instead of proceeding to arbitration for the purpose aforesaid it shall be in the 
option of the Company to liquidate and realise its assets and goodwill and that thereon 

after payment of all its liabilities and the retuin to the Shareholders of the amount paid up 

upon their shares one half of the surplus (if any) shall be paid ‘over to the said Thomas 

Alva Edison. Lo ; : 

"91. If the Company shall not be incorporated within the said period of two calendar 
. months or if the first issue of capital of £20000 shall not be actually subscribed for within 

the said period of twenty-one days then and in either of such’ cases this Agreement and 

everything herein contained shall be ipso facto void 

22. In the event of ‘the Company being whund-up otherwise than under clause 2U or 
» .... for the purpose of a bona fide amalgamation with any other Company or Companies the said 

~application thereof shall as from the & 
bsolutely belong’ to the said ‘Thomas Al 

‘and’tlé Company shall éxecuts sind porfe 

‘Wie 2h fhe Or HOM aceboy 

23. The word Telephone in this Agreement shall mean and include one transmitter 

omine cement of such winding-up revert: and 
‘Edistn‘his executors administrators sand: 
& et art aa fh get oo 
ecnuments: necessary for efféc Vestin: 
= 19 st eUET OE Znae nod), gains) Jae oy 

and one receiver exclusive of line: wires and batteries é 

24. The said Thomas ‘Alva Edison and the Company shall at the expense of the 
Company enter into and execute all such further deeds and ‘agreements as may be necessary 
to give. full effect to the provisions of thesejpresents and any point in difference as to what 

out. of any of the clauses of these preserits .shall be referred to the decision of two 
impartial persons to be appointed ‘in the usual, way and their umpire 

"Fr @blitness whéreor tlie said parties “hereto “have hereunto set their “hands 
this fourteenth day of July 1879 © : 


No. 2909 « Improvements in instruments for'controlling by sound the transmission of 
electric currents and the reproduction of corresponding sounds at a distance” Dated 
30th July 1877 ee ; 

No. 2396 « Improvements in Telephones and apparatus employed in electric circuits ” 
Dated 15th June 1878 ; 
N.B.—No. 2909 is sold subject to an exclusice licence io use that part of the Invention 
Se he 1 Ys which.relates to reproducing sounds called. the Phanograph granted to GrorcE Swan. Norrace 
_and Howarp Joan Kennarp by Indenture dated the 22nd of March 1878 

patents and patent. rights and all improvemens if any upon the said invention’ or the .~. 

shall be contained in such further deeds and agreements or in reference to the carrying ‘ 

Dated 14th July, 1879. 

+ 5 RS 










> > 
2, Surrorx Lawn, 1, New Couns, Caney Srnzgr, 
Cannon Stanger, E.0. Luvcorn’s Inn, W.C. 
Printers: Sir Joreph Causton & Sons, London. 

2 eee coe ; Fl 


eh ee 

| Lia ig jias YO ek, 
Fen. Ohne Seticn) TS “a 
ee, Le Fike 

7 ee ae ie aie | 
thaw Ra etme anit ys 2 
Psa ; coed a ee ad 
V paced pet Lhe. oa ai fe aa 

OL rar 14k 5 aia 
nee 4 “50 ee ey pre 
oe re Mae ace cae weed) aia’ celts 
| co 4 CAO Agteemen/ KIA Ks lr KD Af 
208 a che temcghey! ole w 4 ch Aeterna 
ere peony Dio. 2d Beat 

ee en ee oes 
te heagutrinn tick ogee com Letian/ pe 
CSO See Oe 

ae eas sy 2 aces ee ee 

mec dare re 

Che— Eps Op am Po ey SI, cat 

CKouth) 4her—sroftod) eau ie tae J 
a OPV) ery Journ Aco —prd 
ane, fr? enutatilewrnée axe. legerrted). 
CP) -4e-aele ~wom-et ts pro Ade tA 200 b Poe 

ay anes ee ey Re rHsy er re 
ay pote Q> LX eA Dd pny hate 

Pee Os eee CeO) earthy XS 

i a Co ot a0 Ds api 
ahe® monies Hy Fr Lockett 
Bln Lard So~-o bete, ae eee 

Pt Sa eee as Bee. dake 

Melgar tee erate aa 

Ra, Gaetan 

Tey hate aioe rege mee ae 

eed AR ee Aceh. —_- peor Be s 

Gla, . oe > Ah Pile ct, aD Se! 
Cheeta hn em Fey Ho Yodo RL. 

bAvaeie£,. Az: hewn’ ae ee eS 
slece - acc Bete PRA Penn a 
oo ee eg TS 
<sta cpl ea ee fans 5, 
coord exe Ene tt — ne o 3, 

Pee TT beep HEE TO Re Pate Ee ee ee eS . 

Poebably IE 79-07-20 

, tag a as Ca A ee Co: . ; \ Core. ‘ ate. ‘ 
ls lees I Ce pn NEE ERA a 

_ pf" 
ae a 

ce a ge) a ae =r ae 


liad Chat OO GorLrnccl Lib ROK Hg bre, 
o* ths oe Soe: pT Ae Ck: 

‘ 7 



} Ce ee oe Oy Ls Bf fans KeoKc | 
>t aae tie 



. Jie a PO os ee Sieg Cem ECE, 

it — >See 

= , , . ; 4 

cae oo PPE oe Site: 
Fete 4Ae- 
Ee Sgt oe 

ean Leben t IS en aed ae 
“en oe ee THE Sicee 
Dea rt oe a ae 
Bag Zs oe, se 
| mY A pg Hy : 


yo sty STN Nee : 
- x ¥ 
SU" Xserad ae 
ae fe ‘ 
Low be as 
‘ . 


: ee ee Ls6 xs is he nad oe ‘ 
Aas of he Onn te Kins thee ae: Llais Coe as toe, 
DO acs itd, Mote oellezote A aa Gey PB, Ch. ho ~ 
a Lippliniaen, Aplin peat ek Sk ang din Ws trate oe beware 
tn Conecgoercee: Abe bharGepornbriak pied h el, el oa pegak en Lili! Coun Lay - 
barxeivion ok Leconte, Ke oa se eagle freee Ae Carly Aaa Yor Can — 
ye dee ee Fa (OT fag Loenting ele a aan Gere 
Basil Caton ore. a0 Chel turds Las Care , hone tio KE BLo weeth Ptwaoalitr coe 
eee ty Ch Cetin Repu Ht ane a vite Wee fo Mery ae 

ae av 
nN? wit-> SPY 

ate” aa AS BEIT 
>” , 

I ees beng pth et ee ay 

res St ieee) yeh, 

Yea aes iw " 


AN eee say 

sabe i; 


hay ay LAR aS 

AON 6 ' 
aN ee WD dS 

a a \ 
we. AO. Ae ls 


RN ye tN 

a, 0 

Pe a ee | 



a | @ it, 29.74 
i | 102g Ae, 
pee re 

| co erene 

VS ies oon } 
Suty 2¢ ; 
10$c fm 

a - 
a OY. Po qloxk dokKdow/ 

Ripped Today Aof Telephones’ Role sumpty perfec ff. 
lefeqraph Ihraough Drexe? Seven thousand feve huxcies: 
for Soo , delay money ctefa ys Telephones manufacburdrs 
my ae See ee wuotant payment otahvery e 

Got 3,1 

2g. Ment Ruut 
ute Be 








- AND 

a sarher gos wa Ea Melee, oy ie “Tt Ri Hox” EP; BO ; 

i : é 

Supplemental Agreement. 



22, Suvvora‘Lanr, " , : 1, New Coun, Cangy‘Srnzer, 
Cannon-Srnzet, E.0. i Lrncon’a Inn, W.C. 

i er 
Printers: Sir Joseph Causton & Sons, London, 

ra rr 

; An Agreement made tho Ast day of August 1879 between THOMAS ALVA 

EDISON party to the annexed Agreement of the one part and EDWARD 
PLEYDELL BOUVERIE and the other persons parties to. the annexed 
Agreement of the other part: Whereas the several persons parties hereto are 
desirous of altering modifying or explaining the provisions of the annexed 
Agreement to the extent only and in manner hereinafter appearing and not 
further or otherwise Globo these presents tuitness and it is hereby agreed 
as follows :— 

1. The sentence in the 4th clause of the annexed Agreement beginning “no further 
sum” and. ending “contemplated by clause 3” shall be considered as struck out and the 
“following sentence shall be inserted in lieu thereof—“ No further sum shall be paid by the 
Company to the said Thomas Alva Edison until the payments contemplated by clause 3 shall 

" have made up the said sum of £5000 with interest computed from the day of payment of the 

said sum at the rate of £5 per cent..per annum on the said sum of £5000 or on such part 
thereof as on the, ist day of January ineach year shall not have been made up” 

2. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the annexed Agreement contained or 
implied it shall be lawful for the said Thomas Alva Edison by himself or by his Agents 
within the limits of any Parliamentary Borough or of any of the Metropolitan Postal 
Districts (except the East Central Postal District or any other of such districts for the time 
being taken by the Company under the power in that behalf by the annexed Agreement 
given to them) to set up and use Telephones in such manner in all respects as he shall think 
expedient with the view only of promoting the formation of a District Company for such 
borough or district and for such purposes the Company shall supply to the said Thomas 

“Alva Edison all such Telephones as he may require at the: same price as is mentioned in 

clause 13 of the annexed Agreement and if they shall fail to supply the same it shall be 

lawful for the said Thomas Alva Edison to make or procure to be made such Telephones as. 

he may require and in either case the rights and obligations as well of the Company as of the 
said Thomas Alva Edison with regard to each other in respect of such Telephones shall be 
the same as the rights and obligations between the Company and any such District Company 
as mentioned in the annexed Agreement 

3. In the event of the formation of any District Company which under the annexed 
Agreement as modified by the last preceding clause the said Thomas Alva Edison is empowered 
to form or promote the Company shall at the request of the District Company (but not, 
otherwise) supply Telgphones to the nominees of the District Company beyond the limits 
of the Parliamentary-Borough or Postal’ District for which the same is formed for the 
purpose only of communicating and working with Telephones within the same borough or 
district and the District Company shall in like manner at the request of the Company 
(but not otherwise) supply Telephones to the nominees of the Company within the same 
borough or district for the purpose only of communicating and working with Telephones 
beyond the limits of such borough or district All Telephones so supplied to the nominees 
of either Company shall be supplied upon the same terms as to rent or purchase-money 
as shall for the time being: be in force with respect to other Telephones For the above 
purposes the Company may supply lines wires and batteries within the said borough or 
district and the District Company may supply lines wires and batteries beyond the limits of 
such borough or district a 

4. In order to secure uniformity of tariff throughout the United Kingdom no 
District Company shall let or sell any Telephones or supply any lines wires or batteries 
except upon terms identical with those which shall for the time being be adopted by the 
Company for letting or selling Telephones or supplying lines-wires or batteries 

5. No Telephone shall be supplied by any District Company either upon lease or 
upon sale except under a written contract providing for its retention and exclusive use at 

. @ particular place within the said borough or district and not elsewhere and for the 

non-removal of any stamp mark or inscription which may be on the said Telephone as 
supplied by the District Company 

6. Every District Company shall during the continuance of the patent rights give prompt 
notice to the Company of-any or every infringement of such patent Tights within the said 

srt acta irerhsantiasier sivicbiaitnd etiictateastenbbeeie sistas si its eed 

ivy NRCG Leben ha ada a Hiya 

ABU Apis L 28 Ledlneciceve ence 

ae 5 Lek i Hea ba 

Ss cvtans idan, 


ck kW Ste St 

iced hase tl ON oe ao 

ask pd ite 

aces ca fag 


borough or district which may come to the knowledge of the District. Company or their 

:., officers and shall at their own expense render to the Company all such reasonable assistance 
as: may be necessary for instituting and prosecuting every proper proceeding in relation ao 
“to such infringement which the Company shall think fit to institute and Broseatte et 

7. If ‘the ‘Company shall not think fit io institute -< or having instituted to prosecute any 

- further proceedings in relation to any infringement of the said patent rights within the said — 
~ borough or district the District Company shall be at liberty in the name of the Company or 
otherwise to institute and prosecute such proceedings or to continue the prosecution of any 
such ‘proceedings ‘instituted by the Company ‘and not thought fit to be “prosecuted “by them 

and shall indemnify the Company against all-costs loss and damage i in Feapect thereof 

8B “In the event of the Company instituting and prosecuting any proceeding in relation, 

to. any infringement ‘of the said patent rights within the said borough or district and 
recovering damages in such proceeding the Company.shall pay over tothe District Company 
the residue of such damages after deducting therefrom all costs and expenses incurred by 
the Company in consequence of such proceeding beyond the amount of the costs ofthe same 

. “proceeding recovered from the infringer or infringers or if such damages ‘shall have been 

recovered in respect of ‘an infringement as well within as outside the said borough or 
district then the proportion of such residue thereof which shall be referable to the damage occas- 
ioned by such infringement to the District Company the respective amounts of such costs and 
expenses and of the residue or proportion (as the case may be) of the said damages to be 
ascertained and settled in case of difference by two arbitrators or their umpire in the 
usual way 

9. Notwithstanding anything ‘hardinbofonre- contained the @ompany shall alone 
bear and pay all the costs and expenses of and incidental to the first proceeding in the 

course or as the result of which the validity or invalidity wholly or’ partially of the said — 

patent rights shall be tried and established and if in the course of any proceeding instituted 
by the District Company it shall appear that such validity or invalidity may be therein 
tried and established the Company shall at their request and upon indemnifying the 
District Company against all costs pr eviously incurred in respect of the saine proceeding be 
at liberty to take upon themselves the future conduct thereof 

10. The obligation imposed upon the Company by the annexed on 

Telephones to any District Company shall be conditional upon the execution by such 
District Company of an Agreement with the Company or the adoption by such District 
Company of an Agreement made before its incorporation with the Company to perform 
and observe the stipulations contained in clauses 3 to 9 inclusive of these presents 

11. The payment for the 50 and the 450 Telephones respectively mentioned in 
the 18th clause of the annexed Agreement shall be made to the said Thomas Alva Edison 
by the Company within seven days after delivery thereof respectively 

12. The annexed Agreement has been entered into under the belief that a certain 
document dated the 21st day of September 1878 purporting to be an Agreement between 
George Edward Gouraud on behalf of the said Thomas Alva Edison of the one part and 
William Butcher of the other part relating to the use of Telephones by Railway Companies 
and in Manufactories in the United Kingdom is wholly void or incapable of being enforced 
If however the said William Butcher or any person or persons claiming under iim should 
obtain a judgment for specific performance against the Company in respect of the said alleged 
Agreement the sale to the Company shall not be invalidated thereby but the Company 
shall be entitled to receive all royalties and other sums of money which shal} become 
payable to the -said Thomas’ Alva Edison under or by virtue of such alleged Agreement 
and the said Thomas Alva Edison shall at his own cost in all respects execute and do 
all deeds and things necessary for assigning such royalties and other sums of money and 
the right to receive the same to the Company and such royalties and other sums of money 

shall be considered as gross rent or purchase-money for the purposes of clause 3 of the | 

annexed Agreement The covenants for title in the assignment of the letters patent shall 
be in the usual absolute form but the measure of damages in respect of any interference 

with the title of the Company under or by virtue of the said alleged Agreement or anything 
arising therefrom or connected therewith shall be the royalties and other sums of 1 money sf 
hereinbefore agreed to be assigned to the company and, no further Habilty. i in, respect, 


BRAN Ei ea Tit 

as i Se Me vba ie 

AI SLA ea taht AbK i 

re Ae RO 

ii sate Side Oss ENS Baler REE LES 

isk Sidhe Toni REN S 


- 3 

. thereof: shall attach to the said Thomas Alva Edison under his said covenants for title. 
_ | after such Assignment shall have been executed 

: : a 13, In the event of any action being brought by the said William Butcher or any 
person or persons claiming under him in respect of the said alleged Agreement against the 

. Company and so long as any such action shall be pending the Company shall not be bound 

to supply any District Company with Telephones except upon an express contract that they - 
shall not so long as any such action is pending be used by: Railway Companies or in 
Manufactories. In the event of an injunction being obtained against the Company or an: 
undertaking equivalent to an injunction being given by the Company. in any such action no 
damages shall be recoverable against the Company by the said Thomas Alva Edison or by 
any District Company in respect of the omission to do anything which if done would be a 

- breach of such injunction or undertaking 

En Gitness whereof the said’ parties have hereunto set their hands the day 

_ and year first above written. 

Ae rere cuted Sere ste y oo Bee ted re tan aes maba . #3 a gh Beaten 


eer pt neha, RRO 


Ea pa eg TOR TERS TTS 


Dated 2nd August, 1879, 




Articles of Association, 

1, New Court, 
Linconn’s Inn, W.C. 

—Hemorandum fof Association 



I. The name of the Company is 

Limtrep.” ‘ 

II. The Registered Office of the Complany will be situate in England. 

III. The objects for which the Compaity is established are :— 

1. To adopt and carry into effect an Agreement, dated the Fourteenth 
day of July, 1879, and made between Tomas AtvA Eptson of the 
one part, and the Right Hon. Epjvarv Preypert Bovverrs and others, 
whose names are thereto attached, of the other part, and an Agreement 
thereto annexed, dated the 1st day of August, 1879, and madé between 
the same parties, subject to anyimodifications in either or both of the 
said Agreements, which may be agreed upon between the Company ‘and 
the said THomas Atv Enpison. 

2. To acquire any letters patent, rights, or monopoly relating to the 
inventions mentioned in the said ‘Agreement, or any inventions of a like 
character, or any interest therein upon any terms, and to take and work 
any license or licenses in connection with any such invention. 

3. To do all such things as may be deemed expedient for using and 
. otherwise obtaining the full benefit' of the patents and inventions. for the 
time being belonging to the Company, or in which it is interested, with 
full power to grant licenses for the!use thereof, and to manufacture, sell, 
and let apparatus for the application of the said inventions, 

4. To acquire the goodwill of, or any interest in, any trade or business, 
similar or analogous to. any’ trade or business which the Company is 
authorised to carry on. ar 

wa ee nm NRE EO 

all necessary machinery, materials, and 
‘age, purchase, or otherwise any land or 

‘ ire b 
things, and to acquire by 1a dings for any of the purposes of the 

buildings, or to erect any 

6. To sell, improve, dev 

\ 9, manage, work, maintain, let, mortgage, 
or otherwise deal with, and disp 

us se of, all or any part of the business and 
property of the Company, in puch manner, on such terms, and for such 

purposes as the Company mayy i hink proper. 

Y bmalgamate with any Company already or 

7. To unite, co-operate, o 
hereafter to be established for, 
to those of the Company, and ¥ acquire, for the benefit of the Company, 

and in the name of the Compny, or otherwise, all or any of the Shares, 
or Stock, or any other interest jp any such Company, and to promote the 
formation of any such Company. 

8. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the 
attainment of the above objects} ; 

IV. The liability of the Members is} limited. 
V. The Capital of the Company is £200,000, divided into 2,000 Shares of £100 
each, with power to increase such Capital, and to issue any part of the original 

Capital beyond the first £20,000, or amy part of the increased Capital, with such 
preference or priority or otherwise as mpy be thought desirable by the Company. 


for engaged in, objects similar or analogous . 

WE, the several persons whose names and addresses are subscribed, are 
desirous of being formed into a Company, in pursuance of this Memorandum. of 

_ Association, and we respectively agree to take the number of Shares in the Capital 

of the Company set opposite our respective names, 

. Numbor of Shi 
Names, Addresses, und Descriptions of Subsoribors. taken b: 7 

each Subscriber, 
SS a 

Epwarp PiLeype, Bouvern, P.C., 44, Wilton Crescent, 8S. W. Ten. 

Serrimus Ricwarp Scorr, 75, Old Broad Street, E.C., 

Stockbroker eerie: isa ‘23 “ss ves as Five, 
Water CAMPBELL, 18, Old Broad Street, E.C., Stockbroker ... Five. 
Joun Luszocx, 15, Lombard Street, E.C., Banker ... ae Ten. 

Gzorce Ricuannson, 3, Lombard Court, Lombard Street, E.C., 

Iron Merchant si es és eg a8 | Five. 
At¥reD Howe, 30, Eastcheap, E.C., Merchant sii Five. 
Geo. E. Govraup, 6, Lombard Street, E.C., Director of the 

Mercantile Trust Co., New York, U.S.A. i see Ten. 

a ee, 
Dated the 2nd day of August, 1879, 
Witness to the above Signatures, 

Ricuarp Harrison, Solicitor, 

Clerk to Messrs. Waterhouse & Winterbotham, 
1, New Court, Lincoln’s Inn, W.C., 
‘ Solicitors. 

Articles of Association 




1, The regulations of Table A in the first schedule to the Companies’ Act, 1862, 
shall not apply to this Company, except so far as the same are repeated or contained 
in these Articles. 

2. The Company may from time to time exercise any powers which by the 
Companies’ Acts, 1662, 1867 and 1877 a Company limited by Shares may exercise 
if authorised by its Articles of Association, including therein the power to reduce 
its Capital whether paid up or uncalled, and either by cancellation of unallotted 
Shares or otherwise, and the power to divide its Capital or any part thereof into 
Shares of smaller, or to consolidate the same into Shares of larger amount than 
that fixed by the Memorandum of Association. 


3. The registered holders of Shares in the Company for the time being what- 
ever the number issued, shall be and continue associated, and the business of the 
Company may be at once commenced and the regulations for the management of 
the Company shall be in force. 

; 4, The Shares shall, so far as consistent with the Agreement referred to ‘in 
the Memorandum of Association, be allotted by and at the discretion of the 
Directors. 2 


i i om Extraordinary Resolution increase 
. a a vais eg a the Memorandum of Gpwneaie 
a oe lee Shores of such amounts per Share and in the faint . 
the creation of a ll direct, and either with or without the ply aoe 
ce Cu a6 r the original or the existing Capital of the said. a ” 
iene eet ae it be otherwise determined by such resolution, one 
oe ain ie is aes to the Shareholders on the register in Lae ae os 
ates a ay di ae but save as aforesaid all new Capital shall be a seemed 
Se aan ies mas manner, and with or without any preference or p eres 
aad al idea in distribution of Assets, and with or without any gu ce 
aie oa eer ‘dias at a premium or discount, and subject to dog pee 
ee Gale: a 4 ise, as the Board shall deem fit; but no Share sha nee 
i ee : aetna such preference or guarantee, except by the au 
ane aodiaaey Resolution of the Company. 

| joi e, any one of 
6. If several persons are registered as joint cee - sik paar i pf pee 
uch persons may give effectual receipts for any Dividend, Bon 

payable in respect of such Share. 

i y on Seal of 
7. Every Member shall be entitled to a inmates ae oe ae 
he Company specifying the Share or Shares held by him, - = Ae ene 
deemed i be paid up thereon, and if such oo a ipa ene 
aed or lost, it may be renewed on payment of five shillings, 
as the Directors may prescribe. 

i hough having 
8. The Company shall not be bound by or pecemel ae aa rela 
notice thereof, any other right in respect of a Share than “i eal a eee of 
in the registered holder thereof for the time being, an 
transmission as hereinafter mentioned. 

LANE s. 

F shall be under 
9. The instrument of transfer of any Share in aa - ecuad both by the 
seal and in such form as the Board may approve, an edto remain the holder of 
transferor and transferee, and the transferor shall be erie se ie lsbe Boake fa 
such Share until the name of the transferee is entered 1 , 
respect thereof. : 

: : i signing any 
10. The Directors may in their absolute discretion, and without - as 

7 . 
reason, decline to register any transfer of registered Shares made by a Member to 

any person not approved by them, 

11, Every Deed of Transfer must be left at the Office of the Company to be 

registered, accompanied by the Certificate of the Share to be transferred, and such 
other evidence as the Directors may reasonably require to prove the title of the 
transferor, or his right to transfer the Shares, and with the payment of such fee as the 
Directors shall from time to time determine, and thereupon the Directors, subject 
to the power vested in them by Article 10, shall register the transferee as a Share- 
holder, and shall retain the Deed of Transfer, Se] oe 

12. In no case shall the Directors be’ bound to en 
authority, legal effect, or genuineness of any 
person claiming as transferee of any Share in 

whether they abstain from 80 enquiring, or do so enquire and are misled, the 

transferor shall have no claim whatsoever upon the Company in respect of the Share 
except for the Dividends previously declared in respect thereof, but only, if at all, 
upon the transferee, 

13. The transfer books may be closed durin 

ig the fourteen days immediately 
preceding every Ordinary General Meeting. 

recognized by the Company as the persons entitled to such Shares, 

15. Any person becoming entitled to registered Shares, in consequence of the 
death or bankruptey of any Member, or in consequence of the marriage of any 
female Member, or in any other way than by transfer, -may upon such evidence 


16, The Directors may from time to time make such Calls upon the Members 
in respect of all moneys unpaid on their Shares as they may think fit, provided that - 
one month’s notice at least be given of each Call, 

ae AT Ian NOEL a ene ee te nts tiene 


17, Each Member shall be liable to pay the amount of ee ne so ear ee 
: i inted by the Directors, 
i and at the time and place appointe oD 
ot Pees a interest for the same at such rate as the Directors shall ee 
aes ceeding £10 per cent. per annum from the day appointed for paymen 
oe of to the time of the actual payment, and joint holders of Shares shall be so 
liable severally as well as jointly in respect of all Calls thereon and interest. 

18. The Directors may, if they think fit, receive from any Member heed ie 
vane the same, all or any part of the moneys unpaid upon the Shares held by 
i i . s 
him beyond the sums actually called up, and the moneys a : ae - - 
i i d the amount of the Calls 
thereof as shall, from time to time, excee 
aie Shares in respect of which such advance shall have been eae ed : 
i : ing the same may agree, be treated either a 
the Directors and Members paying nay Eni earaane yt 
i in respect of such Shares entitling the holders » fo 
payments in advance in respe é ee a 
i ivi tes as if such moneys ha DP 
time being, to Dividends at the same ra : 
sa adeatnses of Calls, or as loans, at such interest, and on such terms, as the 
Members paying such sums in advance and the Directors shall agree upon. 


19. The Company shall have a first charge or paramount a upon = rte 
for all moneys due to it from and for all engagements with the holder or ei Sars 
joint holders thereof, cither alone or jointly with any other sare jets 
period for'the payment, fulfilment, or discharge thereof shail have actu - st 
or not, including all Calls, the resolutions for which shall have been passe y 
Directors, although the times appointed for their payment may not have arrived. 

20. Such lien may be made available by asale of all or any of the Shares sae 
to it, provided that no such sale shall be made except under a ee oe 
Directors, and until notice in writing shall have been given to the indebte i @ 4s 
or his executors or administrators, or the trustee in his Bankruptcy, Sua oe 
or them to pay the «mount for the time being due to the Company, and efa 
shall have been made for twenty-cight days from such notice in paying the sum 
thereby required to be paid. 

21. In case of such sale the Directors shall apply the clear proceeds, after - 
payment of any expenses, in or towards satisfaction of such debts or engagemen 8 
and the residue (if any) shall be paid to such Member, his executors, administrators; 
or assigns. 

7 OM arn nnetee nen nee, 

japan ae telnd dtr naearimatinnniteas adigetnbtitnatnaintet taityntn and et afnante pon peed etre 

. 9 


22, If any Member fails to pay any Call or other money payable in respect of a 
Share on the day appointed for payment thereof, the Directors may at any time 
thereafter during such time as the Call or other money shall remain unpaid, serve a 
notice on him requiring him to pay the same, together with the interest that may 

have accrued, and any expenses that may have been incurred by the Company by 
reason of such non-payment. 

23, The notice shall name a further day not less than twenty-one days after 
the day first appointed, on or before which such Call.or other money, and all interest 
and expenses incurred by reason of such non-payment are to be paid. It shall also 
vame the place where payment is to be made; the place so named being either the 
Registered Office of the Company, or some other place at which ‘the Calls of the 
Company are usually made payable. ‘The notice shall also state that in the event of 
non-payment at or before the time and at the place appointed, the Shares in respect 
of which such Call or other money may be payable, will be liable to be forfeited. 

24, If the requisitions of any such notice as aforesaid be not complied with, 
any Share in respect of which such notice shall have been given, may at any time 
thereafter before payment of all Calls or other moneys, interest and expenses due in 

respect thereof shall have been made, be forfeited by a resolution of the Directors 
to that effect. 

25. If any person becoming entitled to a Share in consequence of the death or 
bankruptcy of a Member, shall not during three months after being thereto required 
by notice from the Directors he registered or cause a nominee to be registered 
under Article 15, or if for six months after the death or bankruptcy of a Member no 
person shall be registered in respect of his Shares under Article 15, the Shares may 
be forfeited by a resolution of the Directors to that effect, together with all 
Dividends declared thereon since the death or bankruptcy of the late Member. 

26. Any forfeited Shares shall be deemed to be the property of the Company, 

and may be sold, re-allotted or disposed of in such manner as the Directors shall 
think fit, : 

_ 27. Any Member whose Shares have been forfeited, shall, notwithstanding, be 
liable to pay to the Company all Calls or other moneys and expenses owing upon 
or in respect of such Shares at the time of forfeiture, together with interest thereon. 

Perera Prt eet _acalllh 2B 


ands of 
28, A Certificate in writing under the seal of the ee we eee yi 
7 ‘si the Secretary, ‘that a Share he t 
i rs, and countersigned by ans Meenas 
a ae nkuance of the regulations of the Company, or sold bias . sepia : 
ca hokisiiales evidence of such forfeiture or sale, as the cape near peel 
a aie of the purchaser of its regularity and validity, so that t ie I a us piel 
era aggrieved shall be against the wom and in a sea x4 
i i de in the minutes : 
rer h Certificate shall be ma Br ae 
: Dhsttore and such Certificate and the receipt of the Company, for the pr 
hc Directors, ¢ 

such Share shall constitute a good title to such Share. 

29. On any sale by the Directors of forfeited Shares, or of eae vee 
Article 20 the purchaser shall be registered as the fe aa aaa 
i i ictorship, under Article 7, a A 
raccive a Certificate of such Propriet D oe 
hese discharged from all Calls due prior to his purchase ; and he shall no 
bound to sce to the application of the purchase-money. 

30. The Directors may, at any time, before any Share so forfeited shall have 

i i i ir di reti renew or annul the : 
been sold. realised, or otherwise disposed of, mm their diser etion, reney ad 

; rom the late 
forfeiture thereof, upon payment of all moneys due to the eee ses ee 
holder or holders of such Share, and all expenses ana in rele 
forfeiture, or generally upon such terms as they shall deem fit. 


31. The first Ordinary General Meeting shall be held at such ee eran 
months after the incorporation of the Company, and at such place as ioe ssa 
may determine. The subsequent Ordinary General Meetings shall be he once, 
least, in each year, at such time and place as the Directors may determine. 

32, The Directors may, whenever they think fit, and they shall, nee 
requisition, made in writing, by five Members of the ey ee Ay bg 
aggregate, Shares to the nominal amount of £2,000 of the issued ses . es 
‘time being of the Company, convene an Extraordinary General a a 
Director appointed by the said Tuomas ALVA Epison, pursuant to Article 5 : 
likewise have the power, whenever he thinks fit, to convene an Extraordinary 
General Meeting. 

33, Any requisition made by the Members, or by the Director appointed by the 

said Tomas ALVA Eprson, shall express the object of ihe’ meeting proposed to be 
called, and shall be left at the Registered Office of the Company, 

34, Upon receipt of such requisition, the Directors shall forthwith proceed to 
‘convene an Extraordinary General Meeting. If they do not proceed to convene 
the same within fourteen days from the date of the requisition, the requisitionists, 
or any other five Members holding the required amount of Shares, or the Director 
appointed by the said Tomas ALVA Epison, may themselves or himself convene an 

' Extraordinary General Meeting ; but no such requisition shall remain in force for 

more than two calendar months from the time when the same shall be deposited 
-at the office. 

35. The Directors’ or Members (including the Director appointed by the said 
Tuomas ALVA Epison) convening any meeting, shall give fourteen days’ notice, at 
least, specifying the place, the day, and the hour of meeting, and, in case of special 
business, the general nature of such business to the Members, in manner hereinafter 
mentioned, or in such other manner (if any) as may be prescribed by the Company 
in General Meeting ; but the non-receipt of such notice by, or the accidental 
omission to give any such notice to, any Member shall not invalidate the proceedings 
at any General Meeting. Whenever any meeting is adjourned for twenty-one days 

or more, at least five days’ notice of the place and hour of meeting of such Adjourned 
Meeting shall be given in a like manner. 

36. All business shall be deemed special that is transacted at an Extraordinary 

Meeting, as well as all business that is transacted at an Ordinary Meeting, with the - 

‘exception of choosing a Chairman (if necessary), sanctioning a Dividend, electing 
Directors and Auditors, and other officers in the place of those retiring by rotation, 
‘and voting their remuneration, considering the accounts and the report of the 

Directors, and passing any resolution relating to or arising out of the subject matter 
of such report. 


37. No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting, except the choice 
of a Chairman (if necessary), and the declaration of a Dividend, unless five Members 

shall be present in person or by proxy at the time when the meeting proceeds to 
‘Such business, 

38. If within half-an-hour from the time. appointed for the (meeting, a quorum 

(as defined by the clause immediately preceding) be not present, the meeting, if 


: : id 
isiti Director appointed by the sai 
tion of Members or of the 
ee ik a al be dissolved, In any other case - Soe ea 
vous tae same day in the next week, at the same time and p : ships 
Sata Meeting a quorum be not present, it shall be adjourne j 
at such Adjour 

. Spas 
The Chairman (if any) of the Board of Directors shall preside as Chairman 
39. The Cha 
at every General Meeting of the Company. | . 
i i is not presen 
40. If there be no such Chairman, or if at hel ae ie ae . 
i inted for holdin x 
ithi en minutes after the time appoin' aca 
ia HN i the Directors present shall choose one of their ey pepe OF 
se Ohiinsan and that failing the Members present and entitle 
s f . 
spnoiit some one of their own number to be Chairman. 

41. The Chairman may, with the consent of the meeting, adjourn any meeting 

Pp « P : 
time ry S: l I ansacted at 
from to time and from lace to lace but no bu ness shall be t 

i i ting 
any Adjourned Meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting 
from which the adjournment took place. 

i three of' 
42. At any General Meeting, unless a poll is demanded by eiaiea baa 
the Members holding in the aggregate ten Shares = ala in sea Re aes 
i ; i Ava Enison or his proxy, 
entitled to vote; or by the said Tnosas ; : are 
ae Chairman that a resolution has been carried and an entr 'y sae ee 
Book of Proceedings of the Company, shall be sufficient eugene is 4 bens 
proof of the number or proportion of votes recorded in favour of or aga 

43. Ifa poll is demanded by three or more Members holding in = ag 
ten Shares, and present in person or by proxy, and entitled ne ae se 
said Tuomas Atva Epison or his proxy, it shall be taken in — a i Pe 
. such time and place as the Chairman directs, and the result of such » sega sites oe 
by the Chairman, shall be conclusive, and shall be deemed to be the 
the Company in General Meeting. 

44, Minutes shall be made in books provided for the purpose, of all ee 
and proceedings of General Meetings, and any such minutes if sage a ae / bie 
purporting to be the Chairman of the meeting to which Mey = al ie ner 
other person present thereat, and appointed by the Board of Direc sh ae 
same in his place, shall be receivable as evidence of the facts therein se ’ whee 
further proof; but if such minutes were signed otherwise than by the Chai 

8 YT GAS RMSE RA ALL habit pene er 

‘ previously to the time of holding the meeting at which he 

13 . 

the meeting to which they relate, 
Meeting, and on bein 

they shall be read to the next succeeding General 
g found or made correct shall be signed by the Chairman 


45. The said Troms ALVA Epison sh 

all have in respect of the one Share to be 
allotted to him as provided in Clause 6 of 

the Agreement referred to in the Memo- 
randum of Association, and so long as the payments contemplated by Clause 3 of 
that Agreement are payable, votes in person or by proxy equal to one half of the 

aggregate votes (or uf the aggregate votes plus one, as the case may be) of the other 
Shareholders actually voting at such meeting, 

46. Except as is provided by Article 45, ey 
for every Share held by him. In case of an equa 
addition to the votes 

ery Member shall have one vote 
lity of votes, the Chairman shall, in 

to whicl he otherwise may be entitled, have a casting vote. 

47, If two or more persons are 
whose name stands first in the 
Share or Shares, 

jointly entitled toa Share or Shares, the Member 
Register of Members, as one of the holders of such 
and no other, shall be entitled to vote in respect of the same. 

48. If any Member is an infant, minor, married woman, not having her Shares 
registered in her own name under “ The Married Woman's Property Act, 1870,” 
lunatic, or person of unsound mind, he or she may attend General Meetings and vote 
by his or her guardian, tutor, husband, committee, or legal curator, or by any 
one of them, if more than one, such person having at least twenty-four hours before 
the time of holding such meeting, furnished to the Directors such evidence as they 
shall require of his title to represent such Member, unless the Directors shall have 
previously admitted his right to vote at such meeting in respect thereof, and Members 

attendiug General Meetings by such representatives shall be deemed personally 
present. : 

49. No Member shall be entitled to vote on any 
Meeting or upon a poll, or be reckoned in a quorum, 
sum shall be due and payable to the Company in resp 
of such Member, and no Member shall be entitled ‘+ 
Share that he has acquired by transfer, unless he has bee 
of such Share in respect of which he claims to vote 

question at any General 
whilst any Call or other 
ect of any of the Shares 
O vote in respect of any 
nm registered as the owner 
for at. least one month 
proposes to vote, 

AL MRL eee area sateen tet e 


i ither personally or by proxy. No person s 
ay bo given either personally 7 
te elk eet re not 2 Member of the Company and qualified to vote. 
be appointe 3 
i istered 
inti cy shall be deposited at the Regis 
i ment appointing a proxy 8. i 
= eas not Teak than twenty-four hours before the time holding 
ee ae at oii the person named in such instrument proposes to vote. 
the meet 

52. The Instr a ointing a proxy ti ted by 
other than an ins rument execu 

. instr ument @ Pp lo , 

h el d H VA Epison, shall be in the follow mg form, with such variations 

the sal T OMAS AL 

as circumstances may require. 
Tas Epigon Teteruone Company or Lonpon, Limirep. 

: of 
- ty of being a Member of the Epison 
in the Coun 
‘feiaranwe Company or Lonpon, Limrrep, hereby appoint renee 
(being likewise a Member of the Company) as my proxy Reais 
and on my behalf as holder of Shares at the (Ordinary or 

ener’ ing of the Company, to be held on 
as the case may be) General Meeting ee es preene 2 

the day of 187 

As witness my hand this day of 


. atent 
53. The said Tuomas ALvA Epison shall, during the continuance Lae ee 
rights referred to in the Agreement mentioned in the nate Scat The 
nominate one Director who shall continue in office during his ae Sich 
‘nomination shall be under the hand of the said Tuomas ALVA oe eae 
Director may, by a power of attorney, appoint any other person to a Dirsetors or 
in his stead in case of his absence trom the meetings of the Board ) meee 
any Executive Committee, and the person so appointed shall, a ne mas ALVA 
absence, have all the powers of the Director nominated by the said ‘Ayticle shall 
Epison. Every person nominated or acting as Director under this A 
possess the qualification required from any other Director. 

; Boke oa ight of 
54. The qualification of a Director shall be the holding in his own rig 

nar : nD in 
registered Shares of the nominal amount of £500 in the Capital of i Coney 
respect of which all Calls for the time being due shall have been paid. 


55. The number of Directors shall not be less than five; nor more than seven ; 
but this clause shall be construed as being only directory, and the continuing 
Directors may act, notwithstanding any number of vacancies, 

56. The first Directors shall be— 

Gxorce Epwarp Gouravup (nominated by the said THosas ALVA Epison), 
The Right Honourable Epwarp Pxrzypett Bouvertr, 

Viscount Anson, 

Wim Fowzer, and 

Sir Paine Epmonp Woveuousz, K.CB., 

and they shall hold office until the First Ordinary Meeting in the year 1880, 
until which time the Directors for the time being may add any qualified 

Members to their number, so that there be not more than seven Directors in 
all at any time. , 

57. The nntnatietone of the Directors shall be £600 per annum, of which 
£300 shall be paid to the Chairman, and the remainder be divided between the 
Members of the Board in proportion to their attendances, or in such other modeas 
they shall determine; but for each year subsequent to the first year for which the 
books of the Company, are made up, the remuneration of the Directors shall be a sum 
equal to 10 per cent. on the excess above 10 per cent. of the net profits of the 

Company for the previous year, provided such sum shall not be less than £600, 
nor more than £4,500, 

58. If any Director shall be called upon to go or reside abroad on the 
Company’s business, or otherwise to perform extra services, the Board may arrange 
with such Director for such special remuneration for such services, either by way 

of salary, commission, or the payment of a stated sum of money, as they shall 
think fit. 


59. The business of the Company shall be managed by the Directors, who may 
exercise all such powers of the Qompany as are not by any Act of Parliament, or 
by these Articles, required to be exercised by the Company in General Meeting, 


Ba id RS a a he a, ae 

ee ee Seats til 


subject nevertheless to any regulations of these Articles to the provisions of any 
Act of Parliament, and to such regulations not being inconsistent with the aforesaid 
regulations or provisions, as may be prescribed by the Company in General 
Meeting ; but no regulation made by the Company in General Meeting shall 
invalidate any prior act of the Directors which would have been valid if such 
regulation had not been made, and the generality of the powers hereby conferred 
upon the Directors shall not: be limited by any subsequent clause or proviso 

conferring any express power. 

60. In furtherance, and not in limitation of, and without prejudice to the 
general powers conferred or implied in the last preceding Article, and of the other 
powers conferred by these presents, the Directors may take such steps as they 
think fit to carry into effect the said Agreement mentioned in the Memorandum of 
Association, and they may pay the costs, charges, and expenses, preliminary and 
incidental to the formation, establishment, and registration of the Company. 

61. They may also appoint, and at their discretion remove or suspend such 
Managers, Secretaries, Officers, Clerks, Agents, and Servants for permanent, 
temporary, or special services, as they may from time to time think fit, and may 
determine their duties, and fix their salaries or emoluments, and may require 
security in such instances, and to such amount as they think fit. But the Director 
appointed by the said Tuomas Ava Epison shall have an absolute right of veto 
upon the appointment of any person proposed as General Manager. 

62. The Directors may act on behalf of the Company in all matters relating to 
bankrupts and insolvents. 

63. The Directors may appoint any person or persons to accept and hold in 
trust for the Company any property belonging to the Company, or in which it is 
interested, and may execute and do all such deeds and things as may be requisite 
to vest the same in such person or persons. 

64. The Directors may also refer any claims or demands by. or against the 
Company to arbitration, and observe and perform the Award. 

65. The Directors may also make and give receipts, releases, and other 
discharges for moneys payable by the Company, and for the claims and demands of 
the Company. 


'e rectors nay y 4 Pp y ( 

of t! ( 
66. The Di e to Nn invest an , he funds of the ( ompan not 
immediately required for the purposes thereof) upon such securit: > and m such 

manner as they may think fit, and the Y i i 
ee eh y may from time to time vary or realize such 

67. pe a. ip : ‘ 
es ae ae ered from time to time make, vary, and repeal bye-laws for 
ule ne business of the Company, its Officers 
B and Ser Y 
Members of the Company, or any section thereof, oer 

68. The Director i 
es nage eae ae enter a all such negotiations and contracts, and 
Q “i contracts, and execute and do all such 
; ; acts and deeds 
things, in the name and on behalf of the Company, as they may consider ay 

for or 1n relation to, any of the measures afores v d other Wise for the pur poses of 
aul or S' 

69. ir : i 
Ae Nai aire may establish Branch Offices, Agencies, or Local Boards in . 
oe ; an or elsewhere, and May make such regulations for their 
ae So = t si may from time'to time think proper, and for that purpose may 
pe nie ee maewee Agents, Officers, Clerks and Servants, with 
‘ anc at such salaries as they may consi i 
sae : sider advisable, and ma 

Hed the expelses occasioned thereby out of the funds of the Compan and iy 
ae tee . time discontinue all or any of such Branch Offices Age o1 Loeal 

ards, an : Y sus ; kee 
pe : eas sean a suspend all or any of the Local Ditsctors, Mniiaains 

nts, , Ulerks, or Servants for such reasons i “and 
advisable, and without assigning any cause. = erway ene reas 

70. The Directors may fr i i 

y from time to time raise or borrow f 

or t : ’ 
the Company, such sums of money as they may think proper, ? Ce 7 
ae ie rae borrowed for the purposes of the Company may be raised by a 
gt ss ae nie or a part of the Company’s Capital, whether called up or 

, ' property, or by Debentures, or upo er i 

such terms as the Directors may think fit, Sa a ce 

72, The Directors ma i , 
: ay by such signature or signatures of 
. : a any one or more of 
number as may be fixed from time to ‘time by resolution of the Beart aah 
= Sais eta teed of the Secretary of the Company, draw, accept, ‘thake and 
exchange and Promissory Notes on behal 08 
cis Ginniiy ae on behalf and for the purposes of' 
a xecute under the seal of the Com i 
nese pany, and issue De ’ 
Bonds or other obligations, Every instrument to which the ase the ies tual 


b ffi 1 shall be signed by two Directors, and be countersigned by the Secretary 
e affixed ig | 

or other Officer appointed by the Board. 

. . i . he 
73. The Directors may purchase for Shares or such other consideration : ie a 

i i roperty, or cithe 
think fit, and upon any terms tho business, goodwill and a ee . naa 

, Uy 
ee or ay one thereof respectively, of any, Company (whether in liqui 2 aaa 
: ; . : " 
can other person or persons whatsoever carrying on any business aa i 
sf i tps sdinary esolu- 
na | bjects of the Company, and under the authority of an Extraor dinary ae 
nes i : formed for carrying on 
i carrying on or form g 

may soll to any Company cau sects 
bas ee or any or either of them, for Shares therein to be distributed ae Eyal 

sinesses, or ¢ th 
Members oF otherwise the business, estate, and effects of the aa aan 

, for carrying ar fl 

ings as may be necessary for carrying 
ee ae ean Z aid in case ay contract entered into by the 
i resaid i effect, a f 
transaction as aforesaid into nd i ontraice sen 

Divectovs for such purposes as aforesaid involves the dissolution of the Company, 

the Company shall thereupon be dissolved. 

ei vals under 
74. The Company shall have power to use ice ne ne a 
ies’ "iy i foreign countries as 
“The Companies’ Seals Act, 1864,” in suc f rage 
determine, oa the Directors shall have power to appoint any aad ie : ae 
Committees, or Committee abroad to be duly authorised agents “ he : an he 
the purpose of affixing and using such Forcign Common en s, an y 
impose such restrictions on the use thereof as they shall think fit. 


75, The office of a Director shall be vacated :— 

ere cagcaet ait 
(1.) Jf he ceases to hold the due qualification or if a a 
be decided upon by a resolution of an Extraordinary General Meeting. 

: Br , nds 
(2.) If he becomes of unsound mind or bankrupt, or Hae 
payment or files a petition for the liquidation of his aftairs, or comp 
with his creditors, or is convicted of a misdemeanor or felony. 

rae sas irectors, and 
(3.) If he shall send in his resignation in writing to the a - . 
the same shall be accepted by the Board, or be not withdrawn for the spe 
of fourteen days, 



76. All acts done at any meeting of the Directors. or of 2 Committee of 
Directors, or by any person acting as a Director shall be valid, notwithstanding that 
it be afterwards discovered that there was some disqualification or defect in the 
appointment of any Directors, or of any person or persons acting as aforesaid, or 
that they or any of them were disqualified, 


77. At the Ordinary Meeting to be held in the year 1880, and at the Ordinary 
Meeting in every subsequent year, one third of the Directors for the time being or 
the nearest number to one third shall retire from office, but in making this calculation 
the Director appointed by the said Thomas ALVA Epson shall not be reckoned. 

78. The one third or other nearest number of such Directors as aforesaid to 
retire in any year shall always be those who have been longest in office, and in caso 
of equality in that respect they shall, unless the Directors agree among themselves, 
be determined by lot. A retiring Director may be re-elected. 

79. The Company may, by a resolution of an Extraordinary General Meeting, 
remove any Director (other than the Director appointed by the said Tuoatas ALVA 
Envisox, who shall be removed solely by the said Tuomas ALVA Epison) before the 
expiration of his term of office, and may by an ordinary resolution appoint another 
person in his stead. The person so appointed shall hold office only for so long as 
the Director removed would, except for such resolution, have held the same. 

80. The Company at the General Meeting at which any such Directors as 
aforesaid retire in manner aforesaid, shall fill up the vacated offices by electing a 
like number of persons, unless it be necessary to elect ‘more or fewer, in order to 
give effect to a resolution for altering the number of Directors, 

81. Ifat any meeting at which an cloction of Directors ought to take place as 
aforesaid, the places of the retiring Directors are not filled up, the meeting‘shall 
stand adjourned till the same day in the next week, it the same time and place, and 
if at any such Adjourned Meeting, the places of such retiring Directors are not 
filled up, such retiring Directors or such of them as have not had their places filled 
up, shall continue in office until the Ordinary Meeting in the next year, and so on 
from time to time until their places are filled up, unless it shall be determined at 
such meeting to reduce the number of Directors, . : 


cece DUS ee Me se ble 

20 a1 

82, The Company may from time to time in General Meeting increase or 

bya majority of votes of the Me 
reduce the number of Directors. 

mbers present, and in case of an equal division of 
votes, the Chairman shall have 

a casting vote. 
83. Any casual vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors may be filled oe 
the Directors but any person so chosen shall retain his office so long only as the 
a . : 
vacating Director would have retained the same, if no vacancy had occurred. 

91. The Directors shall keep an attendance book, 

in which each Director 
present at any meeting of Directors or Committee of Direc 

tors shall sign his name. 

92. The Directors shall cause minutes to be m 

ade in books provided for the 
purpose :— 


(1.) Of all appointments of Officers mad 

e by the Directors, and of 
their salary and remuneration, 

84. The Directors may meet together for the dispatch of business, adjourn and 
otherwise regulate their meetings as they think fit, and determine the ee 
necessary for the transaction of business by both Boards and Committees. nti 

(2.) Of all ordors made by 
otherwise fixed the quorum for a Board Meeting shall be three Directors. 

the Directors, or by Committees of 
Directors, and 

85. Questions arising at any Meeting of the Directors shall be decided by Ay 
majority of votes. In case of an equality of votes the Chairman of such Meeting 
shall have a second or casting vote. 

‘(3.) Of all resolutions and proceedings of General Meetings, and of 
. Meetings of the Directors and Committees of Directors, 

And any such minute as aforesaid, if signed by any 

person purporting to be the 

; : : ‘ Chairman of sueh meeting, or by the Chairman of the next succeeding meeting, 
86 A Director may at any time summon a Meeting of the Directors. sual Geese poeapaes ee 

87. The Directors may elect a Chairman of their Meetings and determine the 

period for which he is to hold office, but if no Chairman be elected, or if a 

Meeting the Chairman of the Company be not present at the neve ee . 

hulding the same, the Directors present shall choose some one of their number to 

be Chairman of such mecting. 

93. The Common Seal of the Company shall be kept by the Secretary at the 
Company's Registered Office, and shall be under the sole control of the Directors, 

and shall be employed only in pursuance of a resolution of the Board of Directors. 

88. The Directors may delegate any of their powers to Committees, consisting 
of the Director appointed by the said Tomas ALVA Epison (who shall be a member 
of every such Committee), and such other members of their body as they think ae 
Any Committee so formed, shall in the exercise of the powers so delegated, conform 
to any regulations that may be imposed on it by the Directors. : 


94. No Dividend shall be payable except out of the balance standing to the 
credit of profit and loss at the end of the year in respect of which it is declared, 
or in excess of the amount from time to time recommended by the Board of 

89, A Committee may elect. Chairman of their Meetings. If no such Chairman 
be elected, or if he is not present at the time appointed for holding the same, the 
Members present shall choose one of their number present to be Chairman of such 

95. The Directors may of their own wuthority, but only out of what they deem * 
to be the profits arising from the business of the Company from time to time pay” 
to the-Members a sum on account of Dividend at such rato as they shall think fit. 

90. A Committee may, subject to any-regulation made by the Board, meet and 

96. The Directors may in priority to any Dividend set aside out of the profits 
adjourn as they may think proper. Questions at any meeting shall be determined 

of the Company such sums as they think proper for bad debts or losses, or for the 

aati ace stew 4, 


LEE T SRS LN serie es 



A sos y ., mpan or 
leprecintion, repairing or maintaining of any of the property of the Comp ith ne 
. gues Pa sala contingencies or purposes ‘of the Company, and ih apply 

‘in : : ; n or on 
mee ST eaHinely and in the meantime may invest any sums so set aside in. 
sam od? 

such securities as they may select other than the Shares of the Company. 

97. The Directors may deduct from the Dividends payable to any Member all 

hh sums of money as may be due from him to the Company on account of Calls 
such sw 

or otherwise. : 
98. Notice of any Dividends that may have been declared or be payable Par 
b given to each Member in manner hereinafter mentioned, and no Dividend sha 

bear interest as against the Company. 



99, The Directors shall cause true accounts to be ene the Sareea 
business and transactions and of all sums of money received se as ahaa ele ees 
Company and the matters in respect of which such receipt - 7 eid 
place, and of the credits, assets, and liabilities of the Sea a ee aoa 
the balance of the Profit and Loss a ate ee ae cf pee ie 
r of ¢ ivision of profits, the said account sha D Q 
ited atone respect of the period over ine auch oe aes 
whether they have been actually paid or exist only as liabilities of the e es 

as well as with a proper amount in respect of depreciation $ and shall be cx x 
with all earnings and income accrued within the said period. The Lecante a 
premium for a license extending over a term shall be treated as income 0 — ‘ 
in which it is received, but no credit shall be taken for the prospective value of any 
rent or royalty. 

100, A statement of the Company’s financial position shall be laid baaovdale 
Ordinary General Meeting to be held after the year 1879, made up toa da 
more than three months before such mecting. 


‘di ral 
101. Once in every year, namely, preparatory to each Otdinery ae . 
Meeting, tho accounts of the Company shall be examined, and the correct: 
the Financial Statement ascertained by one or more Auditor or Auditors. 

102, The Director appointed by the said THOMAS AlA Epison shall mu 
the right of nominating the sole Auditor, or one of the Auditors, as the case 

rin enenie tat ota pep treet 



be. Subject to this provision the first Auditor or Auditors shall be appointed by 
the Directors, and subsequent ‘Auditors shall be from time to time annually 
appointed by the Company in General Meeting. 

103. The Auditors need not, but may be Members of the Company ; and no 

Director or other Officer of the Company shall be eligible during his continuance 
in office, 

104. The remuneration of the Auditors (whether nominated by the Director. 
appointed by the said Thomas Ava Epison or not) shall be fixed by the Directors, 

105. Any Auditor shall be re-cligible on his quitting office, 

106, If any casual vacancy occurs in the office of Auditor, other than one 
nominated by the ‘Director appointed by the said Tuomas ALva Epison, the 
Directors shall forthwith fill up the same, ; 

107. In case at any time there shall be a total failure of Auditors appointed in 
manner aforesaid, and no Extraordinary General Meeting shall have been called 
during one week for the purpose of supplying such failure, the Board of Trade may 
on the application of not less than five Members of the Company appoint any 
Auditor for the current year, and fix the remuneration to be paid to him by the. 
Company for his services. 

108. Every Auditor shall be supplied with a copy of the Financial Statement, 
and it shall be his duty to examine the same with the accounts and vouchers 
relating thereto. 

109. Every Auditor shall have a list delivered to him of all books kept by the 
Company, and shall at all reasonable times have access to the books and accounts of 
the Company. 

‘110. The Auditors shall report to the Members upon the Finaucial Statement, 
and they may give such information to the Members on the state of the Company's 
affairs as they may think fit, 


111, A notice may be served by the Company upon any Member, either 
personally or by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter, addressed to such 
Member at his registered placo of abode. 

Sb el Nanette ee oe 


ivon i + to any 
i to the Members shall with respec 
§ tices directed to be given to the any 
112. All i nae are jointly entitled, be given to whichever of such pe Hee 
a ees ia the Register of Members, and notice so given shall be suffic 
is named firs 
notice to all the holders. of such Share. 

: : he 
3. Any notice if served by post shall be deemed to have been ey i 
nile i i ahal on which the letter containing the same was Bee : ae Me 
es i “aualiwarviee it shall be sufficient to prove that the letter containing 
roving su | 
eters properly addressed and put in the Post Office. 

114, Any Member residing out of the United Kingdom ie aoa ee ak 
ithi h United Kingdom at which all notices shall be served up i sh 
bere es ved at such address shall be deemed to be well served. If he s 
tare ape aash an address he shall not be entitled to any notices. 


ioned in the 
115, The Company ratifies and adopts the Agreements gas oe 
‘ii eioranhins of Association, and the Directors shall forthwith ste : RAE: 
for carrying the same into full effect, subject to any modifica = ee a 
both of thom which may be agreed upon between the Board and 
Tuomas ALVA Epison. 


2 . spressions 
116. In the interpretation of these Articles the following wet od piri Sl 
shall have the following meanings, unless excluded by the subject or ae 

“Month” shall mean calendar month. 

Words importing the singular number only shall include the plural. 
Words importing the plural number only shall include the singular. 
Words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine. 

N cde wei ns ent 
The word “Bankruptey” shall include liquidation by arrangem 
under “ The Bankruptcy Act, 1869.” 


Names, ADDRESSES, AND Descriptions or Sunsonripens, 


Epwarp Preypri Bovuveni, P.C., 44, Wilton Crescent, S. W. 

Serrimus Ricuarp Scorr, 75, Old Broad Street, EC., Stockbroker, 

WaAtrer CamppeLL, 18, Old Broad Street, E.C., Stockbroker, 

Joun Lunnock, 15, Lombard Street, E.C., Banker, 

GEORGE Ricuarpson, 8, Lomb 

ard Court, Lombard Strect, E.C., Iron Merchant, 

ALrrep Howet, 30, Eastcheap, E.C., Merchant. 

Gro, E. Gouraup, 6, Lombard Strect, E.C., Director of the Mercantile Trust 

Company, New York, U.S.A. 

Dated the 2nd day of August, 1879. 
Witness to the above Signatures, 
Ricwarp Harnrisoy, Solicitor, 

Clerk to Messrs. Waterhouse & Winterbotham, 
1, New Court, Lincoln’s Inn, W.C., 


A at—tnw enti Dteac a ae ee 

a A et US eed) Doo Baan Ge 
pew otaered “ths Sorte 6 7 Pleces 

ae cfd alle (i bay | 

Lr ug oy 

Ce ae a: COREE, Cece bw 

ee ak 

Foe? 7a G6 ar Se eae 

ae eeetnr K was ore 

pS Riin ai Dati, a Hace PH of k te 

for" Bn - Bek ZK on FLL ete ~ 
- Blbks Coll aud ger He 
ane ag hee hone 

ferGek ~ Kerex KA Art hear au, 
A-"@teew — va Orker Break Rey” 
cas ae ae Bugz Gx ~ rence 

Yotin Boe 

nt ayy > Sg 
lens ews ee ee anit . 

| ya reee Petia in KRa!e Gare 

Pa Ss pe ee Ceased. 
| Feria Qt tonne Fy Rene 

/ Fm 

‘7 oe GAG he ‘ 

"bites on 

(fot cee feespheren 
Model o d's neA on 

ees path 

ai - 

ae Outs WO: wae Vp hernter Corfe nypeanyp yf Linden “ile Sau ele | pager thot yor aol ee arith 
Mion nin Mesa Chambers, eee ee S00 Abephones 
LA Dp Sipe, Pads HEC 

wy Weis ~Gesg. oT ee we the model fo Herman2 0 matted 
. duseretiom . Sanransiorr. to 
‘od Asari to eee, famndnecbanretromerts trated 

ee ae mole youd Ce a ee 

NXetephore , Cormeen ceccteeny, “han bao Hi Srtiphinay Mads rectal 
et vat tol pl Hk Cng ethes 

eu ee er aa creel it peretebe, 

2 ee Ss; 7 ae | arma (EleePe Agree 

, lene Gapicer 
© LO? 7a. Fa Cant - flor Fonte, 


far 22a Sie QoSe tee ewe 2x 




<a uate Cozcecersceiy “He—- - 
exon nt2H Citi. Be 2b. B- 


| “eC Ben 3 = (tc selec eX 
| SE GE Bea stl FoR = 

PEE Ee - ~~ 
cance? “Pag 

“ Se eae 

a ere . 
hd Fence -§ WFa 

| 2 aes aoe Aigo Ee 
f ? ; ut mE 


ae i 
Ny nee 
€ Od (SO 
. | a , 
ee de Lean duentiny cgay 
oe an 
Hees Rytcack Horace 
vy DO 
VX “a Yo 
) We 

Bria LcRatit trea ch Se rahe oho Fi hime 

50 6 

WWikiwetcsvitin i: eet eet ne 


b. Lombard Sppeets tc 

Laden 26 —C 2 acd 

ah LEE bY p5— 


: Obeu 24 y 
Rag 9 
Jo thom VC. alert J : ; 

She Thepbornro Cornfrer cy reer yen 
| fotgnroadrut HE. 
© Boanch of® vicetora of thes 
Comspaniphea vO fccidcreele re umech that- cu titaa ht). 
of Conboro helefaton es Avec: tate’: AO nan of dhe. “Bak 
Srendnwhed hes bee smrprorted, oncbtent- ode buy. 
you fo @etterns 1D frotuce a tho Qhy y eae of whose 
nouned Hty oro Hd pofecfr ee 
Soa snttarelech bn ptt 
Boands ta aatl yee AHertroso to tho fercl that the. cese? cs 

this fowdof hanerthng instrument. cd OD eee = 

’ 1 be (AACE ad thas Conrpraregs Potente No aqag of 1S 77 ; 
anou 239l- of IS {8 aaneb fo  tenpoteds tho Aopo tances thel 
you avith ta ke. vorvrantelicle, wh prs to diseornbrnnd Hrs. 

vides Anol that sak AaMe 170 yu iis oa 7 .—e) alg —-- 
auhcobs ache ag Pape. ond #h ed Comprar ie + Pore, fart fy 

Se te to frrote ct thee ay ace As Ovonens f Had - ore tows 
Saat reams Send: 

wee re og Sas, Giahes w& 
et YoD Ooreent Serernb 

oe fee a ue ia ee ; me a8 o so: 


ale crelaty THAn. AGED 
* : car 



; “Bok assoorarrome A i ‘4 | 
Mr, Louis J. Orosslo alifax, will show hia { 

i of 
itelophono transmittor re usod in conjunction with a / 

tolephono as receiver. Tho volumo of ; 
sound given out by itia stated to bo sufliciontly loud 

and clear to bo heard by s largo audience. Thoro 

will also bo tho Hunnings tolophone, tho in- 

ventor of which claims that he has in it overcomo 

tho defocts and difficulties observable in tho Boll - 
and othor telophonos. By tho Hunnings tho voico 
is most distinctly and loudly reproduced at the : 
roceiving instrument, and tho annoying and ofton- 
times fatal offects of induction ‘aro overcome. 
Messrs. Tasker, Sons, and Oo., of Sheffield, will 
send tho tolophonoe srrangod on tho principlo 
adapted to tho central syatom of tolephonio ox- 
change, _. zg 

Gas Wer ee 
aida, ceca ¢ q- 

ppaahtet Semereatas 

Sir,—In reading your account in Zhe Times of to-day ofin-, 

ventions to be axhibited at tho meoting of,the:British Asso- * 

ciation, I notice a reforenco to the telephonic exchange 
syatem, and am led to ask how much longer it will be be-! 

for this most usoful arrangement is established in Lon-*° 

dou? To any one who has visited the United States and: 
seen how very generally tho telophone is used by busincss 
men it isa matter of surprise why so simple athing as 
this telophonio exchange is not adopted here, Iam con-. 
vincod that o well-organized and cheap system would’ 
answer admirably, 

Thore fa alao in Now York a good arrangomont for self- 
acting electric burglar-atarms, by which any safes, doors, 
or windows of banks or warchouses may be placed in com-' 

munication with one central office. ‘his has been found 
. to bo well adapted to tha necessities of the Amorican 
city, and might be of scrvico in certain‘cascs here, although: 
tho suporiority of our police force. renders it less neediul. 

. Tam, Sir, yours foithfull, 
128, Queen Viotoriastrect, Aug. 19, ; 

Ae eee 
Cteegeu/ a2o 

Bir,—-With reference to Mi. Chubb's letter in The Times 
-of to-day, I'beg leave to inform yon that this ‘company is 
now erceting = Telephone Exchange in the olty; which will 
shortly be succeeded hy othera in differont parts of Lon- 
‘don, and in'tho’other large towns of the United Kingdom, : 
“Mr, Edisori ‘has ‘lately given tho aubject of Telophone 
Exchanges lila carnest attention, and has devised means, at 
‘once efficient and simple, which supersede the ‘nolsy and 
exponsive system provalling in’ tho’ central bureaux in tha 

Unitod States, It is true that, as Mr, Ohubb'implies, the” 

English commerolal public aro xt present behind tho age in ; 
reapect to telephonic communication ; but the Edison‘ex: | 
changes now being organized by'this company will surpass | 
in cheapnoss and efficleney anything of the kind known in | 

America, —’ I'am, Sir,‘your obedient sorvant,~" 
. Sod age #Ble ARNOLD “WHITE, ae i 


+ Aug, 200550" =o ~ 

! : ' Secretary and Manager. ‘| 
The Edison Teloptions Company of London’ (Limited); ; 
aby st. be EE SEEDS ead 


. Bir, In reply to the very reasonable ‘question ‘of ‘Me, 
George -H. -Ohubb on this:aubject' in The Times ob'to: 
day, inthe absonca of tho chhirman of the Telephono'Com: 
pany (bimiited), I may state’that the delay has, to = ‘great 
extent, been caused by:tNe.diffoulty itp obtaining the im- 
proved insteamenta most ‘suitable for the pieposo.. Now that 
this has been overcome, progress has already ‘been made in 
‘tho direction of establishing the central Office'systens,; not 
‘only in‘London, batdn somo of ontniist impértent provin- 
cial towns, - KamBir, Your obsdte porvant;-- 

vs. ans : (MORBIBON, 

The Telephone Company (Limited) AAbg. 200-4 £ 

ta. of Seo 

er emt Af 


— a 

S8ir,—For somo timo I have had a Post Offics private 
wire,” with the Wheatstone A B OC instraments attached, 
betweon my two establishments in this town, Last yearl 
hired for threa months w complete set of Bell’s telephonie 
apparatus, and usod it instead of the A B O instruments, 

’ Tho advantages proved ao great that for businces purposes 
-one is astonished that tho old-fashioned A B O is not ab’ 
" once superseded, The difference is this—a conversation 
in ono case is actually spelt hrgugh very doliberately by 
the two partics in communicstion ; in the othor, it is 
ken as rapi u wish to speak tho words, Nob 
Hiking to go pig, ho tie. se of the A BO, I applied to tho 
Post Offics to bo allowed to have two tolophones supplied 
vin nes of tho Wheatstones, but the Department im ined, 
0 wore pared as lephones g 

tiga % tho tnsrunton stan ‘incised rental of £11 por 
anaum. This I could not afford, aor was it what was 
wauted, and I again a; plied fora readjutment of thoir 
coutracs whereby £ coul tho tse of the lino wire guly 
fora cortain term and supply-my own tole ones, ‘This 
also was rofused, and I havo thoreforo uo alternative but 
to continuo tho uso of an instrument which for quick com- 
munication is far behind the telophone, May not this 
account in some way for tho slowness shown in adopting 
tho telephone, and to tho diffenlty there would bo in tho 
‘establishment of any system similar to tho American mene 
tioned in Mri Ohubb’s letter of to-day, as many firtis ato 
already bound to tho use of tho Wheatatono for terms pros 
“bably raeying from two to ten years? Could not, how- 
,over, tho Lelegraphio Department mest.thoag who wish to 
_uab the telophouy, so that might do so without actual 
loss to tho rovehuo or themselves, but to the great advant- 
age of many who, having practically ‘Proved ita superiority, 

aro rendy to adopt it ? 
' Lam, Sir, Yours obediently, RP. 
Tunbridge Wells, Aug. 20. 

Bir,—I am pleasod to find from tho two roplics in 26 
Times of to-day to my inquiry that tho Telophono Exchango 
is in course of adoption, and that ono company has‘actually 
got it at work. By the courtesy of Captain Home and Mr, 
Ormiston, of the Tolophone Company (Limited), I have to. 
day seen tho wholo of thelr arrangemunts and instrumonts, : 
at work, and can testify to tho perfect ease and simplicity. 
inspcaking through tho central office to any one who has: 
4 telephone’ {n communication. -Tho dolay in perfecting 
tho syatom scoms §o “have arisen from the diffoulty th ob: 
thibing pormlarioh-to iay wires—a hindrance probably over. 
como in Americd'hy not saking pormission at all—and fron: 
o laudable desire not tostart tho work until tho inatrumenta 
had been porfcoted, which end appears Dow to havo been 
attained, 1t only remains for bi firms and banks to 
tako thu matter up and avail themactyes of its advantages. 
. Wo muat not complain of aucocasful American compotition 
and yot refuso to adopt such alds to doing business as tend 
to this success. = Lam, Sir, yours faithtully, 
tg, 225° . 

i re 

OIGey- OIes os pk 
One mitted AD 



i Sir,—Tho Englishman is proverbiully a long-suffering 
creature, Ho sighs for, longs after, the conveniences he 
enjoys in other countries, and patiently bears his Jot, until 
somebody, moved by mercantile considerations, comes to 
his rescug and gratifies him with that which bo might havo ; 
had years ago had he but sufficiently domanded it. 

I cannot but think the British public would loudly 
make this requisite demand in the matter of telephonic’ 
tommunication did they but realize tho marvellous 
convenicneo and utility. 

I havo just returned from a visit to Denver, Colorado, a 
city of 35,000 people. Not 20 years ago humanity was 

‘represented there by a fow Indian “wigwams, und now, 
gathered by mining and agricultural interests, and urged 

‘thither in search of health, a vast community forms a 
society of robust, fresh life. A city upon the flanks of the 
Rocky Mountains,upon the very confincsof civilization, may 
well be supposed to bo a rough place 3 but it would require 
somo columns of Zhe enumerate tho enurgotic 

‘ efforta, by. qrbich tho people of:Denver have quickly reached 
an adVanced civilization, Among other results of their 
clover resource ia the tolephotio, 

‘ For a subseription of less than 10s. a mouth. a company 

:provides you with a receiver and a telephone. Tho ‘ re- 

‘ceiver ” isa small square box, which 13 fastened against 
the wall of the most frequented room in the 
houso, In the face of tho box is a holo about tho sizo of 
half-a-crown, A Httlo silver handle projects out of ono 
side, ond from 9 scrow conucctor hangs a telephone, by 3ft. 
or 4f& of flexible wire. On moving ‘the handlo a silvery 
“bell rings one atroke. ‘This signal once or twice repeated 
draws the attention of a clerk at tho central office, whence 
all tho wires radiate. Holding the telephone to your ear,you 

jbecomo aware that that functionary iashouting “ Hullon)* 
Turuing your faco towards the receiver, though you nocd 

{not Lo within 4ft. or 5ft7 of it, you speak your request— 
“* Connect me with Mr. Jones, the*butcher, in Larimer. 
strect.” Tho bell gives ita ting,”'and yo are in temporary 
communication with’ Mr, Jones. A¢ few strokes of your 
bell calls his attention, andefor .3)minutes you can 
convorso with, him as to,.tho stata of the meat. 
twarket and Your wishes witit’respect to a particular joint. 
No ono cat tél! tha convenieuco of ‘this arrungemont, The 
doctor pays no uscless visits, tho Pationt has not hours to 
wait beforo he can be found 3 the businoss man, should his 
business bo too intricato for a short conversation, makes un 
appointment with ease and certainty. ho-wifo at home 
cousults her husband at thew aie - as-if ho were 
in the next room. ‘You may" for-a cab or for 

policeman; in fact, you aroMfor £5. n year put ‘ 

within earshot of preryrf ber 

long English to villtbe bof 
I know not) buts4Bdxe wh 
messengers and office cler! 
wearond tear will, ifath 
| ** telephonio. connexton’M 

oO me, yours, tr 
Ht. MARTY: HAI, Rector’ of Denver, 

Deore ORL eg ce tf 203 
a. I . 
fignie bile period the Voyager can daty the po 
fat sthe *telograph':' boy; ‘and “can ~ indulge; 
blstul unconcerni respecting the complicatio 
bUtbinieks lifo,’ | What theros ‘in‘atore: for /us 
_ difoult to, conjecturo,,,.,Thoro, 
ff telephone: exchange,” 

fpitho expensa of 
nsiderablo daily 
wiee, Lava themselves in 
the year ends.w.’ 

ints: of:" :the:.c0 

i. ths beyildorod ngdipiont vt 
messages suddenly iputstan‘end fo’ 
tting'the wire in'two; aftar'the suino | 
‘opolitan panies sometimes cut of 
the supply of gas or'water, Ce nates 

Pn Ser abarnul vtag aA. 

diy thy Esmee CaS e790 — 

Ccieege Weeieg ee CH art 
a igen Bate Sat a ba. 
igs at Me ee me eee a Beng 

De agit: a MBit Cal wa, 
igo a Eee Ait or ee AIT OEE 
eas 2 ee 

ae Aare 

wie Spee Hasse x aen “« 

alan = wes ee ’ . 
oe. SS: — jag 

JA tees x 

See cohen Sit Ae 

=e Hoag oe om 
A107) KA Liking, 

AK Hs 
sass lp GF ee oe ra 

: ae a FECALA = LE EEE : 
BecW the 
gem Gipeis 

ess ae 

F gon nic 
io Fes, ~ LAL Ye, Ke Aas 
he hn ote 

Leave AbPh 

Cc et 

fie baer Ciefrecccceccts Bee 

Cec Good - 2 

Bau Bo 
hate, | ES iS ies: 

.. i ata GE é¢ 
— Cae ~“ ag grein a 
Shin. | 

feat Oye Ary, Pee © 
7 ale atin 

Oe ie 

RES Fac Linh Ne occ Se aN AA A ASEM ai gs Bea ie Aa een Bic ii eave aka itm dimtsie 

0, goalie ee (MO. 
aL dont Gata 

Gia, eg ss 
dase ees as 
ee eas Are 
ee ee ZY oe 
creer, ee ae 

ale ee 

42. ol 

7 THE HD Toon a 


11, Queen Viororta Street, E.C., 
Lonpon, September 4th, 1879. . = 

To. . ae ; 
. Tue Directors oF 
: The Edison Telephone Company of London, Limited. : 


_In regard to the controversy which seems imminent as to the rights of the two Telephone Companies now 
bidding for public patronage in England, it seems fitting that you should be put in possession of a review of the 
‘Telephone developments made in the United States since. the original discovery. 

ere a cg 

Having had upwards of twenty ycurs’ experience in the operationand practical development of the various 
systems and apparatus by which the science of Telegraphy hus been, in that time so materially advanced, I was 
fully prepared to accept the Telephone and to keep BS with its development, appreciative and understandingly ; add, 
to this professional incentive to close abservation, the fact that I have been mainly occupied during the past two years 
in the public exposition of the various stages of Telephonic progress and have had by reason of such occupation the 
benefit of a more or less intimate association with, and personal knowledge of the work of the contributors thereto ; 
and my apology for venturing to draw the distinguishing line between their respective contributions and the merits 

thereof, is made, 



_ _ ‘This invention was the first by which articulate speech was successfully transmitted over or through ‘a wire 
by electricity, and was the work of Professor Alexander Graham Bell, of Boston, Mass., to whom therefore is due the — --, 
credit of original inventor. It was exhibited by him in its crude form at the American Centennial Exhibition in ~ 
Philadelphia, in June 1876, at which exhibition I had the honor of assisting. : 

The ‘principle of this invention is the same us that involved in the now well known Dynamo Electrid* 
Machines by which electricity for electric lighting and other purposes is generated. The modus operandi as far as 
possible stripped of technicabilities is briefly this: a bar of steel being permanently charged with magnetism, is ° 
enclosed in a hollow spool of insulated wire, from the extremities of this mugnet the magnetic force radiates in every 
direction; this radius is termed the magnetic field or field ofmagnetic force. A piece of iron brought within this 
field will receive a portion of its magnetism, and, since it contributed none, becomes practically an adendum to‘the’ i 
original magnet, thus causing a shifting or redistribution of the magnetic force; the withdrawal of the iron permits; 


the magnetic field to assume its first position. We have therefore two movements which for brevity’s sake we willl; 
term: “ disturbances,” one on the approach ‘of the foreign body and one on its recession, the violence of thesej-: 
‘disturbances is in the exact ratio of the celerity of the movement of the disturbing body. 

It being unnecessary for the purpose of this article to explain the precise relation this disturbance ofthe ' 
manetic’field bears to the creation of currents of electricity in the spool of insulated wire, the fact will be assumed, 
It is important however to point the fact that the strength of the electrical currents in the surrounding spool so ge-. 

nerated isin direct proportion to the degree or violence of the disturbance of the magnetism of the steel core.- 

In the powerful machines used for generating the large quantities of electricity requisite-for producing Ight,  / 
power, &c,, the maximum disturbunce is obtuined by rotating the iron in the mugnetic field with great force and 
speed. by the aid of steam power, the strength of the current produced increasing or diminishing with the | 
variation of the speed of the steam engine. ; A 

In the small Magneto Machine of Professor Bell the weak currents used for the purpose of transmitting and"! 
re-producing the voice are generated by causing a thin Iron plate to alternately approach and recede from the end: 
of the Magnet, the power used being the vibratory power of the human voice. w 8 : 

It is obvious therefore that the strength of the currents thus created must bear the same relation to the -{ 
strength of the currents crented in the Electric Light Machines, as the mechanical power of the humun voice docs to 
that of the Steam Engine, with this important difference however, that, while the power of the Steam Engine may 
be indefinitely increased, the power of the human voice has an absolute fixed limit. hl 

Now as the effect produced by these currents of Electricity is in, direct proportion to their strength, it follows" 
that if in the first case the speed of the Steiam Engine is increased, the quantity: of Electricity is increased, und the - ; 
speed or working power of the machine being operated by it is proportionately increased. * ; 

So in the second case, If the voice is raised, as for instance by the sounding of a note of high pitch, the . , 
vibration of the metal plate is increased, the disturbance of the Magnetism is more violent, the Electric Currents ; 
are stronger, and the effect upon the apparatus at the distant end proportionately increased. a 

; For the better understanding of the effect produced by the electric currents which are thus created, I° 
will say that all forms of Electrical Generators are Electrical Sfotors as well, that is to say the same form of an ap- 
paratus which when driven by a power outside of itself will create currents of electricity, will when those same 
electrical currents are passed through é¢, receive them as a source of energy and become itself a motive power. ‘Thus 
in the Telephone the thin Iron Dise which at one end is made to vibrate by the human voice, is at the other alter. . 
. nately attracted and repelled by the currents put in circulation by the first, thereby assuming a vibration as it were 

te automatically, and in syncronism with the first. “ ; 4 

: It is clear therefore, that, inasmuch as in a Magneto Telephone in which the magnet is thoroughly well charged 
i the only direction in which we can look with a view to increasing its effectiveness is that of increasing the source of the ; 
: power; that being the human yoice, it appears tolerably certain to. an unprejudiced mind that the maximum “id 
effectiveness of the Magneto-Telephone has been reached, und we must look elsewhere for a substantial advance, 

i so 

ei , ’ 

Bes at 7 . ae 

Walon ne interne 

aS en er a EN 

; obtaitied. 

It is not necessary to point out-the fact that the effectiveness of this beautiful apparatus of Professor Bell’s 
is nsufficient for the practical’ purposes’ of’commerce.: ‘Th¢parties controlling the Patents have admitted this 
_by the adoption of one of the numeraus forms of Battery Transmitters presently to be described, precisely as I 

predicted in a Public Lecture given in Saratoga, New York, in the summer of 1877, at which time my prediction 

was pooh-poohed' by the Electriciins—so called—who’ were ther prophesying: x great: fature for that~ particular 
form‘of apparitus, . ; 

The Western Union Telegraph Company alone have expended many thousands of dollars, and had in employ 
un army of minor inventors, not to speak of ihe reat ceereents of individual effort which has been made through out 

the world, in the vain endeavour to give to this‘apparaths a-power materially greater than it possessed when first it 
p g P Pp yg I 

* onme from the hands of Professor Bell. Thus began, and thus ended the work of this inventor. 


The late Hon: Winliant ‘Orion; thet’ Byesident of the Western Union Telegraph Company, carly in the year 
1874) forseeing that.the science of-Telegraphy was entering upon an era of rapid advancement In the United States, 
called upon Mr, Thomas A. Edison, who had just perfected his Quadruplex Apparatus with such -gdod 
results for that Company, to undertake a series of experiments for the purpose of- ascertaining: what, if 
any, further development of the principle of acoustic, Telegraphy could be made, “*Mr. Edison undertook 
the work, and produced many ingenious and some valuable’ iniproveniénts, all the whilé- gradually approachin 
the transmission of Composite sounds,—having in operation in his laboratory, at the time Professor: Bell 
exhibited his first Telephone, precisely the same form of apparatus but which Mr. Edison had devised soiie months 
before, solely’ for the purposes: of! reproducing: the vibrations: of a- tunitig-fork.. Hud Mr. Edison sounded a 
voonl’chord ‘ox spoken words into this device, instead of using the vibrations of the fork, he would have anticipated: 
Professor Bell in the discovery of the’ Magneto Telephone, As it: was, the use of the device for the purpose oft 
reproducing the composite tones or sounds transmitted over a wire, gave to him the right under the Patent Laws of 
the’ United States to use it a& w''Telephone receiver, or reproducing apparatus, but not-the right-to speak-into it, for 
thé | wrpase of transinitti‘ig vocal effects. Following up the suggestion thus obtained, -viz., that-in order to make n 
coiiplete eolehane lie’must produce a'novel form of transmitter,’ and-acting: further on his belief that'the magneto: 
Winiciplé of Bell'vcuild'soorer’ ox later succumb to some form of galvanic apparatus,i.e.; some apparatus operating. 
ujion' battery’ ctirienis, he'set-aliout' tlie iiivention of a Transmitter. 

Starting with the’ vibrating diaphragm or plate and single contact point of Professor Reiss,.lie ran’ his usual’ 
gamut of multifarious devices until it became clear that no form of transmitter in which thé battery current was‘ at’ 
any given moment of time absolutely interrupted would answer the purpose. It was apparent tliat’ the perfectly’ 
graduated sound waves of the voice, must be represented by equally graduated waves of clectric-current, the desideratum 
therefore was a device whereby the resiétatice-of'a given’ electridal' circuit should be-varied in absolute unison with the 
vibration of a disc, 

mad _Tuibgititiell ag itig'eveil’ yetdisputed' dé (6 whether undéi, tle’ weaker vocal effects;: the: disc: does? actually 
vibrate in'thé serigé df‘bodily midtion; il! is‘apparcnt that to'préduce from such'iiifinitesimal: movement the’ effect: of 
intrdasing' ind decieabitig the resistance’of a circuit by the physital force: olitiinéd‘from'such movenient-Was‘almost' 
hopeless, certainly impossible by the application‘ of ary principle’ tlien’ iti use, or of whitlit science had: thus’ fiir. 
taken cognizance. . 

___A' nei series of experitnents was: therefore entered npon, with the object of determining whether any matter 
ot cotiipotind’ existed, or could’ be formed'which' would permit by its exponsion: and contraction of a sufficient 
vatittion' of resistince to’ produce tlie desired’ effect. In the course of these experiments, some tivo thousand in 
nutiiber, Mr. Edison’ made: this important diecovery, ultimately solving the problem, viz :—that when two bodies,: 

* whose'surfacés were semi* conductors of electricity were placed lightly in’ contact,-and included in an electric circuit,: 

a certain strength of éurrerit would flow, and when the slightest possibile pressure was put upon these bodies to bring 
therii into’ more iritimiate contact, thereby decreasing. the resistance of the circuit; a stronger flow of the current was 

% Hee Nee iG, ip! ee a a ae Nea dei a wera ay Sg che Lestat tee yee ape gt PPL Serer reer 
Here was a new iden, born of on old and well-knowit’ law in electric sciéiice, viz :' tliat bad’ contiict! iedtis! 

high resistance, and good contact low resistance. In short, the “bad joint” -with which every Telegraphist 

has been familiar from the time when the first line was'erected, was to be utilized for thé puifioae of trinsmitting 
speech over great distances. . : 
SMa pete gases oa epepes oe ae : : | oe eee eo ic eR ates sitet ; a “ais 
sce Te Will be’ déen’ therefore thiit to effect tlie object sought by Mr. Edison: it-was Only necessary to tuke two 
adies, sry for instance two rusty naile, one of which should be susceptible of easy-vibration, include them in a 

ciFeult with a Galvanié Battery'arid a Mognets-Teléplione, the latter to record! tlie’ result; aiid’ talk’ dgninst the nails. 
Thik then was Mr, Edigon’s earliést successful atternpt to transmit tlié voice, but the’ results dbtiiiiéd at first: were of 
value dilly al indicative of what would Ultiiiatély be obtained. Thi its’ éarlici forin' arid with the-first ninterial Used’ 
it Ag cele ; what Professor Hughes has since elaborated and to which: he’ lis’ given’ the wtinie of the 
i licrophone,” In fact Mr, Edison’s chief difficulty for some months was in ridding it of its Microphone character, 

twas too delicaté, too sensitive to extraneous sounds, and too linble to be thrown out of adjustment. . 
In the course of the experiments to detertiiie upon’ thé best’ material for ude in’ thix devite, Mr. Edison 

noticed that ordinary carbon in its various forms, such as coal coked, plumbngo, lamp-black, &c., invariably gave 

godd results. Following tp this ciie, he soon determined that the best results werd obtained’ :— 
Ist.—Frori' sithstariees capable of the fittest division.: 
2nd.—From the finest lamp-black carbon, 
“ap diter! {EVN tHe vatiots attictés of coiiiaice, tig set to’ worl aiid pidduedd aif witi¢le auiettor in’ 

& dotiaitie ted’ Ete Aone oe cices Of coriiierce, hé set to’ work aiid prdducdd sit dtticlé superior in’ every wa 
by colldetingy thé Pisek Trout thé chininéy of a'émoking keroséné lamp, ‘Thishe moulded into a button about theses 
ieted aoheae acing it iW’ a suitable Holder, caused the diiplitagm to’ éxéFt a pledsdve won it equal to tht: - 
\ waves eg hy ce Claparagm by the vocal waves, _ The result was a perfect conversion of the sound waves into electric 
waste sient made Cywe Ad complete solution of the problem. Here thén wWas' the’ secontl' stipe of Téléphone. 
inde a eats f th rd if to aeen Fe At gave him, in conjunction With the midgnété-recdiver na conipléte fel hore,” 
ae ated fe icieat Gee : a ai ho to es this, that by virtue of thé fact that Mr: Edivatt’ 
the working. éflects of his currents were not dlinited, & “in Bell b stEe seat eh We votre, the ctateur fe 

g Working. ellects of his currents rt : , a8 in Bell’s by the vocal power, The practical ‘sult’ of thi 
creek each longer lines could be worked, and.a much greater volume of sound ébiaivied fiom thé reeaiving 
supplanted. Bio(essar Bell's aeLaea ifthe United ‘St unmistakable advance, that it hag fo-diy aliiést totiilly: 
: lunted, f mn Be ing vin j ps a Ngee fasiins RECO REE BREN SS, 
in England. The date of Mr. Edison's English Patent is Jane iw, : ae ea oo ie ae aa 

The carbon transmitter has however likewise its limit of capacity fo put AY ci ion a anit. 
: J city fo put fi circulation: 

saul to eatnie ie the conehiston moped short, for instance of readied ths fois In te aad oe ae 
tlitin 8 fiviher devélo het ihe tt hoy Ver that it Were Wiser {6° exany an’ improvement in! thé réproducing: aj paratus, 
sholtd! be thé se Af aE (apni aoen as no’ totter how strong thé curretits might: be from a trimsinitteee whieh 
reeeld iW id; h ne thie Coke ceantion of the teléphoné upon 1ohg lines would entail a Weak eurrent at the 
Mr: Edison's work was pe a ae be pele With’ sooney or lité?, hé decided therefore to deat with it at ones, 
Work was efleeted through 1 y the perfection of , the Carbon Transmitter 3 the remainder of the 


The multifarious character of Mr. Edison's inventions leads him into the exploration of many widely 
diversified fields of Inbouv, Thus in 1872 while experimenting in chemistry to discover a compound which would 
enable him to record by electro-chemical decomposition the telegraphic characters which he had succeeded in 
transmitting over a wire at the rate of 1000 words per minute, but which he could not permanently record owing to 
the fact that the only solutions known yielded records either of too fleetinga character, or were not sufficiently 
sensitive to record ut all at the high rate of speed he attained, he noticed this phenomenon, When a strip of paper, 
which had been steeped in a solution of certuin chemicals, was subjected to the action of the electric current its 
erence became smoother, apparently lubricated, and as soon as the current was withdrawn it regained its normal 
character. : 

If such strip of paper were placed upona metal base having connection with one pole of a galvanic 
battery and a strip of platinum foil or wire connected with the other pole was taken in the hand and pressed firm! 
downward on the paper and at the same time drawn over its surface, the platinum strip would be found to move with 
comparative freedom despite the downward pressure. But if now the electric current were interrupted while the strip 

+ was being moved, the Tabricnting effect would be lost and the hand instantly checked by the interposition of the 
normal friction of the moist paper. 

. Endeavouring by the application of additional muscular power to overcome this friction and force the strip over 
the surface of the paper, at the same time restoring the current, the strip would he suddenly released and would 
involuntarily slip over the pope as if upon ice. Here then was the power to put in motion matter at a distance 
by means of electricity without the intervention of an electro-magnet, or in other words this new principle supplied 
the first and only substitute for the electro-magnet in all forms of telegraphic instruments. Continued experiments 
with it gave abundant evidence that it possessed two points of. advantage over the electro magnet, viz :— 

1st.—Greater sensitiveness requiring no time for its charge and discharge ns does the electro magnet, 

2nd.—Superior physical force under a given strength of electrical current, by virtue of the fact that the force 
exercised is purely local, being supplied by the hand, or by clockwork, the electric current simply controlling 
its effectiveness, and not of itself performing any physical labour. 

During the early days of the Telephone, Mr. Edison made some attempts to adopt this principle to a Tele- 
phone receiver, but met with but partial success, owing mainly to the unevenness of the normal friction of the paper 
and other absorbent bodies which were used to hold the chemical compound, and to impose the friction. 

Upon the completion of the Carbon Transmitter, and the definite appearance of a demand for the greater 
volume of sound in the receiving instrument Mr. Edison essnyed in earnest the work of applying the new 
principle to the Telephone. ‘The instruments now in use by your Company are the final outcome of those 
efforts. ° : : . 
A Cylinder of chalk which has ,been previously saturated with an alkali solution is substituted for the 
original paper, the finer divided particles of the chalk offering a more uniform friction. 

The Cylinder is mounted upon a shaft which is rotated by a hand crank, Attached to the centre ofa Disc of Mica 
is a brass strip faced with platinum, which projects over the cylinder, and is made to bear with considerable pressure 
upon the chalk by means of a rubber cushion or spring. The wires are so attached that the electric current is made 
to pass from the brass strip to and through the chalk cylinder at the point of friction. Now if the crank is turned 
so as to rotate the cylinder outward from the face of the Disc, the friction between the cylinder and the strip will 
drag the centre of the dise inward more or less bowing it out from a true plane. ‘his is the purely mechanical effect, 
so far, but if now an impulse of electricity is passed over the wire, the friction between the strip and the cylinder 
is destroyed, and the disc will by virtue of its own tension instantly regain its normal position of the true plane, 
Thus we find the dise drawn in one direction by means of the friction, a local action, and in the other direction by 
means of its own tension ; still a local action. 

‘The dictation as to when the friction should or should not be applied is the sole work of the weaker force, 
the electric current. In this then we have the true motor for the vibration of the plate, and in practice it is found 
such power may be obtained as will cause the reproduction of the voice in ‘greater volume than was given forth by 
the original, or in other words we have a perfect telephone, one‘which at command will speak either in a whisper 
or in the full tones of a strong-lunged man. : : 

: The Magneto Telephone of Professor Bell has been made in hundreds of modified forms, generally with the 
sule view of evading Professor Bell’s well-earned patents, Sometimes, however, with the laudible desire to improve 
upon it, Among the many:who have contributed to this accumulution-of- diversified form, mentioned the 
following :—Elisha Gray, of Chicago, Illinois; George M. Phelps, of New York; Jesse H. Bunnell, of New York ; 
Mr. Gower, now of Paris,and many others too numerous to mention. The-driginal instrument of Professor Bell, how- 
ever, has not as yet found its superior in kind. The apparatus in its originul form embodied all the virtue there 
was in the principle. - ; : ‘ : 
11 is needless to say that all these modifications of Professor Bell’s apparatus were simply more or less direct 
infringments of his patents. ' , 

. The Carbon or Contact Telephone of Mr, Edison has likewise been made in 0 multitude of forms, 
mostly of the form and character of his earlier apparatus. This is largely due to the publication of Professor 
Hughes of his so-called alvern phone discoveries, and the announcement, by him that he- contributed said’ dis- 
coveries to the public, As the Microphone is simply Mr. Edison’s enrly, Lelephone—no more—no less—adapted 
to another purpose than the transmission of speech, any adaptation of it for the purpose of such transmission 
of speech is a clear infringement of Mr. Edison’s Patents. It may not be amiss remark that Mr. Edison 
told me personally he did not object to Mr. Hughes claiming the aduptation of his contact principle to the 
yurpose of: a microphone, What he did object to was the claim of original discovery. In that objection the 
Tater Patent support Mr. Edison. Consequently any and all modifications of the Microphone for the purpose 
of telephony are direct infringements of Mr. Edison’s patents, whether the material used be carbon, shot, rusty 
nails or ought else, by which the principle of obtaining more perfect contact by the exercise of pressure is brought 

_into play. _. : - 
“Among those who have devised modified forms of Mr, Edison's Carbon Transmitter may be mentioned the 
following :—Blake, of Boston, Mass.; Fiske, of New York; Rigi, of Berlin; Crossley, and others of England, 

The electro-chemical receiver of Mr. Edison has not as yet been trespassed upon, it is of too recent birth 
beside it is of so novel and original character as to require some degree. of originality in its infringement. It will 
however doubtless not escape the piracy which nowadays appears a fixed quantity and certain as death. To 
Professor Bell we are indebted for the discovery of the telephone, to Mr, Edison for its practical application to the 

wants of commerce and society; to Mr. Edison we must look for its future development in the direction fore- 

shadowed in this letter. 
: Iam, 

Your obedient Servant, 
Chief Engineer. 

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Te can it by repeatin: tho ernding a Station for comparison, aud the Company will 
alayain trenstosion riers of UsaarmaraD Messiazs, 
eet Es Mowatt ite sore career ea hOnand te ahs Fequea| et the pe sender under tbe conditions named. memed chars, 
BREWER, Beo’ ‘ 


Reed at Western Union Building, 


Aen th A 

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Blank No, 1. 


re can be x: it by repeattog to the sending station er cempartc, and the Oompeny eit] 
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No. crac tae ee 0d by requent ef ioe pendat Hans tbe con dttione named shore, 


Dead at Western Union Building, 


A, z "BREWER, Seo'y, 


Pr. Ay 


Hey Qn; Sony 7 

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a 2278 ce, D S99 
Fkao Qtray ~Gees wa 
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Talifthran Beorant Pleard antes aff ao ig 

fas belifichinay $6 AT rrd are Tea Aer 

Slants No. 4. 


and DELIVERS messages only on conditions, Umiting Its tlabllity, which have beenassented toby 

‘hie Company TRANSNITS 
ee errand Cane puciek cenieek by vepedtbag a’ vasccice eck Ua Wie sande station oi compartson, and the Compeny wil! 

. ded aga! ce 

Wo,_____. | aaa eat aa Unaabte utente Seer ao orcnmencmra ree 

—__ |Af a. sREwer, Boo'y, NORVIN GREEN, Pres, 
y £3 

= — FZ a AL PReod at Western Union Building, 


my LF )07 A . 
Vhadk Cnnaedteichbe ribo a te La 
Si AN 3 Gott ied 
lcot— MGA w. OLE) 
CM, AGUA tea aS 


. Hank No. 1, 



Thta Company TRANSMITS and DELIVERS messages only on condition, Lmniting Ita lability, which have been assented toby 
the sender of the fatlowin, Testers, a ta he beadice Skates Ppa ‘otis 
can Le y metenge back parison, 
not bold ual lahSroretmoear duets aneunige sf aatet oF aes (or compattion, and the Compasy 
‘Tale Message UNREPEATED MESSAGH and is delivered by requett ct the oni ce the conditions named abore, 
A. R. BREWER, Seo'y, ‘_NORVIN GREEN, Fres, 

Bes EZ Western Union ‘Building, 


ih. 7? OS <a. 1879, 
: ZZ Oe ba os —_—— a ; 


Blank No, 2. 


Thin hers pg FNANKMITH and DELIVENRN messages only on conditfons, ie ite hich bere 

been assetsted tu by the wonder of tho fallowlug messa.e, : : 
Errors can bo guarded fgalat only by repeating a mecsage back to the eonding aMftlonTar com, A the Com 

pany will not bold Itealf Rabin (or ateura or delaya lt trauemtlesion uk delivery of Uaee te ook Motaagoae. 

Tits ieseage (sau UNREPEATED MEGSAGE auil (4 iletiversd by request of the sender, under the condiiions 

ve, * 

pared al 
A. R. BREWER, Seo’y 




GREEN, President. . 

. NS : 
. r 
Y savage, as Gunso 

Beton BI RN A ss - 
Sa “ ; 
§ - e ‘ 7 ‘ : 
‘Sareea 4 sr SQoewD goes . $ hep 
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Son's ls 



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2. Aevoete Che chile 7f het Fn ar atilaghiny te Hs 
Eeteead tks and—ehalb cep tet ae 
(a gee cooled KG ActeePa> - Ao fowed 

ay OSE Seon Soe 
ee re ecarw prt thacesttet) 
an es eae PERS ie 

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AY Cyerts® pez 
FO, Edligerr | 
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Boro 5 Dither lily 

ote ee ee —_—_ — 

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ee OND OV 


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tren tTe OWL. We RTer 

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( Owen ai Ariat 26 674 
an Cue 

A vs PAL 

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Stee a4 Anke 

| | “) Wis Gide a 
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WA Yoel ngs 
Fis che 7 Menlo Park, 
fy _~ ie 
wy te 
ah Ve 

Bia , a nuke Gh art stn, 
ble hw aptin | 
| é A . e 


Form 81. 

The Fold ea Stock Telegraph Af ompany, | 
SE. Soa, Au Sack. Ae AY sf | 

MNurchonte Crehange 
ae ess a al 5) a oe 
ght A forthe fortiitare ae Te 

Polary, Harms 

Blank No. 1. 

This ted tab TRANSXMITS and DELIVERS | messages oigis daly n conden ti conditions, rip tgATabity gebich t 
meen Pate oy the meader of the fullowte 
8 be i uarded axatuet iy by tepaatine. k to the sending pee ns 
any wll ot hal "| itself Mable for errore vein itauomission or dellry of Ware: tod 
inteagejaan UNREPEATED AIBSSAGE and and 19 delivered by requestor the sender, uni er ty 


¢ nel 7 : , Oy ms rr 


oo | ane 

{a Park, N. J. rat Beis y ti 


* ! : \; 
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Greentown 2 AE Keegy eps a CXS, 
_Centit wa SELEO ELL : | 
LUG Grek FOIT. gg y a to Ae hbo s:. | 
Pale a. KEG Meupier emda, F— AE 
fille. tie fi Hall ao a 
feet. Pomny a ae 
oe a Geek Sratlibrt Aereer. @ar- 
(forotatitit- bbe AFGuw Baer, 
Gita eee Ale — icc y on 

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de ale eh ek eh a end ah ct ai bat ae) SN RN a ain lg Sane DS Aiea bah Goh ican dg OSC SESE ia i RIES SiS Nd eA AT hiss od maha ibaa ae Atiand Re ee a I, ae Oe a wn aie oe ey bal 2 

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eee tee A o2o —- Aa 
LEM ew LE Aor Lo Khe Cig ir - 

Ma~cce Kel 
Ao i 

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ea — 

COP Lec L 


—~ BZ cece Hae APM 
(owe a etre b, | 
| Sorecpcien el BE Fac. oo 
Pier liceent 2, Z 




Pot and Bose Ahununcnion and ied Alpporate of ull hinds, 

Eulson‘s Invontions—Phonographs, Telephones, Motographs, &c,, &c, 
GZ Oh. OL fe 24187 
EL. Oxf. 




pote and Bouse fawoncntr and Bletie Aeyrrti of ull hinds, 

Edison's Inventions—Phonographs, Telephones, Motographs, é&c., &c. 

(Z Gl, jp 
: 4 


2 * . . : . 
. re : Ce, Pe. rf os om ‘ ‘4 
NS og ae De Seinen SN ON igs Mics ah 

ade se ee Hh ee 
Moke “aN Vaden e.. 

Retr ted hy 

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faa, 6 Beemer tenet Li bon, ies. oS 
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Meo ae mae Coe eee Loy md 
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ae Me a Vols 64 olnoM ae ern 
aio a oo fol PR, ieee My rey 2 

Ae: a off = oe Cris ane a PS ee ge es, oa 
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os f Zé ae bs ee he Mole. 
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pr ER, 3. esas, Ng 

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eine Wak a: ectte. endes $e, ee 

ae oe oR. NS ae 
e, oe cag et, ae Mee thi. GEC C ait 
pete Coe ney es Paes Thc. é af as 

epee Lids : % 

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& jth ie ie Bet Tomes 

the Ghigheaite: ne Nee 


“hes ond The Oo. ‘e. 
Nf ise Rope vee 

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Pubes ee F 

* Menlo: Park; .N. mass ae 
A wi: 

on Na Me Plan Yar, ie 4 : BH. 

af soa tebe eet Messer 
Bye Nias 
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Lathes a, sda, wnat 

aie ys sfescrmeiti 

eldeee ee Ma : oy omnes of faire’ rvs Le a 
leon. he 4 Ne) fal 7 Avy Ulaue) 

Eo LUM cdidebalo@hlndtly Edgiw 9 

a (= ane, = 
Voiu vcey ter CdUe tele i| . TA: EDISON . 
Rn. | } oe \ \ 4 
\ et { ( ys cor : 
a § > gate ou haa waar oy Vey ; Menlo: Parky No Joy——* 


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Aono Bsc ae a ot a Pree peg on MO 2.8 a ty f 3, MH Otay, 
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but oe Vheo Ltt Cy LAMA. ae Le Bee : ook n2 comers rife 
4 Mite pan nO CHK MAL hk ue : nee ces. Onn ae Bp 

Teele. By 

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nee, we er ciara 
et. ee a ee en and stub 7? 
a. aioe AAAS See - 
Ps vay: A Teo Osea Ce AS Ke aos 
restates 7 edrva & Wes fuck aft a 
LG bra hrcot, oe 7) —~nko Coy (ees ak 
“Prkw ae ‘ole UHL: aur Oy, 
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Msn. Dae Me ee Mh Faroe i oes 

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jacag The CRE 1: Dhan ty 

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ono faa : 
appr. Bs Cc 455 
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We Rtas: hagas eeet, or ead 6 

RAE | Bee 8 a ° 

en Doe: ke der: ots, Meet Dra fast 

yciettey ’ Cainer if bt Adi ae = 
ip ae Wee Chen cen Boe AL met: sc Bi ry. oe “Yh Grak~ 

T.ANEDISON, “4, Elle. Fie ne | £s 
Pfc, ge ot ts  OUonis AAbiagu 4a, 

ie eee 3  Cothentit Hote el ade ii 

Nh, ab Moti. Park, N. Ju4z : 

Mad tee a. poe ser eee, eo 
Todas wt. Martin, Tekapo eae & 
. hee. noe. ok ee “¢ ten 
hg. A ae eS 

Mh, ane oe ated eee Oka 0... ee & 









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(neds SS ~ eee = 
ie Waban co op a Th rae i Phang 
WG ae AU... Evy Coe Mee. A oR! ee 
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no. CMa. Used. ALCL EI. ve Uxudine. 

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rae ral as Bel s 


Pe ae So aw AY 

‘n, A. “EDISON. : 

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he ote !<Menlo Park, N. J... &. Leif fogs. 1/4 | T. A. pps 

- C ete a, Peccel | | Menlo Park, N. J. St A— 

es i. d he Roe ae Oe 20. reo te cae 
pethcen! “fe 

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tet hes teed oa 

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45 G 
vit J pb WA phd olnaoM Ts 

- = : sof J nN ¢, Sy 
‘ 2 ae . ; pre 


T. A. EDISON, _ 
Menlo Park, N. J. 

Cysehers, Ae dons 

trae ats ere | Aa “ 

vb tes hy 

Siow eee at sed: 

) sayy say ONS 


BN BL CN So be i a nN tab C2 le CAN Aa AA a RA A os ie Fn So pe mer snet cabin Ye Itech nes ileal fs pee tosh (ey dab ie es he BASEN ENR asc AO Ting La visas bast L 

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Me Calison Ldophonet onary yf London: Sanita ' . 
Marin Moca Danibora y f w C : j . , 
FB bo eS Lied hich otit HMOEREC | teonf * Contiact 2000 as povlatble ° 
t toe F ee . 

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The oll and Stock Talegraplh AE ompany, 

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(xa? ret a Ky , 
oe Coo po ve ee LE Aipre tren. 

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” ve edie as Gin My ve ag hed Gypliivse 

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‘oy Sige Be A ae 6 

oe VBligey Eves LPL, we Le lper; 
Oe J jack  ferte ee eos oe, by 

(auc Mite wae Beeaie tebe, & LUL, 

fa Ye Let (Vawr, goo LEG Cis ae 
Of He LE WA &, Having fh Auigaden 

oa lhe es ae sg JE 
comet + bell (asking ae Ln 

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LAA ttre, 
epee wld ZB oe 

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SI: os ELEM a 


ew brats. bi, Lok J, eon AD tArwts ee ae ae 
eZ Ae ee ase +See =e ohh. ao - 

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pth ie DLE LS LPs Le ge 2 fe iL A oo ie a ay 
 didemat 4A en = pte A fecsve, S224 Perle 

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Oe mse ike Jet tt eileen 42 ark Ly i ie 
etd Qe Woe OLS EAS ore 

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Pritise i a hice Grr 8 4 Se oh 

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B-tyery be by) Feo. 


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Menuin House Chamlars, a : : 
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tr, ass ef eee: 

Meacty bark’: 10.97.99 



Fe es SL anal y asses 
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aurea oss 
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veer svoented to by th 
rdeck iy rimpeaiine ine back to the 
pan arate tht Hal uN ro ee Galaga tr trauainlesion ve da livery of Unrepeated 
mnessay n UNREPEATED ae Te delivered by requestor Ihe eaniter, unde far the condliton 

namell above 
A. R. BREWER, Seo'y NORVIN GREEN, President. 

. AO. ! oe Cx. [0-7 i 


sending wan cain sind tis Com- 


bisbeid cnhia aa nealing iit kw 

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~s" whee Fos eg a ae ww 


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Xs Arad, 
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Qn CO t ee dog 
1879s Were Tomas Ore Ae 
oy Te | tke ae pie 
insted Tine 4 Call We Orbos 4\ ty en 
foant- Whircene ae Cc ronay Be ee 77 Ie) 
lone) AL. ae ach cea nctatn ett 
Pinar bi K Leoeration - ae: fp ad.cft- And sere 
pont ‘te a ve ee PD) Dihmeped we mae aad 
fe Gu. Mo ge han oe ee bot o, oft Dard , 
| Ate a es ee bee pen f Loe Paas Meee 
i WH Com fern. Ruy Mi ic 1 of,f Oily Ci os BAe Ga 
Where’ 4 » Cmte tay And sae eS sf ae Ves, 
(Clevon le PROD eRe mae defapeing The | fracrrat, . 

Caue oe OL4 ee ee eee oa de ie veces ar 4a 

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lin aw xrlblacure ;j 

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Ae Toe es oe oa ee = a 

AHirott oaenere tes part in the Co ck 

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ATG On) all Us, prow, “K / Oo 
A ORNS RCE TCS er he era A ny OD aiisis Bf 
Lo IT te fe Cat” Rag es, Ohrth pa nelatrs 
WWikandse iy. ie a (Otc of te. Hicins: A povnbe 
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Tk hw P hrtedin Back Beas en Rey ura. a Piping 
hing av. sy ae by tong of SE Oe ar hee, ‘ 

Ce, be wlthig Let th, Ome grin - thant Love. 

34%, Com frn urctl On O-v te nv, tk, a wt” ay 

Woriuber 1°79 obtincs Aubcrorifelerne or OAL ec 

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ib t offre Ay pote Apple, a 4, for thi Atur peri dint 
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Whe chats wll ueceeaty ss Lyle ans 
i fee Tees: whil May Ae bigecarca ter 
[qos Hegat. sffrst- hi ty oben tndidton, 

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ies NOTE 

Gto EB GourAud. 



$e wAag 
when _ we... ttm 4o—extee& CHO ae wa 

jee Latha Mesely, srg totcghe Lhe, Bee 
Crate CA) cb )_ th. t0-B4X_f- 0-4 oes aie cock, 

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Hb aa aon Lae # 

eee 7 fot ay oem os O Begs, SPOeT eT ®t 

Sica ca ecemer aria 

Le airs Sines cee yore Aeey Cam, AO-0~_. CAE 
weth__Z A Lower. c__.-Co-ee 26 2 “h-et-e-ry 

2 tice CK2, tg Clone h— ee 
ALEC? oe MARK Ce_n_@25 Za, 

Be A Marais SoS FO—edbr, ~ 
Caan mst ~ (BL Am ne ; Cet 
dats; McanelGte ee ee an, tied 
lascraaaral ~Cece XK ST ee SI RO Levecdont 
9 fan nteein Andrew, Ae. o Mn Veh oft —ePtat 

seeay een Ae, lm Phe, Ke And Cea teeny 

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eA eet maha , eeeag f 

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p hla Lebrwth tete CHE 16, 
Y eee — BAER Fe Lo ke. -atlhio, jt hatter 
A 1 Sahin OES 7 CFP §L0 Cre lg-he) : 

aAhiaty lp—CHE: 

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Do fon ta ch Liixpe A+ bec tte! GO 
AAD P-1-Ern) am.& ee ey) 

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A: amend BOP ttt FD, acege KiB 

geet ate.. combate apen CA eg ae “2, 
ee Ce SOE ee CAG ice 2c 

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4 ay. THE Poratct' Cee he 

ChetrAeteg Cee, an 
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procctrenne algae 4o~ i ane 

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ona ELS (Rey hia pe are: 

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| oe eee es oe sai ae i fo—ecpny 

on ee eee ae and Kano BS Ors B. 
( Kkola Che. Be ae: 7) G exeeceter 
Oe ce Soe 92-1 gf Keo LD 

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ret Ch Cog nbd A) deca men 7 R14 e24¢ecred bea) 
cone Leb MRA, OK, 

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' Geo & GouraAuo. 

wy was ene aalen, abies 

eee ec cece LEP} te baad ened 
oom a asitan ae? tnt 
a oe oe Cit bimefiiat be wate 

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ete tb sme 21 ep alow | 
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“ LOM BAR Bagg ST REET £0) 

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, Mon he here eam lhen, leds, - ‘ 
end WHITES Hoanie fe Lawe be idea Spowde: a 

eee Oe. bc. /f. — 



LO ae 2 od aie Cogs | FROM . 
Gro E GourRAun. 
_— hey | LONDON LE 7 

ay spo Ce fiariy ere wees Kervec ti —" 
[pig EE sa porn mene an 

Sa ne AT TOI BET i 

4 PA otal eae 020 Kid Chat te 
a0 keh when <u @e2n0 Fo at the Fier, ee 

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os, LEK. QAb-tL—>70 Pane ip liter AEE cc 

Pues LAG erm Letete eee Ko aime : eRe wt, ae 
es aS ey 2 Ment ee we pence 
BQeeliess—F. CaO Cs page Cie, 
fae CO ponnet fi Btw 

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: NOTE | 
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6 LOMBARD pepe ae er 
sean nena ee Sastege LONDON bib = EAE. 

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= > So eee Cae Cr Room 

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Te nie 

Acie ee “ih, et 


m4 Bison ss (act. 4. 1974) : 

\ . Menlo Park, N. J., 

ee eae ee rey, 

Thou Coon atmeling Cg Ceh pall 
eh ey Shennel, OO erts 
Sabie cee ey 

Gre So Joy mo —_ 


Metilo Park, Nv Sey nncunwwnnnnennnrnnenenn 18 

b.L- 9 hes 
. ee reas abi 
Eh ate « (rar) 

& Lo witht Ue 
[eae re Sere op | 
Cat Corton a4) rae ne 


tlt cu 



Menlo Park, N.J., 

J shew how 9 sachs is aes 

9 do net urdestacdl Ok — 

- esormal pollark to ut 
wet Bs oly ron Oy 

pees age hee: 

Qe spent, Ge cA. 6 

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Menlo Park, Ne dey cone-erereennnnen IB 

oS J rs) path Rai eee a 
Core bh 1A perein. ey : 
J Eppa nr J CA. 4 ere o Cree ae an re whe 
i wr1_ £0. {2 " qa, : T. A. EDISON. 
‘Uke ath, aw Koes ie ue te : 
at’ a. 7 

Jas eee antl ae — | Sige, 
e ort: eee 1 ahnon oo ofl ESE “et 


Menlo Park, N. J......... 

weet G 
\ ’ 

re a 

T. A. EDISON. lb 

Menlo Park, No Jey ccmrnnrcnnunnmeneimetnnnnaen LS 

TQ “the Df wei 
elas cy re 

prcBrere gant on 
rae 2 Cer ty oper 
rad aes Y Qu a ee 

Gal ee La Donan 
whe was Che POO gars eves Can Cele, 

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Prot Ae grovttne Pa eres -ORAA. 2 ee 

by ox wo oo ca 


Menlo Park, Ne Dey nner DS 

he sl Os hha. 

Cha Agu sean Week 


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: Sg 

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: = Gee Riek Bid he 

nee rng 


CHa saa \y 
me fen AE Gy whe 

ae View Ut. ae 
" Uke Uerce wea 2 22 PO sat d 
oo off ro & 7, Vadave’ 

. . A. EDISON S 

Menlo Park, N. Cae ee ee 

Che Uruerttiw ¥Che Grthe Une 
AG np k Che Pas —d wagt Usa | TA. EDISON, 

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7 alr 2) i Menlo Pari Ne Soy eeicse ocean ats 18 

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: | tan A papers, KH mw 
wed offi FE featag, Cen Sie, dee tet afi 


eal ead ete PAE teats oD 
oe LitRe Cen Peter n, eae Ut 



pape andy _ 

Menlo Park, N. J., 

rp > TA E 
OAL whe i . A. EDISON. 
oes Ee | 

oo. By cen . Menlo Park, N. J, 
we Ky OTe FERPA eee OR the publ. . df , 

ao as & the wrt UGH ure, 
ge phe the Casnipertin tine he 6a. Se asa el ee 
ar ee Cea, re 

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Baa (Peron da ‘hoad-’ van cs. | he 
Bern Pate cee: Sere Saree 2 


BLL ole oats 

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of Che 9u-fr.22 Cone ely 

_.T, A. EDISON. 

Menlo Park, No Sey cecnneenennnnnennnrmnennennammnnnn LB 

T.A, EDISON. /6 

Soa a oa ee a Ee 


T. A. EDISON. ' 

< Menlo Parky i ns | ae 

43 Lexeo x : 7 : 

anon est ton etn NE ee Oe eT 



Menlo Park, N. Jd., eee Sear 1B 

(ee Cmte 



ei a ee ae eee 
WEY I Menlo, Park, Ne De neem LS 

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a ug Getic, tan sin sie 
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Geo EB GouRAUD. 


Le ihe and MELA, : 

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_ | Oot 1876 
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Geo E GouRAuUD. 



70. oe NOTE 
hig be Estcors ug FROM | 
3 S Geo & Gourauc. 
Mbende Faaks 6 LOMBARD ~YEREET EC. 

Lf e Dear een 
CSFZ i> 

ny ae 
We ees aA” Choe Cb re htR EW te Cees ee 7 — co 
POD eer Ee Feed dg lett GAs teal tte 

Helps (go 

acd no) CK Cacece) - “ 



RY han ATE, 74. 

7. Bef ee > ; 

oy Rew bet Olc 

- Western Union Telegrayih aapaay 

Mea  Cookeber 16% LAE GF 

CE Oa UN ATA ie A ie ES Bb 



pote and Bouse mci and Bletic Appa ws of all hinds, 

Edison's Inventions—Phonographs, Telephones, Motographs, o,, &o, 

Gey wn BE ew Gul, CA LE “i727 
i PS A nase SED 

EE gp gi 
oe. Bide wos Yee. 
Gee Z. BG, 


/ CL 

ely ue 

Y DRne we on 
©. hintatlin moke wmolrtenel’ 
ga doud ao ofd wooden box P 
You unff use new pusk Gertie: , 
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eoere fant frets ve tnt 

La Cae Fcporkanm 

islets ok —— 


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Pee ee jee pow ekes P leno ck 
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Ohetk archer cha ly ae 

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. big LALO ERY HOC le. A ee 

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Ciphe + Que er Rone hove OV. 

Kern reecced is ng lolwsonrn Gook ce ree 
eporl-d ound except porckaps Cofi bund 

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Cfaums undiucckt a aoif. In, eoesinuet J boeck 

combina baity ees wuts -Co att (ome) 
LW’ fmal specifi 7 WOE Pokh 

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Known LWeu> Mmeene Serioee’ wa rt énal 

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“a se a. Cd, 

50 Wulo rion. bz 20 . 
p Uta 

ea | 




Cie Cacti aT — cer ooo Hane 2007~ © 

oo ~ Gere Hecee de be le 
fhe. AL ente - Bo-mealer . 
Bhar ork ~ HEA, wecghtl 
| Sfrvig Thi Cbeiee, Han foe 
Piped _ Fa Le Gz, le FF 
4 ge cer BecorrHer. 

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COPTTE ARE, = try farly, 2B pes 

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oo hark LONDON —_— 

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| Seneca 

Note | 

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ol” Gro Er GourRAuD 


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mANRNOLD WHITE. ; HoomaNM3. Wa DanLiclbecit ‘2 Prt PN 
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NAGGR & SECRETARY, vay 0 wD. oY 
maNARNOLD WHITES Heaney, ULuconLiddriie Meck ise: 

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MANAGER & SEGRETARY, Moi ant oH Cher lchs 

ARNOLD WHITE.” wa 13, 

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SEGHETARY. MUS. ‘d hae fe) . YY 5 

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& SEGRETARY, usp fs get ow ff 
ARNOLD WHITE. Koons NMS. a ne Sn re HUONG 

| OK A ACER ALE 1879 
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ARNOLD WHITE. ° Hooms NU3, LMA (Mbacie. Lote 





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Clan, Gabeeu 
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| To oe NOTE 
Sher A Exciter by FROM Ceo TS Gouraun. 

Absit Fock 6 LOMBARD Pas EC. 

— a Mla asec | LONDON 22 “ee LIES. 

HN, 7 Cone Sarat 

joa en ig aaa ae? cai Je KS 
eye SNe NT eR A 
Pa te, AL i pi: 
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BG ACA cue, - 4 
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Yc Cer, Oe ey a ae 

GO Blew. Largan, Teigiltcnger ane Ayana, 

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age 2 Ce Leonel, Byfeectuy 

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Ati firrup)ed Wien Be dod, ag Hi mae. 
ate : Be Aigscia Aeeere. Kec. 

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EMT Brey “Cache lee inet, er er Sore’ 

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Zs : 
MK eee KetaA HEP AC eH Cer ecce er, 
fut Phe cee ag Peauet! Prcnecky 
sare Sp ER ere 
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Lace aed Kor EF Se SE ex, 
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Cre oo ee ct Lk agecla ee Bee a’ 
' fala G- e- + so “eer GES ope: a 
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* Blank No, 1. 


Ms erated byt LRANSMITS « and BELIVENS messages only on conditions, timiting Ite latdlity, which bave 
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J 1 UNREPEATED MEOBAGIE aud te ‘delivered by reqne. tor ihe sender, under the conditions 

A. R. ‘BREWER, Sea'y NORVIN onan, President. 

Date a Ere ha! mae 

Revoive : FAK , 


Blanl: No, 1. 


This Company “Tan, ANAAIETS 0 Dn 
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‘A. R. BREWER, Seely ga : NORVIN GREEN, President. 

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Phat —A 200) ACTER. ay Artie? Lt sia “eg sel gare 

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Z, ST en Lael 

a S evienige? ~-auansters and Yusurauce Brokers. 

NOTARIES, (Noteries for Han: 

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r Nat'l Bank.) 

Nhe Cdliton. hbophonbon Lenten Lanite 
Mea ein Ht Cambes eb, a a 
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Speek fod, Dot 
miglike tele Roophalee 
“Low gee csotins, anew“) 

- oe L Wile BIEN} ? ye S00 7 Rt, 


No. 100 Decl STREET, 

fot a [pose uncon: and BPlesial ope! us of all hinds, 

Falson's Inventions—Fhonographs, Telephones, pina Kony Bio 

S, is Cost ee. FF E77 
A enn Aon Eco cn 

Longe Aen a 
ae leer i sees aoe 

Ment OF ox. Yio ee 

Frecae~e— : ul Zs Cz ; rs MEO ee 


a Aooto Hi, TEL: Ge ISG 
Mt, Gelelor - 
we ae | 
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Cf ", en Gg boe Silk juhe ened. Cericl tine 
Lid? Oba licw: lo going Lo bender, ad Seigg cad 
lo pee Gp bt, 8 hg rimutes 
Sore ee SEL peosthd byjflertesten aie 
Gourd ilejphors ad Lira fc. etry ~ barrel ated 
ADE: Ll OF CLE LE ‘Lif one 1 bE StL tie Cy. 
at Tha frredint Gime, boul. Sate, 1, I ferefer pours 
a gas tbe to fosire, ZZ oe CMrehae Jee 
ie CoOL, “ity, jtorieplly » ea 7 ams 
Gastlie AL a wig bheorl—utlece 
Cow Peveratl Oe Oe a7 

of the cf, y uff hicaleor BLL Yy oblige 
Conc arcot Llegrssin “Goats ediocffety 

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fo Tce, Got SEE 

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JO Adviser tag 
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Poe eect ttl 

re. Dea ee The fort Clee - aa 
WALA kof fhe 7 a oe oe OF 

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. 7 

. Licénsed under and using the Patents of Professor ALEXANDER GRAHAM Bett, and other 

Patents of the TELEPHONE ComPANY Lanta, 86, Coleman Street, héinlank E.G. 

Extract from the “Boston Daty Apventiser,” October 26 :— 

THE TauernoNe SerrLement.—The rival and conflicting interests in the vurious Telephone 
Patents have at last been harmonised, and Professor Bell is master of the field. The Stockholders 
of the National Bell Telephone Company met in this city yesterday, and ratified the compromise 
by which all matters in controversy were termiinted: The Western Union ‘Polegraph Company, 
acting for and on_ behalf of the Gold ‘and’ Stoste “Telegraph Company; the American -Speaking— “<< 
Telephone Company, and the Harmonic Telegraph ‘Company, agrees to withdraw from the Telephone 
business in the United States, leaving the: field entircly clear to the, Company. operating under the 
‘Bell Patents. All persons who hold vights from other companies will be licensed under these 
Pate: The Western Union further agrees to allow the Bell Telephone Company ® percentage on 
the ‘telegraph business received through its instruments, and to, co- operate to the extent of-its-power. ge 
Under this adjustment the Bell ‘Telephone Company acquires all the Telephonic inventions of Elisha tt 
Gray, of Chicago, of ‘Thomas A. Edison, of Gheorke M. Phelps, and all others who had assigned | 

their interests to the Western Union, or other allied companies. The right to connect Telephonic 
aS SE ententeniaie amerumeuelel ade 

7 fx 

neminmistaateteterenran! deeettent 

District or Exchange Systems remains ins exclusively. with the Bell Company, whic which will algo licenso | 
caren vaemnearenenonecee o 

‘the Western Union to use the “Lélephone for transmitting telegraph messages. The compromise | 
ne eet ert snes aga 3 eae im aceininta ene Dene a te nr matte w 

thus not only secures freedom from litigation and control of all the- ‘patents now out for the piparpoes of ; 

SOL hale. 5 ems tetan ANON A RAD Ah EME EIA ABT ba BED AE TEENS ate ea 

transmitting human setts but ostablishes harmony of intorosts between the Western Union and 

nee ACEI WEA DAMES tm 0: AEB Pb 3S creerniticgs means 
the New Company, which must be of inestitan nine eT to both. 
niemme®? een eh A ALE INTE BBN FIO N 





be a amt ONG, ae ees 
oe ‘. se i Soe a 



a cn lira het. 
ten Me. ye oa aaa fee CeMan,, a" 

Uma fe 

, re MD ie ae 
M&Lwewr J Satetite LOM 
oN . . 

» an tindlon Bee rs 79 4. | 
nr tb | : 


Cntrietuctior Ame can be Lad. Saheuts 
Cpt ateo- if net inconerc-tenl Avrek, Your 

imturects- to hart your rinses Av Ao Ake 

; | ofthe | 
Aetut manifectoed to the fiblce ertargerg 

, 2 Y” Weetene, 2 le ares, bx. 

ZA ai, Me dpreie Shuwrer ata Be 
aD Balch ti ine 
/0 cS Aifat Ake ant £7, ine ptaee af Re 
e pees poet 3omnenthe 

ay tn 

st pe eager nana EN SLR, shah ec 
7 : 5 
t * 23 
j \ 
| " 
; 4 
! y 
: ~ 
| re 7 eo a 
‘ * 
in 8S . a ey 
i} ~ 4 ° é : 
: * my ¢ “" 
~t ae 
ae : * 
H bey a) ° 
| as 5 ie “ 
; . an) : 
: i os pa 
£ 2 z 
| Pa 
$ ie * 
: e 
Ser i - 
' t 
j ; . 
i ' ba . .f - 
Hy ‘ - . “a % : a 
6 iY ral : 4 . 
* a ’ i? c * oy : 7 “ at 
: . ‘ , . i ca) . “ <* ‘ 
’ : x 
: eee 
° < = - ig ‘ 
1 a a : “ ‘ 
| ar 5 ah ute : 4 
ota * . . ot ‘ y 
, os z 
| ee ’ : ¢ - Pan 7 
! - ’ 
= : ms un ae 
; g i =) ‘ e 4 1 
; 3; oer F : 
: ‘ va - w we ee doi Aa _ 
as Pe ents a ae mm 7 
i 2 a“ aa , if 7 
“7 “A 
7 ey 
spat sae 
£ . ’ 

) YD. C8 
Vl, Draw Leola: Shuerex. C 
a wa ‘ 
“ Lo EE os 5 aa FE . 

Les icine Dr 

paeyaeSoacanda genset dh ee ial a algal 


CPN es Fa ies la 177 
: ono ow 
Juang Quephone ot 

mn ty z a B Pik v 

Je tadty cinpled aed 

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Qte/ 2 aa 

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23/ Dine nape 

e WesikyLok 
se Ate /e 



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| i 

Gr CO y oP art CL SM fe Coe, 
Aha Cteson Sulefdane DOMfUC1Y, of Nitin toed 
Re A ee Cheemlois, “y ae q Pa 4 > Cys 
fe, f . - . a Ly 
Hoom ual MS, ’ Me Lucntee hieldrein Hover p a 

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ne Fie ee... “has gee 

ae ee ee eee 



tine yon Matthey Crore Mat the Ontoacf 
pore Z Re Sa : ‘ HA & 



TT eremen <ecrcaee eae go center te sere tne gen oe 

Blank No, 1. 


beets Company TRANSAITS a; etal messages only on coudlilons, tmlllng Its Ya! bitty, which tare 
et ta bya 
Foret ender uf the fol aia 

cal te onty by re _ nes at weage hack to tho sending ataltef f a 8 Com: 
Vol fiself abe tee ra or delaya tu transmtealon or: delivery a run inreree fed 
juceaage ta 2 UNNEPRATED MEGS ACHES and fo dallverod by re: so) Sondlttrs 

/ NOR’ eae 


a tnt oer eee ireatnst tee tens cee Cotte ee ee 

fo Be ‘A. EDISON, An 4 

kee’ /8 677 

. py ae) es 9AaEosr) .| 
_* Ore hae dneel ave ff iz dottene 
i Corer of gerveee We Le— = 

1 baton Noel ohn 

: Mews ait o 

—~ —>~. 
GS Prrice or REPORTER, 

4G LOSE, aay 

No. 1 fepar jis COR, BROAD, Rooms, 6, 7 AND 8, 

ANewak, MN. oe Mit LEI) g 
four Gotiver te . : 
da | 
: V1 ECCLE tose. LEY 

fri A of prit7 tt , Mey - arti ttle 7 
aut - Mit uo CR Cérnettt Agd127 E49 ALPE 14% 
th TV UARLE came Yo Lelfiforet id ae JF 
“tah Sha bey g J rdilreery erg £0 l 
autpil di ages A ute 

Mh Ae 2-077, 

ee? Me 

ae BI ous Ae wll 
- yy iO FV E IN 
ley rent, Daa ee 


LVR Jw mama, prt 
Y EU a Be as 
fu tev g eflerer Lee Woe Lin bits “GE 
Gra ZG LL Mehr oe Me 

a Uh tatn, 


a ey nes ee }folbne 

“2? ugefer 2? are detach 
Yori tad, 54 Cari 

AUA 1 7 ia ra “y etl 


us we Lv 7 CF LAr Kp x 
: Kevin Y 

Shi eke. 


| = ~ UN? 

wee aT 
| ss 
——— AAS 

‘G7 © /, Gy ‘Y Ot? Cy. 
Hh Crleson. Mdefihone Conf wy pidonden:Denttile 
. ¥f ; 7 
Monnet rin Vheemlars, : CZ es Ye “> cy 
. g { Se «Saf : 
sage epi Sronr Ae Rooms NEMS. Me Lewamhilesio Sve. LEO 

LS. honriieer 67 S79 

: FEM ef, 1679-12-76 

mma Porcees: a pes 

Gilbd feta Be L es 
CL. hes Boi a 
t preg Pn, 

cee abe My leas Luge CBE gre 
G4. worcecee Cael oe rl 
es Pe re ae 

Vk Fyne: oe ma cm 

x Kea loe es ce go a 

ee — 
bektice CAKE Ste es winee 
fe deacee. Ca Color BS Exz0Lle herd —_ 
-Che terete. Creed 20K A oe 
illlere - ove Sty Slee cS 
I ae am ee, 2 





é Se AAO A Meee eT A 
. "oe tucleacte fod He Cp hovrte Axenre? 
Authorised Hear ae Wie. , } 

Leen ZELDA SL ss ile 



: Bare 17 Hx 167 7 
bx : 
Wecef pcore) Lau Levctony 
| Abate Viarwrac frit) peg 


| : WSxele= 

Ae bs Aarne wea Rs pad Cnn ge b poh to 
i ae Me 
’ Ma fee bL fae ee 
a: (re oa Oy G or aaa ~(we arog Rov 
fj chon mee 6 Bs ondon 4 be Tirvak dtreot 
Lege It Cetera Nevrtlork. ‘ 17: Meet (8 he 
“L ; 

5 ee a ee Country or Covet f rmefection 
for «very Covege menufaetnrng fire (Corfe lieor VE... Ceseipacl, Enq.) 
emptying ever 1000 hands: everpittore [hase Goan mu Che U.S. he 
alvartaggd of gout bbe phon a Rave forcadt Ckemaclots reflon Tne - at 
Udit we 'mbisdsccd the Elnetre ght mk out elorks trod we. 
Would reeg muck Che Os povaces a Seu) of gout Velafhones fea 
fron Lh mpumnetions ev othe vig hls , thet 2 feurekaue herr roght 
ont, ds Yow ave Aonbtles euros he. fooprces he Tebfkme 

aren England “s vepy cbr ¥ pro denll iL woul Ce 
your mire b be abt. le refer foreoms be a flace kaze daseral 
for oft Ml Cngbah/ ferfle muct cee te practical acbrantages 
tf murerticans before Kay will fect late Horr uf, : 

Aa Sd cletene & tak fr Englana om debiivda, L0F riot I soutel 
Coke b ao a henor ff yor Would her olly taal wtth hieiy 2, 
eh Would rary mak Lope be Gh f Lh 

Bax) utth Me, 
Kase the Kener & ée 

. Your Ob olegnt Gee 
ellos of he hack LEN f Goork Berber 

aal Soci) 


4 ; i soy VK Sy PETIA Me r ye 

‘ . vy 
{ dn 62-68 NEW CHURCH STREET, oy 
_ NEWYORK, her, f- S 

oy acs . KY ‘oe 
oe ’ 
Duck,  ¥f Mee 
| ff. Oo but | OF 
Ota ily ww fre, lowtlidee ; 6 bute waite 
SZ. Mier egal he cot of the. hazy cee ae 
Meee Net, Cussf ecg aad Etlis gle ecbrerely 
1 erthat eere/” eZ, a ae MAL AS en 

QU Att Gar. duc es) Consol cat — oh ewer eel 

Meh ae Doce aud fait. a oe 

ares ar ae om ra | 
Doceucte, yn « Oleg nhl hey 

See, Ld. & fim a 
af (of Whig ace rae k Lei, aks veel : / 
He. a Gad a ia 

te. Coaet Lop. fir ° Cceever? bs au Cad ae 

do I ree Hale am eerie! \Chalrantr, 
SF DM. ae 0 

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“ny Le fet 2 
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de = F an ae 7 
G (r. - : . Fes 
“ef a eyo eC a “ 
Be Z a; 3 
. eal bid ot a ” ” 
” r r+ a o a a “ 
vi fies 7 _& a , r 
a 7 age oe ish i 
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yay vsycney 2 
EY sony §2 het Be fe 



ata ii : s rN 

Sai A ei NS I Sit sd It i Set oe adenine Se Aire Rie ac tiy See 
4 a I i KAN RNR OL BT SN ig sab RN Aas SARL be ANAM Veet g hd i Shoo Ase eb choad eas alehscbdat 

i fr: a TECH faved 

CY” Oy, ar Cy? ap? Cy, 

: Yau Cxleson. Ailofibene Cumfuen Y/ fitundonLunitile 
Li : Yes ny a 

ve" Mersin: Minaseh he lip Pon wey C yp 

WANAGER & SECRETARY.  Raoms NMS. ieee Toe ee 

ARNOLD WHITE. carr ae 

Hot polia A Stnday 1 Dee 

Aw athauw with i§Nu Me tke ane be, 
Lod heer Notun Ae ee 

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BALA oiaee Anno" to Le. 

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hata dee Bowek co pol bitty 

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AS wae Auto Monn ey MS ne? ey 
bfurlanw : od Bae A Tha 

Anvrk D aurtha! matty  atnd ality 

CCEA Bait CEU wee Sit Wee oa Rian lata aha hia ab pbiron ths ich 


re ren ee, aed Telenor? 
ocean, dead tin None: 

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MT Dhaai? ene he ConTiary wv ee 
Vibes lets Nek @ cl Balad SV IS Vea eo hee 
9 : Lo ar ee ; 
— : a aeerals d wok 7 Ike Lo. Marr) few 

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0. De DiftgertrreA Mesh AS lent ath 
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h Shas bina) Po bend pon he Noted 
9) whe SJ Cannel Ar hat Yor matt fre 
a Cnvew - 

Ae HK owe tar Bur? Av, SY PS Se ae 

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TS dirt equals Avr herr {$s > 
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bonny o azk Uv ene Pro 
h—pwe pire’ Ob Hae adctak of tho 


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Jbine Shied gens ath Wrgrt-po hd Aone A 
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Yay oo Arathi Ao Commenciets tt. 
atpant ou te WW? CHeercn.. : I Vovtinw he Aral 
phe #6 have ee ae pat 


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ST @, FF 2 Gt see 
Me: Crdeson Selefelione Lenifecnipof: Lenten Lindt 
MannincK ral Y a 
ad Meo nibonee Moran GO Aermlent, 4 a) C 2p 
r RRNOLOSWHITES , ; oer Nas, oA SD isi Pig Pte a 

d. Sho Beto Com proreg and the Encom Jo 
a j forthed puurpioad of fegktolg ho Cedofpin 
rot Ope, ov 4 Compromisduwitth them-iwtlfhout the 
Crr_4trt other. : 

Blank No, ‘LZ 


Thala Com XRANSMITS and DELIWENS metsegce only on conditions, limiting tte Ila Lilly, which have 
Leen prt ariel ee ot ibe iliowt :, wee ig 
Errore be guard ed ered st OF ‘ly by ee atlog n teens ke back 19 sending slation far comparison, and the Com- 
pai "eile niu not hola teele Hable for e: P delays in ‘ranamtasion o srdslivery of Uarnpoa jen anon: 
nent ssegeisan UNREPEATED RIEGBAGE and le delivered by requestol the 4 Sender, under the condittans 

A R ‘BREWER, Beo'y ~ NORVIN GREEN, President. eae 
Pie ALEe, 22 a 


P. 7 

Creel K 
aa as: london. 
rieat abundance moter ver? = 

satin: NOTICE AT THE To 

Gounauds : 
ep forward, = - Ruppeng 
) ae Dhow, wipes 

yet ore ite 

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a hci 
Aull, AG See. 22495 

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wee sf os Curl aes Lecteadl. 
‘tt ohard urht hon des tle iy (és olehasd 

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Cero 4 cheercre Pe ate Sti 
Uc Utwaut & Wu B. 
a Ya 

tA dehrly E 0: Moved. niaach 

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pat € eh arene @ Ahabth bet that} 

§ due Rajenens ob “fle Mh. dhiprcser 
th te Pu ue fees sen 
fue weporiractine ater nei 

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an 0 Ms oesiuins Mat th wy eZ 
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os ee ee f Cobo BD a 
= | leet wvtesd ffeel a Aarcatirn fe 
| | OTe Lenser prea, Contant 
i OU PS ipias Y, 
Wg ee Lidl, tke Etleionn tepoeone 
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pee Atk fawcerdiuge rth : 
 flinflact of —tucares agate all jforrecre 
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oy ee. Hae fibatbed, aoe or 
Cacteely fmcceentl 2 the obpeetine ge 
Paces pecially ferectiin Bag Mat He 
Aewet of Me Lively cn tl euotle Ma 
belie LBoiflaug 76 FENG aniek cohen. 
| ee ee EEE 

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(1) Phot he Voryung Exar Magilator ce 
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es and acoratkly cetenLeol ae 
“A Ae Sale ce Cassie, ED 
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Aafirsan Letter, te girocrsnclurg cre KE 
ifs - uel clay, f <f cored 
a tuornece Created, ard regtt ge 
for % Ciofaat oun offliwet can oblegeMer, 
Me id Be Se karasig had: trae Be een 

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Eb ire eer aed Crcl n Lie aeeiefaee 
Deis. Bleek ele dar unis Gt pad Oo | 


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tu the Jorflarotimn fox QtrrceGiV2e , Ve. 
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aS LY runw_ 

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or CO, 6 ep T CY wf > C a 

Me OxtinnLedhene: Cunfoam Y of Joneler tenatils 

eH askidane iT levi: G a yr ") Cy 
HoomaNXeHts. ‘ Me Lyreese Cedircin Mie AG! 


St en Desens HE 7G... 

5h. tdasow, bog : 
Neto, Sark, : 

Mew Secoey. U5. M. 7 
Seo : 
"Fhe quection of the uelaimes of portions of your patent, : 
Ane oecusppred fon some Hime spat dhe ancioua aonkion of everyone, | 
concerned iw Hhe arrcceoofurh , 

management of bee lai ae ; 
Mer consuthing Me heot Aawyera ow Abe oubject > WE were . 

' advired bay Khan bak Me neat contest with pur rial would take 

place on te duvelaimet, and Heak OU ankagoniot morta he min . 
Auolly efeaked Mf He Company wete aarccesodurl An cutting out 
auperfluosrs porkions of Ae Specification wane 7409). 

She firot otepa Aaken Ay our advewarien Aawve prove? the 
ancwtacy of diz propheny;.and consequentty very effort anit | 
neceorarity be concentrated Apron Mee case im Abo present ‘adage. 

The .enckored Copy of Acthec from Abe Solkcitoro ke Ahe Condon 
Board will supply yow with Hee Adega feearong gow Desiting, Your 
prcoence im Mio Country. 

oS conveying, key you Ae capresion of he QD ecles awiohen 
jin the matte , es dy atate Ahat motbing abort of the chee | 
neceaaihy of Khe cave would induce Noe. Borwerie wand ia = 
rolleagues, de negurect you he dena te Mem .and te Abe Share’ 


Iu Sdioon toat (%) _ 

Tae Coa 7 | 
a beta, Whe aad of your Hemponary sprenence aw inglamd, Knowing, 
727) Moers po, Me gpeak precoane Mpow your Aime and energy aw 
other directions. : , 

The clear intention of one nivale being indefimitty dy preo- 
hong He proceedings Aefone He Alouney General ; nobhimg, cola 
defeat Moin ag well oo Ay he able hy atate Mook Moe jnwertoc. 
hinnaelf woo An England fon Khe Lecpeess sprtpore of oupporting, | 
Abe motion foe a Dioelaimer. 

She meigbt of spoie mame,an> the nglioh Love of face play, 

; mould Ahen go fran Ag promyp thy Acouze ev reat ; which without | 
3 Your aoortance so not antihely ,otherwiae dy he adverse tg ove 
common antecest: 

I am Mherefore Ay enquize whether you wil, under He ercume 
atances , ae fock herein, comply with He ationa berine of He. : 

Board Mak your ohoukd visit Enoland earky in the year, for. tbe | 
pupore of aapporting, More, whooe snkzzeoty ace -Anoeparcbfe from, 

Oy as own, 

oa . 
. oe 
Neva obedient oewamnk. 



No, 100 Redieatatiai ea 

fet and Jpouse panto and i Plea he pavatus of all hinds, 

Halson's Inventions—Phonographs, Telephones, Motographe, éc., &c. 


ae So, At, ee yes Ha. 
Cet tebe, 4 | ee on saoraas C. ae Lone . 
ie Gh Klee OL. oe teeee . Cones: 
\B Head. ov tte At Afle Bee cs 

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Pape ya watees A a Aodak 
Be Loven —— 7 baer AE Poypertg . 

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Wyre BE. ° ae side: ms, 
Cates, LG - aah. nceess eee accee — 

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tate A CaEeze ne ie Goa ceo ee , Z 5 
: Fra te- ee CC La Ae DEO SIS 
et. CE eee a ELA | 
& Pidiadtbn fed. (Ez. 2 Ee ou 
lag ree By ee nena AES ee ee i 
ee O72. Lee GE. anes = 
SB Aedins ee. MELE aed Ee 
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Bese’ SHALL ce 
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“Z pease Be. tego mie Pees 
Ex notte a: Caen ae ee eee 

: ee Buew 3 

; fae Gant eS a s, SaeoNy cE Te pipe HO en 

hy . Pew: 


Heads of Provisional 
~ Agueement. 

uid salanaadalinarnte ies a Achtsitey baenics 


Articles of Agreement between THOMAS ALVA EDISON of Menlo 
: Park New Jersey U.S.A. the Patentee and Owner of the Patents specified in 
the schedule hereto of the one part and the persons whose names appear at 
. the foot hereof opposite the number of shares to be subscribed for by them in 

the Company hereinafter mentioned of the other part 

1, The parties hereto of the second part will within two calendar months after the 
execution of this Agreement by the:said Thomas Alva Edison form a Company to be 
registered under the Companies’ Acts 1862 1867 and 1877 with liability limited by shares and 
to bé called the Edison Telephone Coripany of London Limited or by such other name as 
they shall agree on for the purpose of purchasing and acquiring the said Patents and with 
such Memorandum and Articles of Association as shall contain nothing at variance with the 
provisions of this Agreement ; 

2. The capital of the said Company shall be £200000 divided into 2000 shares of 
£100 each of which capital £20000 shall be first issued and‘ shall be actually subscribed 
for within ten days after the formation of the Company with power to increase the capital 
beyond £200000 and with power to issue any part of the original capital other than the 
first issue of £20000 or any part of the increased capital with such preference or priority 
as may be thought desirable by the Company ; 

3. The consideration to be paid by the Company to, the said Thomas Alva, Edison A : 
‘for the said Patents shall be a minimum royalty dating t iS Contintiithed OP Said Patents oe 
20 per cent. of the gross rent or purchase money of each Telephone leased or sold by the 
Company(except to District Companies as hereinafter provided) or a sum equal to the amount 

of dividend actually divided among the Shareholders in any year whichever of these amounts 

shall be the greater but if in any year or years the royalty of 20 per cent. shall be greater 

than the amount of dividend actually divided among the Shareholders the excess shall in 
the first subsequent year or years in which the amount of dividend shall be greater than the 
a royalty of 20 per cent. be deducted therefrom ‘The royalty shail be paid on-the usual 
quarter days and the excess (if any) payable in respect of the amount of dividend actually 
divided shall be paid as soon as may be after such dividend shall have been paid 

4, The Company shall on the execution and delivery to it of the necessary assignment 
or assignments of the said Patents pay to the said Thomas Alva Edison by depositing with 
Messrs. Glyn Mills & Co. or with such other bankers in-London as he shall direct. in 
his name and on his behalf the sum of £5000 by way of advance on account of the 
payments contemplated in clause 3 No further sum shall be paid by the Company to 
the said Thomas Alva Edison until the said sum of £5000 with interest thereon or on such 
part thereof as on the 1st day of January in each year shall remain unpaid at the rate of = 
; £5 per cent. per annum shall have been equalled by the payments contemplated by clause 3 — 
_ The Company shall also before the 31st December 1880 expend a further sum of £5000 
, in the purchase of Telephones laying down of Wires advertising salaries and office or 
i = other expenses, to be incurred in the development of the business of the Company 

5. The Company shall be entitled without further payment to all extensions of the suid 
| ‘ patent rights and to all improvements upon the said inventions or the application of the 
same which may be made by the said Thomas Alva Edison during the continuance of the 
sid patents 

6. The said Thomas Alva Edison will subscribe for and the Company will on the first 
allotinent of Shares allot to the said Thomas Alva Edison, one ‘Share of £100 

7. The first Directors of the Company shall not exceed seven in number. Of the 
Directors the said. Thomas Alva Edison shall during the < cgntir nance of the said patent 
rights nominate one possessing the qualification required by “AX the other Directors who 
shall be an ex-officio member of all executive Committees of the Board The Director so 
nominated may by a power of attorney appoint any other person possessing the said 
qualification £9 Directoy in his stead in case of his absence from the Meetings of tho 
Board of ‘Directors‘and the ‘person so appointed shall in case of such absence have all the 
powers of the Director nominated by the said Thomas Alva Edison 

8. The Director to be nominated by the said Thomas Alva Edison shall so long as 
the said patent rights continue appoint the Auditor of the ‘Company or if there be two 
Auditors one shall be appointed by him and the other by the general body of Shareholders 


9. Tho Director to be nominated by the said Thomas Alva Edison shall liave an 
absolute right of veto upon the appointment of any person proposed for the post of General 
Manager of the Company and he shall have the power of summoning General Meetings of 
the Shareholders whenever he shall think fit : 

10. The said Thomas Alva Edison shall have in respect of the one share to be allotted 

to him as provided in clause 6 and so long as the payments contemplated by clause 8 are - 

payable votes in person or by proxy equal to one-half of the aggregate votes of tho other 

Shareholders for the time being but—this—right—shall be personal-to_the-said-ThomasAla 

11. It shall be lawful for the said Thomas Alva Edison to form or promote the 
formation of Joint Stock Companies in Great Britain for the purpose of working tho snid 
Fatent Inventions and developing the use of Telephones and to receive royalties or other 
paymouts from such Companies Such royalties or other payments being identical with those 
mentioned in clause 3 but no such Company shall he formed or supply Telephones except 
for and within. a district or districts co-extensive with the limitsof somo Parliamentary 
borough or boroughs or of some of the Metropolitan Postal Districts -other than and 
except the East Central Postal District Provided always that no such Company shall be 
formed for or within any of the said Metropolitan Postal Districts until after the expiration 
of six calendar months from the time when the said Thomas Alva Edison shall have delivered 
to the Company all the Telephones mentioned in clauso 18 And further- that if the Company 
shall desire to take any one or more or all of the said Metropolitan Postal Districts out of the 
operation of this clause the Company shall be entitled so to do on paying to the said Thomas 
Alva Edison before the expiration of the said six calendar months the further sum of £5000 
by way of advanced royalty in vespect of each Metropolitan Postal District so taken out of 
this clause Every such sum of £50U0 shall be paid in the manner provided by clause 4 
and all the provisions of that clause shall apply mutatis mutandis to every such further sum 
of £5000 in like manner as to the said original sum of £5000 

12. In the event of the formation of any District Company under clause 11 the 
Company shall supply such District Company with all Telephones required by such 
District Company either upon lease or upon sale ‘as the Company shall think fit but if the 
Company shall at the time of the formation of such District Company be solling Telephones 
for use in Great Britain the District Company shall have the right to purchase Telephones 
and the Company shall not cither-directly or indirectly supply any Telephones to any 
person or company within such district other than to the District Company ‘Tho District 
Company shall also be bound to take over all Telephones actually leased within the District 
and to repay all expenses actually incurred within the District by the Company prior to the 
formation of the District Company 

13. The price to be paid by any District Company for a Telephone under clause 12 

shall be ascertained as follows If the Telephone shall not have been manufactured 
by the Company then in the ease of sale the actual price at which the Telephono was 
supplied to the Company with an addition of 10 per cent. profit and in the case of leaso 
a rent equal for the first year to such actual price 

or if the Telephone shall haye been manufactured 

by the Company then in the case of sale the actual cost price for materials labour and 

be . 
the! er such actual cost price and for-every-subsequent—yenrte 20 per cent. upon 
such actual cost price ; ne 
14. The Company shall be entitled to a sum equal to 10 per cent. of any royalty 
or other payment which the s\id Thomas Alva Edison- shall receive from any such 
District Company ; 

15. The Company shall if and so far as may be necessary grant licctices to any such 

District Company and do and exccute any further act or deed which may be required to | 

give effect to the provisions of this Agreement with respect to District Companies but 
every such act or deed shall be at the expense of the District Companies 

16. The Company shall by its Memorandum of Association take power to amalgamate 

with or acquire the business,of any such District © : ‘ 
q ert ede Chae, Le NY, fe tone of the forint ag the 
17. The Company shall take over the Telephones and Wirés new in London’ the 

property of the said Thomas Alva Edison at cost price ae 

18. The said Thomas Alva Edison will before the payment of .the sum of £5000 
mentioned in clause 4 supply 50 Telephones to the Company and will with all reasonable 
speed supply 450 further Telephones to the Company all such Telephones to he delivered 

carriage vith an addition of 20 per cent. profit and in the case of a lease a rent equal for . 

Conn peasy 


in London complete and ready for use and to be charged to the Company at cost price not 

exceeding £5 each 

19. In order to prevent piracy and to secure a uniformity of model (the form of 
which shall be in all cases determined by the said Thomas Alva Edison so long as he lives 
and the said patent rights continue) the Telephones used or leased by the Company or sold 
by it shall be procured from such maker as the said ‘Thomas Alva Edison shall designate 
Provided always that the said Thomas Alva. Edison shall not charge any royalty to such 
maker in respect of instruments supplied to the Company and that the price to be paid by 
the Company shall. not exceed that at which similar instruments identical in quality both 
as to materials and results could be procured from other makers and that such price shall 
be subject to periodical revision and in case of difference the same shall be referred to 

90; On thie Ist of January next after the sing of the royalty payable to the said 

Thomas Alva Edison tho Company shall pay to the snid Thomas Alva Edison half the value 
of the-goodwill of the then business of the-Company as a going concern the value of such 
goodwill to be ascertained in case of difference by two arbitrators or their umpire Provided 
always that instead of procecding to arbitration for the purpose aforesaid it shall be in tho 
option of the Company to liquidate and realise its asscts and goodwill and that thereon 
after payment of all its liabilities and the return to the Sharcholders of the amount paid up 
upon their shares one half of the surplus (if any) shall bo paid ‘over to the said Thomas 
Alva Edison ; ; PRS ee ee of GE Lox Pits 

21. The said Thomas Alva Edison and the Company shall enterinto and execute ‘all 
such further deeds and agreements as may be necessary to give full effect to the provisions 
of these presents and any point in difference as to what shall be contained in such further 

vetare es cede 

? go : : as 
Menha Atinemtiereds Afoal~ orn ct ppl 

cH ees, 

het £3 
au ty 

Tf fase teg 

ttre hs Ake 



Lo re Rell Ceree, 
2c ‘ 


ote 4 

tt ree 
< ws rte ley 

aft frm bat 
a 2. 

deeds and agreements or in reference to tho carrying out of any of the clauses of these re is 
presents: shall be referred to the decision of two impartial persons to be appointed in the «© a ; 

usual way and their umpire 
En Celitness whereof the said partics hereto have hereunto set their hands and 
, day of - ag 1879 


seals this 


30th July 1877 

No. 2396 “Improvement in Telephones and apparatus employed in electric circuits ” 
Dated 15th June 1878 

N.B.--No. 2909 zs sold subject to an exclusive licence to use that part of the Invention 
which relates to reproducing sounds called the Phonograph granted to GEORGE Swan Norrace 

AL oP Ake Canffetitig Stace aot be, etrvcemifecen te hin/ 

DZ Colewehorr’ auenthe ov ff ; 
rey, Ole DB Reems, vet, Brag’ “f Ahe, Peres sewo. £4 
6 ot 

Cette. Lo afr ade e sehen CO med De 

few ey = ae aoa 

fey aa a and. Letayther 

7 ; 
3 Aa th. Let. of Oke Grn feerny Len, tr oer. a Pte es 
y a~ the Jevurfocee “fK OW Lewd pe Arne t gan ly 
Cf peed Peberle tree Pees a eho 

Arde Larwee, 2p ey 

nthe Gan wie Ga: funny pith ae ene tncas 
nacyl2 CLL Bae ler vinearcenle (f Corey ) fer 
‘bch. ge 

Ata et Ce prey 4 ay 

abs Z 
Fy Uisatense there .f 2LAeE ae ' 


% feu Coa ied cr ae ae ae Awl Bde. ee 2 Te a th. Quay Saas 3 

Prd y te’. < ss 

Abe tae y o~ Ades es d 


UG Le, ap 
* “ : 
Lienert nr v 
jes ¢ MAL tet % ry . 

~ A ) 

No. 2909 “Improvements in instruments for controlling by sound the transmission of 
clectrie currents and the reproduction of corresponding sounds at a distance” Dated } 

and Howarp Joun Kennarp by Indenture dated the 22nd of Mai ch, ne Pare | f. ; 

we ey nr ee ee ot Arle kag off Recto tecm Comet 
ha Mla retrcan tenth 
Lhivell, Ah boven Cael 
22 eels ~~ S/O Haya Abt Qu ah tee rf Srek, tases 
. A Con Ceremeel/ Skate Le a few e fee& reeds. 

pf Revd. ands Abanb el ety G Ah ene 0 Ce. 


es Plan 




Ane a Vinee 

Core sat? 


ee A 
rem se 



|. EDISON'S | 

pe ee 

ee Sen Renan nn ee wanna 

| Private'and Confidential. 


- 1 

"Tun Feleplione which Mr. Eprsow* has perffcted in’ tlie course of ‘this year differs 
radically froin all previous instruments of thé kind. Professor Grawam Butz's inven- 
tion, hitherto the most widely used, includes a magnet and a coil, and the sound is 

« transmitted along ‘the wire, losing much of ‘its force ‘on the way, In Mr, Eprson’s 
instrument the voice is mechanically reproduced -at the end of the wire, and the 
speaker is heard with a volume of tone and a distinctness equal to the original | 
utterance, : ; ; 

"The extent to which Telephony has been developed in the United States in-the 
course of the last few months is almost inconceivable. In towns as large as Chicago 
or Philadelphia, or as small as Wilmington, what are known as Telephone Exchanges 
have been started, and have been taken up on a large scale. Subscribers to these 
Exchanges are placed in direct communication, inter se, and business is thus transacted: ; 
with a rapidity and absence of friction which. so recommends itself to the American 
public that the demand for telephonic communication is extending much more rapidly 
than the supply. Charter parties are arranged, détails of bills of Inding are negotiated,’ 
and other business transactions carried on through the Telephone, thus saving the 
expense of telegraphy on the one hand, or, off the other, the cumbrous and expensive 
machinery of clerks and messengers. ‘In addition to these “Exchanges,” it is obvious 
that the Telephone has a wide field of. application in manufactorics, warehouses, and 
on railways, as well as in the connection of villages and country houses with the 
nearest telegraph station. EOP aa 

The invention in use in America is of an earlier and less perfect type than that 
which is now available. On ‘a comparison ‘of the two, it is impossible to doubt 
‘that the new Loud-speaking Telephone will give the whole movement a great stimulus, 
From the amount of business ‘already offered to the Company, and from estimates 
of receipts and expenditure based upon relieble data; the enterprise promises good: 
returns on the capital invested. . 

. An agreement has been: arranged between Mr. Eptson and certain gentleien in 
London whose names appear below, for the formation of o Company to acquire and 
work the invention, The fundamental principle of this Company lies in the absolute 
identity of interest between the inventor and the capitalists who have joined him. 
There aré to be no bonus shares, no fictitious qualifications, and no purchase-moncy is’ 
to be paid to the inventor. He stipulates only for a royalty amounting to half net 
profits, and bases his expectation of reniuneration entirely upon the result of the 
invention itself, simply requiring such an advance on account of this royalty as shall. 
be a guarantee of the determination and ability of the intending Shareholders to 
introduce the invention effectively. On the basis of this agreement the Edison’ Tele. 
phone Company of London (Limited) was registered on the 2nd ultimo, with the fol- 
lowing Board of Directors, viz.:—Chairman, The Right Hon, E. P. Bouvenm, Sir 
Pruar Woprnouse, K.C.B., Viscount Anson, Mr, Wa. Fownur (late M.P. for Cam- 
bridge), and Colonel Gouraup (Mr, Epison’s representative in this country), Among 


Uistdrni tied ccasdath 


the other Shareholders may be mentioned Sir Jno. Lusnocg, Sir Suntan: ‘GoLDsMID; 
Mr. §. R. Scorr (Chairman of the Stock exchange), Mr. Anrrep Waternouse, A.R.A., 

Lorv Watrer Camrperm, and the Solicitors both for the Company and for Mr. 

Eptson himself. The gentlemen above mentioned and a few others, : have subscribed 
for 200 shares of £100 each, ze. £20,000, which is all that is sees for the 
purpose of commencing operations in London. 

The cost of the instruments is small, being considerably within the sal rent 
which it is proposed to charge (and which in America on the large scale above referred 
to is already charged) for their use. 

No prospectus, addressed to the general public, has been, or w ill be issued, the 
nature of the invention and the small amount of capital required rendering this 
unnecessary. ; 

The field of operations soukeaplated by the London Company is, absolutely, only 
London, and provisionally, the remainder of Great Britain ; pending only the forma- 
tion by Mr. Epson of other Companies in the principal centres of population. . 

It is presently proposed to form the Epison Taternone Company or Grasaow 
(Limited) upon relatively the same basis as the London Company, with the stipulation, 
however, that the defence of the validity of the Patents shall remain with the Londor 
Company: and that Company shall supply the requisite Telephones to the Glasgow 
Company at cost of production, a perecntage being added to cover expenses connected 
therewith. . 

The capital of the Glasgow Company will be £100,000, in shares of £100 B55: of 
which the first issue will be £20,000, £15,000 of which will be offered for private 
subscription in Glasgow. The remaining £5000 being reserved for subscription by 
members of the existing London Company. The directors will be selected from the 
Glasgow subscribers, 

The proposed agreement between Mr. a and the Glasgow Company will be, 

puri passu, the same as that at present existing between Mr. Torso and the London 
Company, with such modifications as may be necessary to meet the altered circum- 
stances, copies of which document, together with the Telephone in practical operation,, 
can be seen at this office. Mr. Epison’s representative, Mr. G. E. Gouravp, is at 
present in Glasgow, duly empowered to carry out the proposed arrangements. 

W. B. HUGGINS & C0, 
10 Bothwell Street. 

1879. Telephone - Foreign - United Kingdom - Accounts (D-79-042) [not filmed] 

This folder contains accounts, bills, receipts, and other routine financial 
documents relating to telephones produced for, and shipped to, Great Britain. 



Reel duplication of the whole or of 
any part of this film is prohibited. 
in lieu of transcripts, however, 
enlarged photocopies of selected 
ems contained on these reels 
may be made in order to facilitate 

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Frederick, Maryland 

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company. 

: Neto Y E & a ; eS 2 ¢ 
2) Mey, 4 9 eZ ~ , 
WJ > 2 € ee 
iY : ¢* 
i “yy 2 
| ee + saa of 
i ey ; als a5 es 
‘ cae % 9 % ddas xl 
See 8 ~ aa 
ito ~F Sil =I) 3 
2a os 
[te : a 
» ie ~’ 
ad”. % E 8 S * Sh 
ee > é z